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Game Name: Cat Quest

Developer(s): The Gentlebros

Publisher(s): PQube

Platform(s): PS4/Switch/PC

Genre(s): RPG/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): August 8, 2017 (PC)/November 10, 2017 (PS4/Switch)

ESRB Rating: E10+

cat quest gameplay screenshots nintendo switch

Can you save Felingard? You might need all your 9 lives!

Felingard has been invaded by monsters.  When his sister is kidnapped by Drakoth, a cat must become the hero he was destined to be.  Pursing Drakoth means battling the dragons that have invaded the kingdom and finding the means to pursue Drakoth who seems to be able to evade your every attempt to reach him.  The battle will be hard, but you are a cat with fortitude and will prevail!

Cat Quest is a role-playing dungeon crawling game developed by the Gentlebros and published by PQube.  The game was released on the PC on August 8, 2017 and a switch and PS4 version was released on November 10, 2017.  A compilation game including Cat Quest and Cat Quest II was released for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

I saw Cat Quest and knew I had to get Cat Quest.  It is everything I like about video games and RPG games.  Cat Quest is a game that grabbed me and had me playing straight through in one sitting (the Switch version is the game played for the review).

cat quest gameplay screenshots vs dragon switch

Cats afraid of water? Not if they walk on it!

The game isn’t very long, but that necessarily isn’t a bad thing.  The game’s story keeps you involved.  It has a standard “main quest” and sub-quests that help you along this main quest.  The story is rather incidental (the kidnapping of your sister and the suppression of the kingdom is the basic idea).  The game is rather opened world and you essentially set your own boundaries with decisions on how hard you want to try to fight.  The world has a number of opportunities for exploration.

The RPG aspect of the game is rather minimal if you are not into RPG.  It plays like a Zelda game or like something like Diablo.  It isn’t turned based, but you can upgrade and level up your cat with different styles of weapons and armor.  It largely felt (to me) that you could just power up your primary magic and choose a weapon with high stats and get through the game.  The fighting didn’t even have to be smart…often hack-and-slash worked without a strategy, but occasionally, you did need to attack and back-off if the situation required it.  I do like the set-up with your magic in the game which allows you assign different spells to multiple buttons (though I generally stuck to one).

cat quest gameplay screenshots santa paws claws

The sad saga of Santa Paws and Santa Claws and the Mewtry Kitmas that wasn’t

I really enjoy the visuals of the game.  It feels like Legend of Zelda II (more so than the original Legend of Zelda) if you combined it with a 3D world.  You walk around the 3D world and enter “dungeons” where you hope to open chests.  The game is more self-aware than Zelda games with the game creators often playing a part in the storyline (including finally giving up a key to open the pesky chests).  The gameplay is slick and smooth although I did notice some drag and jitters when the character “flew” across the landscape.

Cat Quest is a fun, simple RPG that is accessible to even those who don’t like role-playing games.  The visuals and storytelling is fun and the gameplay is easy and adaptable.  If you want to extend your playing time a second quest is available that allows you to put in more challenges to the gameplay.  It is also the type of game that is a good “intro” to RPG for younger players since it is a bit simpler than some of the standard RPG like Final Fantasy or later Dragon Quest games.  Cat Quest was followed by a sequel Cat Quest II in 2019.

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