DC Universe Presents 3: Black Lightning and Blue Devil

dc universe presents volume 3 black lightning and blue devil cover
7.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 7/10

Blue Devil and Black Lightning is fun

The other issues feel like filler

Comic Info

Comic Name:  DC Universe Presents

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Marc Andreyko/Joe Keatinge/Tony Bedard

Artist:  Robson Rocha/Oclair Albert/Eduardo Pansica/Julio Ferriera/JP Mayer Ricken/Federico Dallocchio/Javier Pina

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2014

dc universe presents #14 ryan sook art

DC Universe Presents #14

Reprints DC Universe Presents #13-19 (December 2012-June 2013). Daniel Cassidy and Jefferson Pierce were childhood friends.  Time changed both men, but now fate has brought them together again.  Daniel Cassidy is the Blue Devil and Jefferson Pierce is Black Lightning…both fight crime and both are seeking to help their city.  When the drug lord known as the Whale sets his targets on the heroes, Blue Devil and Black Lightning learn that the Whale might not be working alone.  Plus, Arsenal, Starfire, and Beowulf are battling evil where it arises.

Wirtten by Marc Andreyko, Joe Keating, and Tony Bedard, DC Universe Presents Volume 3:  Black Lightning and Blue Devil follows DC Universe Presents Volume 2:  Savage.  One of the maiden titles of the New 52, DC Universe Presents #13-16 present Blue Devil and Black Lightning, DC Universe Presents #17 is Arsenal, DC Universe Presents #18 is Starfire, and DC Universe Presents #19 is Beowulf.  This volume is the final volume of the series.

I actually really like Black Lightning and Blue Devil so I was looking forward to this volume of DC Universe Presents.  The Black Lightning and Blue Devil storyline was rather fun…but the filler issues that followed it were a sign that DC gave up on this book.

dc universe presents #18 cover ryan sook art

DC Universe Presents #18

While I’m generally a traditionalist when approaching comics, the New 52 teaming of Blue Devil and Black Lightning was an interesting choice that turned out to be rather fun.  Unfortunately for both characters, there was no market to continue their adventures after DC Universe Presents #16 so the chances of seeing the team-up occur again are rather slim.

The other issues of this volume feel like castoffs from other series.  The issues feel like they aren’t good enough for the series in which the characters are starring in and that they were just thrown in DC Universe Presents because the editors had nowhere else to put them.  It is a sad aspect of anthologies that often happens…anthologies sometimes feel like “not ready for primetime” players.  DC Universe Presents really needed better editing and decision making if it hoped to succeed.

Anthologies are a tough sell, and DC Universe Presents is no exception.  The makers of anthologies have to either fully commit or watch the series go to the wayside.  I feel that this was true of DC Universe Presents.  The series often became castoffs for cancelled series and characters that were not a good fit for solo issues.  While I liked some of the choices made with DC Universe Presents, I feel that it didn’t format itself right for the current comic market.  DC has a rich universe to choose from, and I wish DC Universe Presents had survived.

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