Cockneys vs. Zombies (2013)

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Movie Name:  Cockneys vs. Zombies

Studio:  Limelight

Genre(s):  Comedy/Horror

Release Date(s):  August 23, 2013

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated


Oy! You stupid zombies git out of the East End!

Terry (Rasmus Hardiker), Andy (Harry Treadaway), and Katy (Michelle Ryan ) are cousins on a mission.  Their grandfather Ray (Alan Ford) and his friends are going to have their nursing home destroyed by a new building being constructed in the area.  Teamed with Davey Tuppence (Jack Doolan) and a psychopath named Mental Mickey (Ashley Thomas), the group decides to rob a bank.  Unfortunately, the construction site has unearthed something evil and released a zombie plague on the East End of London…and getting out with the cash might just be secondary to getting out alive!

Directed by Matthias Hoene, Cockneys vs. Zombies is a comedy-horror which premiered at the 2012 London FrightFest Film Festival.  The movie was released to mostly positive reviews from critics and comparisons to similar zombie horror films like Shaun of the Dead.


I’ve got a metal plate in my head…and a grenade in my mouth!

I loved Shaun of the Dead and approached Cockneys vs. Zombies with hesitation since it seemed like rehash of the first film.  Ironically, both Shaun of the Dead and Cockneys vs. Zombies could exist in the same world and could be seen as companion pieces despite having different makers.

The movie is primarily a comedy with some horror.  I found Shaun of the Dead to be a snappy smartly written comedy that still was really horrific.  I found this movie to be much less so, but it still had some moments of originality.  The humor isn’t as on point nor is the horror as graphic and dark…it is short and to the point and that does help the film.


The zombies are coming!

The film is mainly comprised of English actors who have not made the crossover to American films.  The most recognizable stars in the film include Harry Treadaway who is starting to make waves with appearances in films like The Lone Ranger and the series Penny Dreadful and Michelle Ryan playing his cousin appeared in the relaunch of The Bionic Woman and Doctor Who:  Planet of the DeadJames Bond and Avengers vet Honor Blackman plays one of the nursing home dwellers, and Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels vet Alan Ford is the grandpa (don’t call him grandpa) crotchety old man.  The film also was the last film role for Richard Briers.


Zombie head popping!

Those accustom to The Walking Dead and other zombie movies might be disappointed by the visuals of Cockney vs. Zombies.  The effects are rather low budget and the zombies aren’t that impressive.  The gunfire and gunfights are also subpar but still are adequate.

Cockneys vs. Zombies is a so-so film that overall works but could be better.  The originally of the film is tainted due to the popularity of zombies and zombie comedies, and honestly there are better zombie comedies.  If you’ve watched Shaun of the Dead one to many times, give Cockneys vs. Zombies a chance and have some more zombie slaying fun.

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