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The study group is back and taking a new class Biology class led by reformed prisoner (Michael K. Williams).  With a mysterious new vice dean named Laybourne (John Goodman) and Chang (Ken Jeong) plotting a secret revenge through his new job as security, the study group faces huge odds.  When a simple role of a die creates six alternate realities, the study group may never be the same.

Community—Season 3 aired from September 22, 2011 to May 17, 2012 on NBC.  The series continues to be hailed by critics and a cult favorite among fans.  Unfortunately, the show still struggled to find an audience and also faced problems within the cast and crew.  The episode “Remedial Chaos Theory” was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.


Enter: The Dark Reality

Community with its struggles had an uphill battle and was frequently pulled from the line-up during the initial run.  The problems were also hurt by infighting between Chevy Chase and creator Dan Harmon who feuded about shooting.  Harmon ended up leaving the show at the end of the third season over battles with NBC, and Chevy Chase didn’t stick around for the entire fourth season which only ran a half season…it is a sad problem for such a great show.

Community is one of those shows that just grows and grows.  Like something like Arrested Development, the series really is rewarding to regular viewers.  Jokes like appearances by Annie’s Boobs (the monkey) and other recurring events just boost the humor.  It is a show you can watch multiple times and see new nuances in performances and the scripts.


Troy and Abed in the Morning? More like anytime for me!

The series continues to attempt new things.  In this show you have video game and music episodes.  The biggest contribution to the story probably is the highly recognized “Remedial Chaos Theory” which created the multiple timeline study groups which play big roles in episodes afterwards (including Community—Season 4).

Community is a great series and if you gave up on it during its first few episodes go back immediately!  The series has evolved into something new and fun, and it is one of the most creative series on television.  I wish more people would see Community and that the show would catch on, but I don’t have much hope…maybe with the rise of series on Netflix and other online formats, Community will have a future.

Community—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:


“Biology 101”

3.1       Biology 101 Airdate:  09/22/11

It is a new semester and the study group is taking Biology.  Jeff (Joel McHale) declares the members of the study group are officially friends and uses it to evict Pierce (Chevy Chase).  Jeff gets kicked out of Biology by their new teacher (Michael K. Williams) but learns that the rest of the study group isn’t planning on following him.  Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) takes a new stance and demands to get serious which puts him at odds with Vice-Dean Laybourne (John Goodman).  Abed (Danny Pudi) worries about the possible cancellation of Cougartown but hope could be in Inspector Spacetime.  A budget crisis could get Chang (Ken Jeong) out of living in the vents and back in a job.


“Geography of Global Conflict”

3.2       Geography of Global Conflict Airdate:  09/29/11

Britta (Gillian Jacobs) gets serious about her decision to be a psychology major but learns a friend is fighting oppression by being arrested in a foreign country for protesting.  Chang adjusts to being campus security but learns he has no real power.  Annie (Alison Brie) finds herself in combat with Annie Kim (Irene Choi) and the formation of two model UNs.  While the UNs are in battle, Britta makes her stand against Chang.


“Competative Ecology”

3.3       Competitive Ecology Airdate:  10/06/11

The group divides up for study group but finds they that getting their choice in partners might not be what they want…plus, they have to solve the “Todd Problem” when they are forced to include a stranger named Todd (David Neher).  Chang tries to move up to security guard detective…and he has to prove that security guard detective is a real position.


“Remedial Chaos Theory”

3.4       Remedial Chaos Theory Airdate:  10/13/11

Abed and Troy (Donald Glover) host a party at their new apartment.  When Jeff introduces a random dice throw into a game of Yahtzee, six alternate timelines are created.


“Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps”

3.5       Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps Airdate:  10/27/11

It’s Halloween, and Britta’s psychology test indicates a member of the study group could be a sociopath with the potential for danger.  Britta decides to tell horror stories in order to watch out for adverse reactions.


“Advanced Gay”

3.6       Advanced Gay Airdate:  11/03/11

Pierce’s Hawthorne Wipes are made popular by a song by Miss Urbana Champaign (Shangela Laquifa Wadley) and Pierce decides to capitalize on it…until his racist father (Larry Cedar) gets involved.  Troy finds himself pulled into plumbing repair by the school plumber Jerry (Jerry Minor) but learns he has been selected for Greendale’s secret Air Conditioning Repair School.


“Studies in Modern Movement”

3.7       Studies in Modern Movement Airdate:  11/10/11

Annie’s moving in with Troy and Abed and the study group is helping her move.  Pierce tries to fix up Annie’s apartment to get her deposit back but finds himself getting in deeper.  Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Britta pick up a hitchhiker…who is Jesus.  While Annie worries that she’ll tire of Troy and Abed, Jeff skips out on the move but finds himself caught by Dean Pelton.  #AnniesMove


“Documentary Filmmaking: Redux”

3.8       Documentary Filmmaking:  Redux Airdate:  11/17/11

Dean Pelton has decided to reshoot the Greendale commercial and Abed sets out to make a documentary on the shooting of the commercial.  When Dean Pelton learns that he can get Luis Guzmán for the commercial, the commercial needs to get bigger.


“Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism”

3.9       Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism Airdate:  12/01/11

Abed and Troy gets a limited edition copy of The Dark Knight…which Annie accidentally breaks.  Jeff finds himself challenged by German foosball players and goes to Shirley for help with training…which reveals a darker past.


“Regional Holiday Music”

3.10     Regional Holiday Music Airdate:  12/08/11

Jeff eliminates the Greendale Glee Club for using licensed music.  Unfortunately, the Christmas pageant is coming up along with regionals, and the glee club sponsor Cory Radison (Taran Killam) is out to recruit the study group to replace them.


“Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts”

3.11     Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts Airdate:  03/07/12

Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) is back and asking Shirley to marry him again.  Britta and Jeff find themselves pulled into the wedding despite their disdain for marriage, and Abed and Troy fight to be normal.  Pierce reveals he’s been dropped from Hawthorne Wipes and that he hopes that he can form a sandwich company with Shirley.


“Contemporary Impressionists”

3.12     Contemporary Impressionists Airdate:  03/22/12

It is a new semester, and the study group is back.  Britta worries that Jeff’s new medication will not allow his ego to stay in check.  Abed learns that he can hire people to recreate scenes from movies but the group might have to work as impersonators to bail Abed out of his financial problems when Vinnie (French Stewart) threatens his life.  Chang is given authorization to hire interns into his security program…and hires children.


“Digital Exploration of Interior Design”

3.13     Digital Exploration of Interior Design Airdate:  03/29/12

Greendale’s new Subway opens, and the group meets the school’s newest student Subway (Travis Schuldt)…who Pierce and Shirley decide to use against the Subway.  Britta is recruited to sabotage Subway but finds herself falling for him.  Abed, Troy, and Annie are put out of their apartment for fumigation and Annie moves into the sleep study.  Abed and Troy work on a pillow fort…and Vice Dean Laybourne tries to sway Troy back to the secret air conditioning school by turning him against Abed.  Jeff finds that he has a locker and discovers a hate letter inside from Kim who he believes to be dead.


“Pillows and Blankets”

3.14     Pillows and Blankets Airdate:  04/05/12

The pillow and blanket forts are at war tearing Abed and Troy apart.  With the Guinness Book of World Record hanging in the balance, a breakdown of the war plays out for the documentary crew.


“Origins of Vampire Mythology”

3.15     Origins of Vampire Mythology Airdate:  04/12/12

A carnival is coming to Greendale and Britta learns that her ex-boyfriend Blade (Kirk Fox) is coming.  Britta goes to Annie for help, and Annie is forced to put Britta in withdraw.  Dean Pelton decides to hang out with Abed and Troy as they watch Blade.  Pierce and Chang decide to be best friends and attend the carnival.  Jeff decides he’s jealous of Blade’s power over Britta and decides to analyze Blade.


“Virtual Systems Analysis”

3.16     Virtual Systems Analysis Airdate:  04/19/12

Annie tries to set up Britta and Troy and finds that it causes problems with Abed.  Annie must journey into the Dreamatorium to help Abed and finds herself in her hospital simulation.


“Basic Lupine Urology”

3.17     Basic Lupine Urology Airdate:  04/26/12

The group’s biology yam is destroyed…and the group must find the person responsible for destruction before the trail goes cold.  When the trail leads to Todd, the group find themselves facing off against a military attorney named Colonel Archwood (Michael Ironside) to prove Todd’s lying.


“Course Listing Unavailable”

3.18     Course Listing Unavailable Airdate:  05/03/12

Starburns (Dino Stamatopoulos) is dead in a meth lab explosion, and the study group finds that the death has a big effect on them.  When they learn that the death could mean summer school, the group goes to war against Greendale.  With the attack on the school, Dean Pelton finds he might have to give Chang and his Changlorious Basterds’ the power of martial law…and the Greendale Seven must be freed!


“Curriculum Unavailable”

3.19     Curriculum Unavailable Airdate:  05/10/12

The Greendale Seven has been expelled and coping with being out of school.  When Abed is forced to go to a psychiatrist (John Hodgman), and the whole group finds themselves under analysis…and attempting to keep Abed for being committed.  Unfortunately, the study group learns the shocking of Greendale…or is the truth a lie as well?


“Digital Estate Planning”

3.20     Digital Estate Planning Airdate:  05/17/12

Pierce’s father creates a video game called Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne to determine who will win his inheritance…and the study group will have to battle Pierce’s father’s servant Gilbert Lawson (Giancarlo Esposito) for control of the Hawthorne fortune.


“The First Chang Dynasty”

3.21     The First Chang Dynasty Airdate:  05/17/12

The study group must prove that Chang has replaced Dean Pelton and is ruling Greendale.  They must infiltrate the school, battle the Changlorious Basterds, and rescue the Dean…which could mean the ultimate sacrifice for Troy.


“Introduction to Finality”

3.22     Introduction to Finality Airdate:  05/17/12

The summer tour is ending and the study group finds themselves missing Troy who has been forced to join the air conditioning team.  Pierce and Shirley learn that they can have the sandwich shop but find themselves in battle over the ownership rights…forcing Jeff to face off against his old coworker Alan Connor (Rob Corddry) who got him disbarred.  Evil Abed seeks to replace Abed in the real world and faces off against Britta’s psychology training.  Troy learns that Vice-Dean Laybourne has been killed and seeks to uncover the truth behind the death.

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