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7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10
Visual: 8/10

Good looking, good final battle

Still has the pacing problems of the whole series

castlevania season 4 episode 9 the endings trevor sypha alucard

The gang’s all back…one last time

Varney is rallying forces to resurrect Dracula as Isaac moves on Hector for revenge.  Sypha and Trevor discover the battle against the night creatures is growing as they question if defeating Dracula solved anything.  Alucard discovers himself called to the aid of a nearby city beseeched by night creatures, and the vampire sisters work to make their vampire kingdom with Hector’s aide.  Meanwhile, St. Germain is on his own quest…which could lead to a dangerous collision and threat to the world!

Castlevania—Season 4 is an animated horror action-adventure series based on the Konami game series.  Released on Netflix on May 13, 2021, the season was announced to be final season following public accusations of inappropriate behavior by show creator Warren Ellis.

castlevania season 4 episode 9 the endings death st germain

Next Week on Arrested Development:
“I’ve made a huge mistake…”

Castlevania as one of my favorite NES games seemed perfect for a TV series when I was young.  It had monsters and demons and a hero wielding a big chainmail whip.  While Simon Belmont did make the cut for Captain N:  The Game Master series, it didn’t harness the horror or gore potential…Castlevania the series did succeed to some extent.

The show isn’t bad, but it also doesn’t stand out as much as you hope.  This season did amplify the battles and bad guys (something previous seasons…especially the post-Dracula Season 3) failed to do.  In that sense Castlevania—Season 4 was a bit better balanced, but in attempts for realism, the plotlines don’t always work.  Characters like Isaac fizzle as they redefine themselves and same is true of his rival Hector…so the whole vampire sister army thing never felt developed.  It feels like an inordinate amount of time was wasted on this storyline regardless if the outcome was more “real”…they just cancel each other out.

castlevania seaosn 4 episode 8 death magic varney

What’s Varney’s game

Likewise, Trevor and Sypha’s time in Târgoviște seems a bit pointless.  It didn’t really seem to build or develop the characters for any purpose other than time fillers.  This might be more realistic than having them fight over and over again, but it doesn’t necessarily make for good serialized television.  This leaves most of the plot falling on Alucard’s story.

Alucard’s mopey vampire storyline also gets a bit old since it was largely the focus of Season 3.  Season 4 features a redemption and a potential future for the character, but the St. Germain storyline and the rather generic (until the end) Varney line seem to be the bigger pulls.  The series finally picks up speed and shows its potential in the second to last episode…which of course is followed by a coda that is meant to wrap things up…I just wish there had been one or two more episodes of Team Trevor-Sypha-Alucard since that is where the fun was.

castlevania season 4 episode 9 the endings grim reaper death

Death comes for everyone

Visually, the show continues to excel.  While I do wish there were some more variety to the night creatures in general, this season does provide a few more iterations of the monsters.  I do also like the interpretation of Death or the Grim Reaper or whatever you choose to call him.  It was visually interesting and fun that the big baddy didn’t end up necessarily being Dracula.

Castlevania—Season 4 is a pretty quick watch like most of the series.  It meanders and pokes along at places and rip-roars through other parts.  As a kid, I probably would have loved it just because shows like this didn’t necessarily exist to the extent that they exist now…there was anime for adults but it wasn’t easy to find and often not available here in the United States.  Though the series is over, there is already plans for a spin-off title…which I’d welcome (and hopefully it will be a little more balanced).

Castlevania—Season 4 Review and Complete Episode Guide:

castlevania season 4 episode 1 murder wakes it up trevor belmont sypha

“Murder Wakes It Up”

4.1       Murder Wakes It Up Release Date:  05/13/21

Having left the remains of Lindenfeld, Trevor and Sypha find more and more creatures rising as attempts to raise Dracula increase.  Varney finds his efforts are being hindered by a Belmont and a spellmaster and questions his next move.  Alucard continues to fend off people seeking Dracula’s powers and gets a request for help from a nearby village.

castlvania season 4 episode 2 having the world hector lenore

“Having the World”

4.2       Having the World Release Date:  05/13/21

Hector finds himself under the control of Lenore and her sisters and tries to do secret work to free himself.  Trevor and Sypha battle Varney’s followers but find they might have a surprise ally from the city of Târgoviște…and a mysterious glowing stone that could provide a clue.

castlevania season 4 episode 3 walk away isaac night creature

“Walk Away”

4.3       Walk Away Release Date:  05/13/21

Isaac continues to question his end goals as he works to repair the damage done to the wizard’s city.  Morana voices her concern to Striga about the battles they are facing as they try to establish the vampire empire, and Striga discovers the people they are fighting aren’t like warriors of the past.  Trevor and Sypha explore Târgoviște and question if Zamfir can be trusted.

castlevania season 4 episode 4 you must sacrifice st germain alucard

“You Must Sacrifice”

4.4       You Must Sacrifice Release Date:  05/13/21

Alucard goes to the aide of the town of Danesti and encounters St. Germain.  St. Germain remembers how he met the Alchemist in the dimensional portal and learned what sacrifices he must make to rescue his love…which could mean a team-up with Varney.

castlevania season 4 episode 5 back in the world draculas castle

“Back in the World”

4.5       Back in the World Release Date:  05/13/21

Alucard and Greta fight to lead the villagers of Danesti to Dracula’s Castle while not realizing that it is the goal of St. Germain.  Sypha discovers that the people of Târgoviște are being poorly led and that their health is at stake.  Isaac and his army of night creatures prepare for their next move.

castlevania season 4 episode 6 you dont deserve my blood carmilla

“You Don’t Deserve My Blood”

4.6       You Don’t Deserve My Blood Release Date:  05/13/21

Isaac is leading an attack on Carmilla’s castle, and Hector awaits his fate.  With Isaac’s goal within grasp, Isaac’s plans for the future are revealed.

castlevania season 4 episode 7 the great work rebus

“The Great Work”

4.7       The Great Work Release Date:  05/13/21

With Târgoviște in disarray and people suffering, Trevor and Sypha demand Zamfir take them to the rulers of the city…with shocking results.  Meanwhile, Varney makes his move!

castlevania season 4 episode 8 death magic st germain

“Death Magic”

4.8       Death Magic Release Date:  05/13/21

Alucard and Greta find Dracula’s Castle besieged by vampires and night creatures as St. Germain’s true intentions are revealed.  A battle beneath Târgoviște has Sypha, Trevor, and Zamfir face-to-face with Varney.

castlevania season 4 episode 9 the endings trevor vs death

“The Endings”

4.9       The Endings Release Date:  05/13/21

Joined with Varney, St. Germain is preparing to bring back Dracula and his bride in the hopes of being reunited with his lost love…but Varney has his own secret that he’s been hiding.  The final battle is here and it could literally be a battle to stop Death itself.

castlevania seaosn 4 episode its been a strange ride

“It’s Been a Strange Ride”

4.10     It’s Been a Strange Ride Release Date:  05/13/21

“Death” is dead at Trevor’s hands, and those left behind are trying to pick up the pieces.  Imprisoned by Isaac, Lenore makes a decision about her future.  Pregnant and without Trevor, Sypha discovers Alucard has a new plan for the castle that could include her…but the arrival of a stranger could change everything.  A strange couple who checks into an inn hides their own past.

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