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A few series don't feel like they've changed much from pre-Flashpoint

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# of Issues: 13

Release Date:  September 14, 2011

After a good first week, the “New 52” strikes back hard with 13 new #1 books.  The series range from the traditional (Batman & Robin) to the extreme (Frankenstein).  The releases are Batman and Robin #1, Batwoman #1, Deathstroke #1, Demon Knights #1, Frankenstein, Agent of S. H. A. D. E. #1, Green Lantern #1, Grifter #1, Legion Lost #1, Mr. Terrific #1, Red Lanterns #1, Resurrection Man #1, Suicide Squad #1, and Superboy #1.  Also included are links to the BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of the first volume of the collected series.

Not reviewed Demon Knights #1, Mr. Terrific #1, and Red Lanterns #1.

new 52 week 2 batman and robin #1 cover

Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1 Peter Tomasi—Writer; Patrick Gleason—Artist.  As much as this was a good issue, it kind of felt like re-tread.  I read all the Grant Morrison Batman & Robin and this felt like it…too much.  Damian’s a brat again, and Batman doesn’t trust him.  It was the same plot…just substitute Bruce Wayne for Dick Grayson.  The art and everything is good but I probably won’’t continue getting this book because I feel like I got it the first time it came out.

VERDICT:  Good, but so close to the original Batman & Robin that it feels a bit unnecessary—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Batman and Robin Volume 1:  Born to Kill

new 52 batwoman #1 cover

Batwoman #1

Batwoman #1  J. H. Williams III–Writer/Artist.  Probably my favorite book so far in the New 52, but that is because I think it was just held until the New 52 started since it was suppose to come out last spring.  The art is amazing, and that helps bolster a story that doesn’t have  a ton going on, but it does continue the story that began in the Batwoman story in Detective Comics.  There is real potential for this series if Williams III can keep on schedule.

VERDICT:  Probably my favorite new #1 so far—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Batwoman Volume 1:  Hydrology

new 52 deathstroke #1 cover

Deathstroke (3) #1

Deathstroke #1  Kyle Higgins–Writer; Joe Bennett–Artist.  Kind of brainless blood and guts, but it kind of works for the character.  The book feels a lot like an old Image book, but with a little better dialogue and art.  Deathstroke is returned to more of a Punisher type of character with a bone to pick with anyone who crosses him.

VERDICT:  Has potential but probably not going to continue with it—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Deathstroke Volume 1:  Legacy

new 52 frankenstein agent of shade #1 cover review

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1  Jeff Lemire–Writer; Alberto Ponticelli–Artist.  I was actually pretty excited about this title.  I had enjoyed Frankenstein’s mini-series in the Seven Soldiers of Victory and was happy to see he was getting his own title.  This issue however is a bit too campy.  The previous series was more tongue and cheek and knew it was humorous.  This one, while having humour aspects, takes itself too seriously to be completely fun.  It also feels like it is ripping off Hellboy and B.P.R.D.

VERDICT:  Want to like this book more.  It might improve but I see it being cancelled early—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Volume 1:  War of the Monsters

new 52 week 2 green lantern #1 cover

Green Lantern #1

Green Lantern #1  Geoff Johns–Writer; Doug Mahnke–Artist  Hal Jordan is out as Green Lantern, Sinestro is in.  The book doesn’t feel very “new” despite the switch up and just feels like more of the Geoff Johns series pre-Flashpoint.  This isn’t bad, but to justify another #1 and to continue reading I feel I need more of a twist.

VERDICT:  If you like Green Lantern, you’ll like it, but don’t expect any big changes from FlashpointBASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Green Lantern Volume 1:  Sinestro

week 2 new 52 grifter #1 cover

Grifter #1

Grifter #1  Nathan Edmonson–Writer; Cafu–Artist.  Cash Cole finds himself hearing voices in his head from aliens that attacked him.  Now he’s a wanted terrorist.  Grifter’s “introduction” to the DC Universe is one of the better titles also.  The interest in the series mostly lies in the merging of the Wildstorm Universe with the DCU.  Are the Daemonites and Kherubims active in the New 52?  I will read to find out.

VERDICT:  Another must buy.  It is fast, fun, and interesting to see how the universes merge—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Grifter Volume 1:  Most Wanted

new 52 week 2 legion lost #1 cover

Legion Lost #1

Legion Lost #1  Fabian Nicieza–Writer; Peter Woods–Artist.  It was kind of hard to determine what was going on for the first part of this book.  It is nice to see a smaller more managable Legion team, but I’m not sure that story is that great.  It might be worth a second issue to see which direction Nicieza will take the team, but one Legion title is probably enough.

VERDICT:  If you are going to read a Legion title, sticking with the original Legion of Super-Heroes is probably the best bet—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Legion Lost Volume 1:  Run from Tomorrow

new 52 resurrection man #1 cover

Resurrection Man #1

Resurrection Man #1  Dan Abnett–Writer; Andy Lanning–Artist  Abnett returns to the series that he helped create after gaining a little more control while writing Marvels enjoyable space series.  I thought the issue was interesting and had some mystery involved, plus Resurrection Man still has the weirdest power…Kind of a Dial-H-For-Hero but the guy has to die.

VERDICT:  Will be buying the second issue.  Hopefully will continue to be interesting—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Resurrection Man Volume 1:  Dead Again


new 52 suicide squad #1 cover harley quinn

Suicide Squad #1

Suicide Squad #1  Adam Glass–Writer; Fredericho Dallocchio.  Suicide Squad was kind of fun.  They took some interesting characters for the first team and put together a decent story.  Usually I find some of the characters used obnoxious, but they aren’t too bad in this case

VERDICT:  Might have to pick up issue 2 to see their real first assignment—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Suicide Squad Volume 1:  Trial by Fire

new 52 week 2 superboy #1 cover

Superboy #1

Superboy #1  Scott Lobdell–Writer; R. B. Silva–Artist.  I had little hope for this series.  I’m not a huge Scott Lobdell fan (though some of his X-Men/Generation X stuff was ok).  This probably was one of the bigger surprises in the New 52 in that it was a real relaunch.  Superboy being dropped back to being a clone (please don’t have him shave his head and carve an L in his shirt) is a good thing.

VERDICT:  This book is also a pick up—BASEMENTREJECTS REVIEW of Superboy Volume 1:  Incubation

Week 2 of the New 52 was stronger than Week 1 with a number of interesting titles.  The new relaunch seems a lot steadier with this batch of comics and the idea seems to be gelling more.  I still don’t see much of a connection to Flashpoint which puts that series in a much more negative light.  It almost would have been more interesting if the comics changed overnight with a “flashback” to Flashback mixed within.  It has been a jolt with comic book stores crowded around the country and that is a real plus.

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