Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics: Justice League—Volume 2

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Franchise crossovers

SpyBoy/Young Justice series

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Comic Name: JLA vs. Predator/Green Lantern vs. Aliens/Batman/Tarzan:  Claws of the Cat-Woman/Spyboy/Young Justice

Publisher: DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  John Ostrander/Ron Marz/Peter David

Artist:  Graham Nolan/Randy Elliott/Rick Leonardi/Mike Perkins/Igor Kordey/Pop Mhan/Todd Nauck/Norman Lee/Jamie Mendoza

# of Issues: 12

Release Date: 2017

batman tarzan claws of the catwoman #3 cover

Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman #3

Reprints JLA vs. Predator, Green Lantern vs. Aliens #1-4, Batman/Tarzan:  Claws of the Cat-Woman #1-4, and SpyBoy/Young Justice #1-3 (September 1999-May 2002).  The Justice League finds themselves trapped in the Watchtower with a creature hunting them for sport.  Kyle Rayner learns that being a Green Lantern means nothing to a horde of aliens bent on killing and reproducing.  Batman teams with Tarzan to leave the urban jungle for an adventure in a completely different type jungle.

Written by John Ostrander, Ron Marz, and Peter David, DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics:  Justice League—Volume 2 is a compilation partnership superhero comic book collection.  Following DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics:  Justice League—Volume 1, the series features art by Graham Nolan, Randy Elliott, Rick Leonardi, Mike Perkins, Igor Kordey, Pop Mhan, Todd Nauck, Normal Ee, and Jamie Mendoza.  Issues in the collection were also released as Batman/Tarzan:  Claws of the Cat-Woman and Green Lantern vs. Aliens.

With crossover titles, it can often be a bit overwhelming with two worlds colliding in the cases of these crossover, there is no collision of worlds…these characters presumably co-exist in the world (although they never interact other than these series).  The series are written in a way that it is just another crossover…which actually works.

JLA vs. Predator was released in August 2001 and was written by John Ostrander with art by Graham Nolan.  The story makes sense…the Predator craves a hunt for someone who can challenge it and the Justice League is that.  It also has a nice smart Dominators storyline mixed in with the hunt and is a pretty satisfying one-shot for fans of Predator and the JLA.

Green Lantern vs. Aliens #1-4 was published from September 2000-December 2000 and features a script by Ron Marz and art by Rick Leonardi.  Aliens always seem to up the danger and it makes sense that the Green Lanterns would face off against them.  The background story involving Hal Jordan is a nice tie to segue into the Kyle Rayner story and is a good reminder that Kyle is an amateur in comparison…and approaches things in a different direction.  It is a fun and tense story.

green lantern vs aliens #3 cover review

Green Lantern vs. Aliens #3

Tarzan/Batman:  Claws of the Cat-Woman #1-4 was released from September 1999-December 1999 and features Ron Marz writing and Igor Kordey providing the art.  The story draws an interesting parallel between Batman and Tarzan and keeps the kill/no-kill storyline at the forefront.  Since it is set in the past, this story feels more like an Elseworlds story than the other stories, but it is a solid “noir” action adventure.

SpyBoy/Young Justice #1-3 was released from February 2002-May 2002 and is written by Peter David with art by Pop Mhan and Todd Nauck.  This is the least accessible and least entertaining of the collection.  Unlike the Predator, Aliens, or Tarzan, SpyBoy (and Young Justice for that matter) are limited in their readership.  You have to know about both team and care about them to care about the story.  It is a rather weak entry that (as a reader of Young Justice) feels flimsy.  It can definitely be skipped.

I like the Dark Horse external franchise crossovers but the internal characters limit their appeal.  With three out of four stories hitting, the collection is still worth seeking out and makes a good combo with other Dark Horse/DC crossovers.  Dark Horse still feels like a limited taste publisher for the most part and it could be a good gateway for new readers to seek out a couple Dark Horse franchises…check it out!

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