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Horror anthologies are fun


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The Creep is posting new horror!

The Creep is back with a bunch of tales of horror and macabre.  With killer flowers telling tales of death, pop stars with big secrets, Hollywood collectors, and possession, the horror continue to flow.  The world is full of fear and death is surrounding everyone from cursed paintings, the undead, and sirens…the Creep brings it all to you in Creepshow!

Creepshow—Season 3 is a Shudder horror anthology series.  The season aired from September 23, 2021 to October 28, 2021.

I am a big fan of horror anthologies, and Creepshow was one of my favorites.  The Creepshow TV series has been a bit hit or miss…but I still watch and enjoy as Creepshow—Season 3 rolls on.

creepshow season 3 episode 5 the things in oakwoods past animated demon

Feels like we’re getting a closer to a return of “Fluffy” from the original movie!!!

The series is only six episodes with two stories each show.  That is part of the series’ issue.  While a number of the stories work, some of them are just so-so.  With a series like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, or Tales from the Darkside, there were a large number of episodes so hitting a so-so issue wasn’t as big of a problem.  With so much time between the short seasons, I kind of hope for a bit more for each episode.

The casting is all over the place.  Sometimes they bring in stars and sometimes they keep the shows a bit more low-key.  Tales from the Crypt always brought in big stars and kind of based the shows around them (often playing with their image or playing against their image).  While Creepshow doesn’t really do much of that, it could do it more.

creepshow season 3 episode 4 meter reader demon mask

All the ghouls are out to play!

The visuals like to play with the EC Horror comics.  The series sometimes goes animated (and has an entirely animated segment with “The Things in Oakwood’s Past”) and it gives a sense of nostalgia and classic horror while “A Dead Girl Named Sue” goes black-and-white as a tie-in to Night of the Living Dead.  I do like the look of the series and would even approve of a little more of the “Creep” in the episodes…but the Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt might have already have claim on that style of host.

Creepshow continues to be ok, but it still underwhelms.  Creepshow—Season 3 like the previous seasons are reflexive and self-referencing which is good and builds loyalty (and hopefully will lead to the return of some classic characters like Fluffy).  I think there is a ton of potential and there are a lot of talented writers who could write short horror stories that would push the series a bit further.  Despite sometimes being down on it, I hope that Creepshow continues because I think it feels a void…I always look for the Creep’s return.

Creepshow—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

creepshow season 3 episode 1 mums killer plant


creepshow season 3 episode 1 queen bee hannah kepple

“Queen Bee”

3.1       Mums/Queen Bee Airdate:  09/23/21

Mums—Jack (Brayden Benson) lives with his mother Bloom (Erin Beute) and father Hank (Ethan Embry).  When Bloom tries to get Jack away from his family, Hank intervenes with Beth (Malone Thomas) left with Jack.  When Bloom meets with tragedy, Jack’s mother’s garden could provide answers.  Queen B—“Queen B” Regina (Kaelynn Harris) is giving birth privately at a hospital and a nurse’s daughter Deborah (Hannah Kepple) and her friends Carlos (Nico Gomez) and Trinice (Olivia Hawthorne) plan to sneak in and see her…Regina has superfans, but the superfans are going to be the ones surprised.

creepshow season 3 episode 2 skeletons in the closet

“Skeletons in the Closet”

creepshow season 3 episode 2 familiar monster


3.2       Skeletons in the Closet/Familiar Airdate:  09/30/21

Skeletons in the Closet—A Hollywood horror collector named Lampini (Victor Rivera) prepares to open a new museum with his girlfriend Danielle (Valerie Leblanc).  When a lifelong rival collector named Bateman (James Remar) comes to the museum after hours, death follows….but the horror is just beginning.  Familiar—A couple named Jackson (King Bach) and Fawn (Hannah Fierman) out on a date stop by a medium (Keith Arthur Bolden) for a prediction…and Jackson and Fawn are warned that something bad is following them.  When Jackson sets out to try to capture the familiar, he could catch something else.

creepshow season 3 episode 3 the last tsuburaya monster

“The Last Tsuburaya”

creepshow season 3 episode 3 okay ill bite spider tarantula

“Okay, I’ll Bite”

3.3       The Last Tsuburaya/Okay, I’ll Bite Airdate:  10/07/21

The Last Tsuburaya—Billionaire Wade Cruise (Brandon Quinn) gets what he wants…and that includes the last painting of famed Japanese artist Ishido Tsuburaya (Joseph Steven Yang).  Not allowing anyone else to see it before he destroys it, Wade finds himself haunted by the beast from picture.  Okay, I’ll Bite—Prisoner Elmer Strick (Nick Massouh) finds himself trapped in jail by Butcher “Bunk” Dill (Jackson Beals) who wants him to cook meth for him…but Strick’s spiders could object.

creepshow season 3 episode 4 stranger sings siren

“Stranger Sings”

creepshow season 3 episode 4 meter reader demonic possession

“Meter Reader”

3.4       Stranger Sings/Meter Reader Airdate: 10/14/21

Stranger Sings—Barry (Chris Mayers) meets Sara (Suehyla El-Attar Young) at a coffee shop, and they seem to hit it off.  When Barry helps Sara carry things home, Barry learns that Sara has a roommate named Miranda (Kadianne White).  Meter Reader—A disease has spread over the Earth, and there those who are immune and those who are carriers…and the disease is possession.

creepshow season 3 episode 5 time out corpse

“Time Out”

creepshow season 3 episode 5 the things in oakwoods past animated

“The Things in Oakwood’s Past”

3.5       Time Out/The Things in Oakwood’s Past Airdate:  10/21/21

Time Out—A mysterious cabinet has passed down in the family for years.  When Tim Denbrough (Matthew Barnes) discovers that it grants the user all time they need, it could be just what Tim needs to find time…but time comes at a price.  The Things in Oakwood’s Past—The town of Oakwood has a past and it is starting to surface in the form of a mysterious time capsule.

creepshow season 3 episode 6 drug traffic floating head sarah jon

“Drug Traffic”

creepshow season 3 episode 6 a dead girl named sue night of the living dead

“A Dead Girl Named Sue”

3.6       Drug Traffic/A Dead Girl Named Sue Airdate:  10/28/21

Drug Traffic—The prescription train between the United States and Canada is booming and candidate Evan Miller (Reid Scott) intends to use it as his platform.  When border security officer Beau (Michael Rooker) suspects a woman named (Mai Delape) and her daughter Mai (Sarah Jon) of trafficking drugs, the stakes rise…but the drugs might be the only thing standing between sanity and chaos.  A Dead Girl Named Sue—The dead are rising from the graves and Evan Foster (Christian Gonzalez) is trying to maintain order as the town realizes that it could be the perfect time to get revenge on Cliven Ridgeway (Josh Mikel) who has haunted the town for years…but sometime even the law fails.

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