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community season 6 episode 9 grifting 101 leonard middle finger richard erdman

Is Community on Yahoo! still fresh or is it a middle finger to fans?

Greendale is still in danger and the Save Greendale Committee is working hard to protect it. Despite losing another member and the arrival of a new corporate cog in the form of Frankie Dart (Paget Brewster), the group is going to need to rally more than ever if Greendale will continue to be completely sub-adequate in the world of education.  With graduation threatening to destroy their lives, Greendale might not be the home they always dreamed it would be.

Community—Season 6 was released on Yahoo! Screen from March 17, 2015 to June 2, 2015 after being cancelled by NBC. The series was saved after a big push from fans of the series.

community season 6 episode 8 into recycled cinema ham girl chang ken jeong

Ham, girl! This show still has laughs!

Community was the best and worst of television. It was the best in that it was smartly written and a perfectly timed comedy.  It was the worst in that it was too smart for network television.  After years of floundering for an audience, it found a home where it should be…online.  Unfortunately for Community, it was already too late.

Community is past its prime in this season. That being said, Community is still better than most of the comedies on television (or the internet now I guess).  The series still has some episodes like “Into Recycled Cinema” which combines some of the best aspects of the series into another fun episode…or a return to the paintball episodes in “Modern Espionage”.  Unfortunately it has some so-so episodes as well.

community season 6 episode 8 into recycled cinema

Just remember…Glip Glop is a spy!!!

The season has some good episodes, but the hemorrhaging of the cast has hurt the series. I never felt Chevy Chase was great, but I don’t think the Elroy character adds much to the season (though I do like the jokes surrounding the idea that he’s there are replacements for the other “lost” characters).  The cast still works well together but I also feel that Dean Pelton’s expanded roll over the seasons is a bit much.  I feel that the season also needed more of a villain like Chang and Chase played in the past.

The series still looks like it has a budget. The fear of switching from a big network to something like Netflix (or Yahoo…which barely has series) is that it could look cheaper. Community—Season 1 episodes could be put next to Community—Season 6 and they both look the same.  That is more than I expected or asked for.

community season 6 episode 12 wedding videography cast

Lots of hugs for the remaining cast…now can we get #AndAMovie?

Community always pitched “Six Seasons and a Movie”…the six seasons have happened and now if a movie could happen it would be prophetic. Before the rise of Netflix and Amazon, I would have said that it wasn’t possible, but now, I could see a special Community movie or two popping up on Amazon…maybe with even more of the original cast returning for cameos or full roles.  With smart writing, and even reflection on the idea of these reunion movies, Community: The Movie could happen… #andamovie

Community—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:

community season 6 episode 1 ladders speakeasy drinking montage danny pudi gillian jacobs joel mchale alison brie


6.1       Ladders Airdate:  03/17/15

It’s a new school year and the group learns that Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) has left. When the roof collapses due to Frisbee weight, Francesca “Frankie” Dart (Paget Brewster) is called in to shape the “Save Greendale” group and fix problems with the campus.  When Annie (Alison Brie), Jeff (Joel McHale), and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) decide Frankie is evil, Abed (Danny Pudi) question if they are judging her too quickly.  Jeff, Britta, and Annie set-up a secret speakeasy to save Shirley’s sandwich shop.

community season 6 episode 2 lawnmower maintenance adn postnatal care dean pelton jim rash virtual reality

“Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care”

6.2       Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care Airdate:  03/17/15

Britta moves in with Abed and Annie, but Britta learns that someone else has manipulated the situation. Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) buys a virtual reality set for Greendale and Frankie and Jeff set out to return the system against Pelton’s will by seeking out the system’s designer Elroy Patashnik (Keith David).

community season 6 episode 3 basic crisis room decorum ruffles dog degree

“Basic Crisis Room Decorum”

6.3       Basic Crisis Room Decorum Airdate:  03/24/15

Annie calls the “Save Greendale” group meeting and reveals that City College is running a smear campaign. The group must find a way to discredit City College’s claim that Greendale gave a degree to a dog…but it could lose Annie forever.

community season 6 episode 4 queer studies and advanced waxing chang mr miagi karate kid

“Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing”

6.4       Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing Airdate:  03/31/15

Greendale hires Elroy and the new IT person when the Wi-Fi goes down but restoring Wi-Fi could mean destroying a bird nest. Chang (Ken Jeong) goes for a role in a stage performance of The Karate Kid but finds Annie is cast as Daniel…and Change receives the wrath of the director Matt Lundergard (Jason Mantzoukas).  Dean Pelton is selected for the school board because of being gay.

community season 6 episode 5 laws of robotics and party rights willy brian van holt garrett erik charles nielsen

“Laws of Robotics and Party Rights”

6.5       Laws of Robotics and Party Rights Airdate:  04/07/15

Colorado tries to get prisoners to attend Greendale via robotic surrogates and Jeff finds himself the target of murderer Willy (Brian Van Holt). Britta wants to throw a party but discovers Annie is refusing to allow it to happen.

community season 6 episode 6 basic email security abed frankie paget brewster danny pudi

“Basic Email Security”

6.6       Basic Email Security Airdate:  04/14/15

Greendale has been hacked! The hackers demand Gupta Gupti Gupta (Jay Chandrasekhar) to have his controversial performance cancelled…or everyone’s secrets will be leaked.  When the group reads each other’s emails, they find they might not be as close as they thought.

community season 6 episode 7 advanced safety features rick billy zane travis schuldt

“Advanced Safety Features”

6.7       Advanced Safety Features Airdate:  04/21/15

Britta’s old boyfriend Rick (Travis Schuldt) is back and secretly trying to market Hondas…which his boss (Billy Zane) thinks Britta would be perfect for. Jeff worries Elroy doesn’t like him when the rest of the group works to befriend him…leading him to seek out the band “Natalie is Freezing” but Elroy isn’t anxious to see their lead singer (Lisa Loeb).

community season 6 episode 8 into recycled cinema movie alison brie joe mchale

“Into Recycled Cinema”

6.8       Into Recycled Cinema Airdate:  04/28/15

When Chang gets famous as “Ham Girl!” guy, Abed realizes he has footage of Chang before he is famous. With a few clips, Abed and the crew are hired by a producer (Steve Guttenberg) to finish the movie…making Jeff realize something about his future.

community season 6 episode 9 grifting 101 britta abed gillian jacobs danny pudi

“Grifting 101”

6.9       Grifting 101 Airdate:  05/05/15

The class decides to take Grifting 101 with Professor DeSalvo (Matt Berry) as their teacher. When Jeff is tasked with helping the study group get back at DeSalvo, Jeff finds the scam is on!

community season 6 episode 10 basic rv repair and palmistry giant hand

“Basic RV Repair & Palmistry”

6.10     Basic RV Repair & Palmistry Airdate:  05/12/15

An attempt to transport a giant hand across country runs into trouble when the Elroy’s RV dies on a mountain road.

community season 6 episode 11 modern espionage kumall nanjiani joel mchale jim rash

“Modern Espionage”

6.11     Modern Espionage Airdate:  05/19/15

Paintball is on again at Greendale despite orders that the game has been called off. An assassin named Silverballs is targeting students…and the group must find out the identity of Silverballs before it is too late.

community season 6 episode 12 wedding videography garrett stacy wedding incest erin mcgrathy erik charles nielsen

“Wedding Videography”

6.12     Wedding Videography Airdate:  05/26/15

Garrett (Erik Charles Nielsen) is getting married to Stacy (Erin McGathy). When the group prepares to go to the wedding, they might make the day all about themselves.

community season 6 episode 13 emotional consequences of broadcast television cast final

“Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”

6.13     Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television Airdate:  06/02/15

The year is over, and Greendale has been saved…leading the Save Greendale group in a question as to what to call themselves and what their future is.

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