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More expansive than Cat Quest and requires more strategy

Not much game variety between one and two

Game Info

Game Name: Cat Quest II

Developer(s): The Gentilebros

Publisher(s): PQube

Platform(s): PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC

Genre(s): RPG

Release Date(s): October 24, 2019

ESRB Rating: E10+

cat quest ii map gameplay screenshots

Explore glorious Felingard!

Once enemies, a cat and a dog have been delivered to a kingdom at war.  Dog and cats are battling it out in the kingdoms of Felingard and Lupus and peace seems unlikely.  The ruler of Felingard and ruler of Lupus both have vowed to win the war and the casualties are mounting as monsters also invade the kingdoms.  It is up to the noble cat and brave dog to find a common bond between the two factions and hopefully end the war by forming the Kingsblade…a weapon of great importance to both sides.  The Kingsblade could end the war but are there more sinister actions at work?

Cat Quest II is a roleplaying video game developed by The Gentlebros and published by PQube.  A sequel to Cat Quest, the game originally was titled Cat Quest II:  The Lupus Empire and has been released on multiple systems (for the purpose of the review the Nintendo Switch version was used).

cat quest ii dungeon gameplay screenshots

When all else fails…Run to the light!!!

I just stumbled upon Cat Quest and thought it sounded fun.  I picked up the two pack and commenced a deep dive into the game.  I played and played Cat Quest and unlike games where I decide “I need a break” after finishing it, I dove right into Cat Quest II to see how the second game played out.

While Cat Quest and Cat Quest II are quite similar, Cat Quest II feels slightly more difficult and requires a bit more strategy to play.  With Cat Quest, I often felt if I just blasted people with magic over the course of a fight, I would win…Cat Quest II has you bouncing between characters more and utilizing the “revive” method during fights which allows you to resuscitate your partner by staying close to them.  The game is expansive and the land is full of things to explore…but it is a game that doesn’t feel too overwhelming in attempts to complete it.

Like the gameplay, the graphics seem like a slight step up from the previous game.  It is still a stylized look to the game.  This doesn’t necessarily push the equipment to the max in regards to graphics, but it feels right.  There are some fun cat and dog references throughout the game which the visuals sometimes aid.

cat quest ii final boss gameplay screenshots

I think he sees us…

The controls are quite natural.  Once you get the land down and the locations, it is easy to traverse the map and the fights (as mentioned) require a bit more strategy than the previous Cat Quest entry.  It is a decent “entry level” RPG for younger players, but it still has elements that probably require a player be a bit older to understand the mechanics.

Cat Quest II is a good follow-up sequel to a good game.  The two pack is a perfect way to get all your cat and dog love out there.  The game is a fun little adventure that isn’t too serious, but it also isn’t too nice and fluffy.  In a world where cats and dogs battle, can a cat and dog save the kingdom?  You’ll have to play to see…but a hint is that a Cat Quest III is planned.

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