Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)

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Movie Name:  Corman’s World:  Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

Studio:  Anchor Bay Films

Genre(s):  Documentary

Release Date(s):  January 21, 2011 (Sundance)

MPAA Rating:  R


Roger Corman

Roger Corman might be considered a B-Movie maker but he’s laughing his way to the bank.  From his start in the 1950s, to the straight-to-video and TV films of today, Corman’s influence and films are revealed and the people he launched look at the director who turned schlock into big bucks.  Explosions, nudity, and buckets of blood…you are entering Corman’s world!

Directed by Alex Stapleton, Corman’s World:  Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel was a documentary released mostly at film festivals and limited releases.  It was well received by critics and audiences and has been released on DVD.


Jack Nicholson

Roger Corman is one of those under-appreciated directors and producers.  Many people see his stuff as a joke, but I’d challenge them to get as many movies made and launch the careers of as many award winning actors and filmmakers.  It is hip now to say “I love Corman films”, but for years, it would have gotten you a laughable reaction.  They weren’t arty, and they weren’t the level of mainstream films.

Bad films are now good films and directors try to imitate what seemed to come naturally to Corman.  It is great to see some clips from some of the Corman classics, and some of them you have to go to internet to find them.  It is also nice to see Corman get his just desserts and pick up an honorary Oscar.  It is also interesting to hear about the movies he missed out on like Easy Rider.


Martin Scorsese

What is also amazing is how active Corman still is.  He also is a bit of a chameleon that constantly is forced to change with the times.  Starting out in cheap films for drive-ins, competing with big-budget blockbusters, the rise of video, and now the idea of TV-shlock that airs on channels like SyFy, Corman keeps on trucking.  He constantly is adjusting to the times and keeping him that active seems to keep him very young for his age.

Roger Corman is a staple in Hollywood that knows his place.  He knows what sells and it is fun to see how he came to this understanding.  If you are a fan of b-movies or are just interested in Hollywood, you should check out Corman’s World:  Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel…it’s a lot of fun, you just want the clips to keep coming.

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