Creepshow—Volume 1

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Comic Name:  Creepshow

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Chris Burnham/Paul Dini/Stephen Langford/David Lapham/Steve Foxe/L. Marlow Francavilla/Ariela Kristantina/Kyle Starks/Henry Baraja/Steve Orlando/Clay McLeod Chapman

Artist:  Chris Burnham/John McCrea/David Lapham/Erica Henderson/Francesco Francavilla/Jorge Corona/Fran Galan/Dani/Marianna Ignazzi/Anwita Citriya

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2023

creepshow #3 cover review image comics

Creepshow #3

Reprints Creepshow #1-5 (September 2022-January 2023).  The Creep has stopped by with the newest issue of Creepshow and it is full of monsters and horrors.  From trick-r-treaters who are a bit too greedy for their own good to what’s really killing hunters in a small town.  The Creep knows what scares you and even things like an artist’s creation to a kid’s birthday party to a photoshoot for an influencer…nothing is safe.

Written by Chris Burnham, Paul Dini, Stephen Langford, David Lapham, Steve Foxe, L. Marlow Francavilla, Ariela Kristantina, Kyle Starks, Henry Baraja, Steve Orlando, and Clay McLeod Chapman, Creepshow—Volume 1 is an Image Comics horror anthology.  The series is based on the 1982 movie and the Shudder Original Series.  The collection features art by Chris Burnham, John McCrea, David Lapham, Erica Henderson, Francesco Francavilla, Jorge Corona, Fran Galan, Dani, Marianna Ignazzi, and Anwita Citriya.

I love Creepshow and felt Creepshow 2 missed its mark.  I was optimistic about the Shudder Creepshow series, but despite having some decent episodes, I’ve felt it a bit underwhelming.  The Creepshow comic book feels a bit closer to the Creepshow movies.

creepshow #4 cover review image comics

Creepshow #4

The movies and the books are based on the classic and controversial EC Comics like Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror which faced criticism when they were originally released.  The EC series often did a lot to establish characters, backstories, and set-ups in a short couple of pages while Creepshow gets into the stories a lot quicker.  Both series have “twists”, but sometimes Creepshow in its speed feels like it undersells its stories.

The series (like many anthologies) is hit-or-miss.  You have some decent stories and you have stories that just aren’t as good as they could be…fortunately, the series features two stories an issue and you don’t get too hung up on the issues.  A shortcoming of the show is that there are so few episodes, that the so-so episodes hurt more than they hurt here.

The art for the series is also pretty solid.  It isn’t necessarily as graphic and gory as some of the old EC comics, but it is also more real than some of the cartoonish gore.  A series like this is good in that it gives you potential for a lot of different artists (new and old), and it is also true of the writers.

Creepshow—Volume 1 is a good start, but as of the release of the trade, Creepshow is only listed as a five issue limited series.  I hope that Creepshow gets to keep going because I think there are a lot of places for series like Creepshow that provide opening for artists and writers that aren’t superhero comics…and I wish that there were more chances.

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