Daredevil by Mark Waid—Volume 3

8.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 9/10

Strong writing and art

Would rather have all Daredevil than a crossover

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Daredevil (Volume 3)/Avenging Spider-Man/Punisher (Volume 6)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Mark Waid/Greg Rucka

Artist:  Marco Checchetto/Chris Samnee/Khoi Pham

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2012


Avenging Spider-Man #6, Daredevil (3) #11, Punisher (6) #10

Reprints Daredevil (3) #11-15, Avenging Spider-Man #6, and Punisher (6) #10 (June 2012-September 2012). Daredevil is in possession of one of the most valuable pieces of information on the planet.  The criminal industries secret information are held on the Omega Drive and whoever holds it would be king.  Daredevil finds himself teamed with Spider-Man, the Punisher, and his partner Rachel Cole-Alves as he debates how to eliminate the target that has been placed on him…but even if he does stop the Megacrime’s hunt, a bigger enemy might want him dead.

Written by Mark Waid with additional help from Greg Rucka, Daredevil by Mark Waid—Volume 3 has art by Marco Checchetto, Chris Samnee, and Khoi Pham.  Daredevil continues to be one of Marvel’s most critically acclaimed series and this volume also contains crossover issues of Avenging Spider-Man #6 and Punisher (6) #10.

I have really been enjoying Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil, but I didn’t love that I had to read some crossovers since I enjoyed Daredevil so much.  Despite this, Daredevil continues to be one of Marvel’s must read titles.


Daredevil (3) #12

Waid has been building to the big Omega Drive storyline, and I found it a bit odd that it suddenly became a “team book”.  The Daredevil-Spider-Man-Punisher (plus Rachel Cole-Alves) team-up was strong but not quite the level of a regular Daredevil issue.  It is still a strong little arc especially when comparing the three fighting styles of the characters.  The follow-up storyline involving Doom also has its moments and more creative uses of Matt’s abilitites…though it does end in a rather large cliffhanger which readers must wait until Daredevil by Mark Waid—Volume 4 to resolve.

The art for Daredevil also continues to be a high point.  There is a lot of variety in style in the collection with the more “real” style of Avenging Spider-Man and Punisher storyline with the more classic comic book style of later issues in the collection.  I do enjoy both this title, Hawkeye, and FF’s scaled back art and would love to see more of this filter to an issue or two of X-Men or Avengers.

Daredevil by Mark Waid—Volume 3 represents some of Marvel’s most creative writing and one of their best series.  With so many of Marvel’s books bogged down in “big event” issues it is a pleasant surprise to find a book that can be read without reading a bunch of crossover issues to make sense.  I continue to push Mark Waid’s Daredevil for people who are looking for fun in their comic.

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