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The Spanish study group is back…but now they are all taking anthropology.  As the study group heads treks through their second year, they grow closer, but one of the members could be a villain in disguise.

Community’s first season started out slow and rocky but turned into a great show when they gave up trying the standard sitcom scripts.  The second season has no rocky points.  The shows are smart and cleverly crafted to utilize the characters.  Developing Chevy Chase’s Pierce as an out & out villain was the right move since he always seemed to be the weakest link in season 1.  This gives his character an almost “Newman” type feel (accepted but rejected at the same time).  Bringing Senor Chang back as a student really hasn’t quite found its direction yet and seems a bit force.


The Good, the Bad, and the Study Group

What works about Community is that everyone is committed to the characters and they put the characters into such outrageous plots that the commitment pays off.  The characters almost always react the same way each time despite the reaction and the fact they recognize this (as seen in episodes like the Community take on the flashback episode “Paradigms of Human Memory”).  It also hasn’t tried to overload the series with guest-stars but what guest stars they have had work well in the context of the stories (like LeVar Burton’s appearance in Intermediate “Documentary Filmmaking”).

The second season of Community is a great example of why this show needs to stick around.  It is a smart show for people who feel jaded by TV and movies because the characters so jaded.  Plus if the show sticks around there could be more paintball episodes (a definite reason worth coming back).

Community—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“Anthropology 101”

2.1       Anthropology 101 Airdate:  09/23/10

Greendale Community College is back in session and everyone is back for the new year.  Britta (Gillian Jacobs) is popular for her public rejection by Jeff (Joel McHale).  Jeff is trying to end his brief fling with Annie (Alison Brie).  Abed (Danny Pudi) wants new material for his movies.  Troy (Donald Glover) has started an internet sensation by tweeting about Pierce (Chevy Chase) and Chang (Ken Jeong) is adjusting to life as a student.  Now the class is finished with Spanish and moving on to Anthropology and discovering Chang might not have been the toughest professor when they meet Professor June Bauer (Betty White).


“Accounting for Lawyers”

2.2       Accounting for Lawyers Airdate:  09/30/10

Jeff runs into an old friend from work Alan (Rob Corddry) and finds himself drawn back into his old life.  When Annie realizes that Alan got Jeff disbarred, it is up to the group to show Jeff that his friend isn’t really his friend.  Chang tries to get into the group by joining a breakdance competition.


“The Psychology of Letting Go”

2.3       The Psychology of Letting Go Airdate:  10/07/10

Pierce’s mother dies and the group finds Pierce’s religion doesn’t believe in death.  While the group questions how to get Pierce to understand his mother is gone, Jeff finds disturbing news about his health.  Annie and Britta get donations to clean up the oil spill but find themselves at odds over how they earn money.  Chang finds the restraining order by Duncan (John Oliver) is keeping him out of anthropology class.


“Basic Rocket Science”

2.4       Basic Rocket Science Airdate:  10/14/10

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) and Greendale decide it has to have the first simulated space program and buys an old KFC sponsored rocket simulator.  Annie admits that she has decided to transfer, and the group learns she’s going to the rival school.  Most of the group gets trapped aboard the simulator when it is hauled away by a tow truck and only Abed can help them complete the simulation and escape.


“Messianic Myths and Ancient People”

2.5       Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples Airdate:  10/21/10

Abed reads the Bible and decides to make his version of it.  When Abed begins to gain followers, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) decides Abed and his movie must be stopped.



2.6       Epidemiology Airdate:  10/28/10

It is Halloween again, and Greendale is throwing a party.  When tainted military food gets served, everyone turns into zombies.  The military has been called and now the only way to survive is to escape the party.


“Aerodynamics of Gender”

2.7       Aerodynamics of Gender Airdate:  11/04/10

The girls decide to take a women’s studies class but find Abed is taking it too.  Jeff and Troy find a hidden paradise and learn that a trampoline could be the key to inner peace if they can keep it secret from Pierce.  When the girls find the class is full of mean girls, they learn Abed can level perfect insults…but they might have released a monster.


“Cooperative Calligraphy”

2.8       Cooperative Calligraphy Airdate:  11/11/10

Annie finds her pen is missing and demands that none of the study group leaves until the thief is revealed.  When the group is forced to examine each other, Shirley reveals she’s hiding a secret about what happened on Halloween.


“Conspiracy Theory and Interior Design”

2.9       Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design Airdate:  11/18/10

Jeff fakes a conspiracy theory class with Professor Professorson, but Jeff finds a man claiming to be the real Professor Professorson when he accused making it up.  Abed and Troy decide to make a pillow fort, but the fort grows out of control.  When Annie and Jeff decide to investigate Professorson and Greendale’s night courses, a greater conspiracy might be uncovered.


“Mixology Certification”

2.10     Mixology Certification Airdate:  12/02/10

Troy celebrates his birthday and discovers he’s really 21.  The study group decides to go out to a bar, but Jeff and Britta can’t decide what bar to go to.  When they pick a bar, Shirley realizes that she’s already been there and Annie becomes the woman from her fake ID.  As Troy debates what to have for his first drink, he finds himself playing the role of the responsible one instead.


“Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

2.11     Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas Airdate:  12/09/10

Abed finds that everyone’s become claymation and decides it must be a sign he needs to find the real meaning of Christmas.  When Abed is tricked into a therapy session with Duncan and the group, he transports the group to Planet Abed to find the real meaning of Christmas.


“Asian Population Studies”

2.12     Asian Population Studies Airdate:  01/20/11

Second semester of anthropology begins and Annie has been seeing Rich (Greg Cromer).  When Rich joins anthropology, the group debates taking in Rich as a new member in spite of Jeff’s objections.  Shirley reveals she’s seeing her husband Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) since she’s pregnant and Troy and Pierce realize Chang is probably the father from the Halloween party.  Jeff decides Rich has to be stopped and petitions Chang join the group.


“Celebrity Pharmacology”

2.13     Celebrity Pharmacology Airdate:  01/27/11

The group prepares to do an anti-drug presentation for at-risk students and Pierce discovers Annie has been cutting off by her parents.  When Pierce loans Annie money, he takes over the play.  Chang tries to get Shirley to accept him since he might be the father of her baby.  Jeff tries to text Brita’s boyfriend but accidentally ends up sending sexy texts to her nephew.


“Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

2.14     Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Airdate:  02/03/11

The group realizes Fat Neal (Charley Koontz) is in crisis and decide to join Fat Neal in a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  When Pierce jumps in and ruins the game, the group must hunt him down to help Fat Neal get his sword back.


“Early 21st Century Romanticism”

2.15     Early 21st Century Romanticism Airdate:  02/10/11

It’s Valentine’s Day again and Troy and Abed both target the librarian for a date.  The group worries about Pierce’s addition to pain pills, and Pierce begins seeing a little man (Andy Dick) giving him instructions.  Jeff gets in a fight with the group and ends up getting stuck watching Manchester United with Duncan and Chang, but Chang decides to make it a party.  Britta makes friends with a lesbian Page (Brit Marling) but Annie learns from Brit’s friend that she thinks Britta’s a lesbian.


“Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”

2.16     Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking Airdate:  02/17/11

Pierce is found unconscious on a park bench after overdosing on painkillers and tells the group that he’s dying.  Pierce begins to manipulate the group by giving them his final gifts and has Abed shooting a documentary about his life.


“Intro to Political Science”

2.17     Intro to Political Science Airdate:  02/24/11

It is election time at Greendale, and Jeff faces off against Annie.  Abed learns that there are secret service agents on the campus of Greendale in anticipation of Joe Biden’s visit and finds he can spot them making him a target.


“Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy”

2.18     Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy Airdate:  03/17/11

Shirley tries to get Chang to sign parental rights away and hires Jeff to help her.  Troy and Abed find a new friend named Lukka (Enver Gjokaj) and try to get Britta not to see him since she ruins all their friend.


“Critical Film Studies”

2.19     Critical Film Studies Airdate:  03/24/11

It’s Abed’s birthday, and Jeff has organized a Pulp Fiction themed party.  Jeff learns Abed has had an epiphany about his life after visiting the set of Cougar Town.  Troy learns that Jeff has gotten Abed a briefcase like in Pulp Fiction and decides he has to know what’s inside.


“Competitive Wine Tasting”

2.20     Competitive Wine Tasting Airdate:  04/14/11

It is add class, time and Pierce, Chang, and Jeff end up in the same wine tasting class.  Jeff hits on a woman from the wine class but suspects she is using Pierce when she and Pierce decide  to marry.  Britta and Troy take acting class to improve their dancing and Troy lies about being molested by his uncle to get the class on his side.  Abed ends up in a critical analysis of Who’s the Boss? but finds himself at odds with the professor.


“Paradigms of Human Memory”

2.21     Paradigms of Human Memory Airdate:  04/21/11

When the group prepares to end the semester, Troy’s monkey’s secret stash of memories are found.  As the group begins to flashback throughout the year, they realize that they are toxic when they are together.


“Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts”

2.22     Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts Airdate:  04/28/11

The anthropology class final is interrupted when Shirley goes into labor, and the group finds themselves having to deliver Shirley’s baby.


“A Fistful of Paintballs”

2.23     A Fistful of Paintballs Airdate:  05/05/11

It is paintball time again at Greendale and this time an ice cream company has put up a $100,000 prize.  As the group splits into factions, a new threat arises when they learn an assassin called the Black Rider (Josh Holloway) has been sent in to win the game.


“For a Few Paintballs More”

2.24     For a Few Paintballs More Airdate:  05/12/11

When it is revealed that City College is behind the paintball contest, the students of Greendale Community College must band together in a last stitch effort to save the school from financial disaster, but it could cost the group one of their members.

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