Constantine 4: The Apocalypse Road

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Constantine

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Ray Fawkes

Artist:  Henry Haun

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2015

constantine #21 cover doctor fate

Constantine #21

Reprints Constantine #18-23 (December 2014-May 2015).  John Constantine finds Earth-2 also has a John Constantine and Earth-2 is under attack.  Travelling to Earth-2, Constantine comes face-to-face with his own duplicate…who chose to live a life without magic and darkness.  Darkseid will destroy Earth-2 and John must make the ultimate sacrifice if he hopes to save the family he lost on his Earth.

Written by Ray Fawkes, Constantine Volume 4:  The Apocalypse Road follows Constantine Volume 3:  The Voice in the Fire.  The volume is the final collection of the series and features artwork by Jeremy Haun.

Despite stories that are often interesting, I’m not a huge fan of John Constantine.  He’s so predictably difficult and predictably making the wrong choices…that are the right ones.  It is sometimes tedious to read Hellblazer or ConstantineConstantine 4:  The Apocalypse Road is no different.

constantine #23 cover review juan ferreyra art

Constantine #23

The story starts out a bit confusing with Constantine jumping between the two Earths but settles into a more basic story.  It does feel rather drawn out in the telling and the whole story seems like it could have been told in four issues instead of six.  The last two issues as Constantine fights with his Earth-2 version’s family really starts to feel redundant…yes, we know Constantine had to kill the other Constantine and it sucks.

I do like the art for the volume.  It feels a little less inky than some Constantine versions (especially from the Hellblazer period that were often too dark).  Haun’s art is clean crisp and does a decent job telling the story when it could be difficult with multiple Earths and multiple John Constantines.

Constantine was an attempt to tell Hellblazer stories in a mainstream DC Universe (instead of Vertigo’s version).  Constantine worked as a member of Justice League Dark, but still feels better solo like he is here.  Despite cancelling this title, Constantine moved on with Constantine:  The HellblazerConstantine 4:  The Apocalypse Road was followed by Constantine:  The Hellblazer 1:  Going Down.

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