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castlevania season 3 episode 3 investigators sypha trevor

The adventures of Sypha and Trevor…Monster Hunters Lovers

Dracula might be dead, but that doesn’t mean the battle against the forces of darkness are over.  As Isaac moves across the globe in his quest to return to Europe and avenge his master, Hector finds himself a prisoner of Carmilla and her sisters.  Sypha and Trevor seek out a semi-normal life as hunters but discover the small village of Lindenfeld has more secrets than they ever imaged.  At Dracula’s former castle, Alucard tries to come to terms with the death of his father…and finds Dracula’s death has attracted other visitors.

Castlevania—Season 3 is an animated horror sci-fi series released on Netflix on March 5, 2020.  Following the decision to renew the series for Season 4, sexual misconduct allegations against Warren Ellis led to a separation between Ellis and the product and the announcement that Castlevania—Season 4 would be the final season.

castlevania season 3 episode 10 abandon all hope alucard bondage sumi taka

I don’t know what type of kinky stuff you two are into, but I guess I’m game

Castlevania has been a mixed bag.  The video game was one of my all-time favorite games and the NES entries to the series were played into the ground on my NES.  As the video game series progressed, more mythology and story was added to the tale of Dracula and the Belmonts, and it always seemed that the series was ripe for big screen adaptation…a small screen it turns out was more apt, but the series has a weird wandering path.

The death of Dracula changed this series.  Dracula was the big baddie and a legendary big bad guy (of course the series worked to give him dimensions).  This means this season is kind of “the day after”.  What do you do the day after you save the world?  This season tries to introduce new villains and enemies, but it is largely how the players from the first two seasons are taking the death of Dracula.

castlevania season 3 episode 10 abandon all hope hector lenore carmilla

This is going to turn into a Brandy/Monica “The Boy Is Mine” type thing…isn’t it Carmilla

There are four distinct storylines.  There is Trevor and Sypha in the village of Lindenfeld which is the biggest of the stories, the trek of Isaac, the vampire sisters, and Alucard.  It feels in many ways that the Alucard story is the least significant…and in a way it feels like an unnecessary way to keep the character involved.  In big picture terms, it hopefully will lead to the distrust of Alucard (and a slipping into his father’s ways), but here, it feels kind of anticlimactic.  In general, the season seems to meander with not enough happening.

The animation remains strong for the series, but it doesn’t feel like this season offers anything new or different.  The generic night creatures feel like they could be spiced up and the magician who faces off against Isaac has potentially interesting visuals surrounding him…but all of that happens in the very end of the season.  With animation, it feels like there is no limit to creativity, and I feel that Castlevania sometimes stifles this and forgets it.

castlevania season 3 episode 9 the gathering

I’m going to guess this isn’t a good sign?

Watching Castlevania—Season 3 with word that the final season is next has me worried.  There is already talk of an unrelated spin-off series, but it feels like there is a lot of ground to cover in the final season…something Castlevania isn’t very good at doing.  I look forward to seeing the final season of Castlevania, but I also feel that it could be a letdown…and since Castlevania—Season 3 just felt like a “building” season, I question if it was building to anything.

Castlevania—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

castlevania season 3 episode 1 bless your dead little hearts lenora striga morana

“Bless Your Dead Little Hearts”

3.1       Bless Your Dead Little Hearts Release Date:  03/05/20

Alucard adjust to life alone in his father’s castle and worries about his sanity.  Trevor and Sypha continue hunting monsters and encounter a strange town with its own secrets.  Carmilla returns home to her land and her sisters Lenora, Striga, and Morana while Hector is held her prisoner.

castlevania season 3 episode 2 the reparation of my heart isaac

“The Reparation of My Heart”

3.2       The Reparation of My Heart Release Date:  03/05/20

Isaac seeks revenge on Hector for his betrayal and finds himself in the possession of a distant mirror which allows him to see beyond his vision…but getting to Hector in Styria means chartering a boat.  Carmilla plots the fall of the land for food for the vampires, but realizes Hector’s cooperation will be necessary.  Trevor and Sypha meet Saint Germain and St. Germain recognizes that Trevor could be important to the town of Lindenfeld.  Alucard finds his father’s legacy has drawn vampire hunters Taka and Sumi from Japan.

castlevania season 3 episode 3 investigators judge


3.3       Investigators Release Date:  03/05/20

Headed back to Europe, the Captain and Isaac question Isaac’s goal and loyalty to Dracula.  Lenore seeks to woo Hector through kindness, but Hector shows a different side.  Trevor and Sypha learn events at the priory have been off since one of Dracula’s creatures arrived, and the Judge has reasons to want to know what is happening behind closed doors.

castlevania season 3 episode 4 i have a scheme taka sumi

“I Have a Scheme”

3.4       I Have a Scheme Release Date:  03/05/20

Taka and Sumi reveal to Alucard why they have come to him in search of Chō.  Lenore continues to work with Hector as Carmilla’s plans are questioned by her sisters.  Sypha and Trevor work to investigate the priory and the monks inside but question the goals of Saint Germain.

castlevania season 3 episode 5 a seat of civilization and refinement saint germain trevor sypha

“A Seat of Civilization and Refinement”

3.5       A Seat of Civilization and Refinement Release Date:  03/05/20

The Judge reveals how he came to the town of Lindenfeld, and both Trevor and Sypha recognize the rise of symbols carved around the town.  Saint Germain reveals his purpose in Lindenfeld and his interest in the priory.

castlevania season 3-6 the good dream saint germain

“The Good Dream”

3.6       The Good Dream Release Date:  03/05/20

Lenore works to seduce Hector to her side as Hector is given more freedoms at the castle.  Germain dreams of the Infinite Corridor and what it could mean.  Isaac tries talking to one of his demons and questions how punishment is doled out among the damned.

castlevania season 3 episode 7 worse things than betrayal alucard sumi taka

“Worse Things Than Betrayal”

3.7       Worse Things Than Betrayal Release Date:  03/05/20

Sumi and Taka continue to train with Alucard, but start to question if there are things that Alucard isn’t telling them.  Saint Germain goes deeper into the priory and discovers a secret hidden inside.  Isaac continues his march to seek revenge and learns of a potential plan of attack from a blind woman named Miranda.

castlevania season 3 episode 8 what the night brings monks visitor

“What the Night Brings”

3.8       What the Night Brings Release Date:  03/05/20

Saint Germain has joined Sypha, Trevor, and the Judge an effort to purge the priory of the cult and the darkness inside.  Lenore digs her claws deeper into Hector and continues to hide her true motives.  Sumi and Taka debate their next move with Alucard.  As the Judge leads his confrontation with the monks, the monks plot the return of Dracula.

castlevania season 3 episode 9 the harvest magician

“The Harvest”

3.9       The Harvest Release Date:  03/05/20

The secret of the carvings around Lindenfeld are revealed as the monks seek to open the portal to Hell and free Dracula.  Lenore makes her move on Hector and reveals she has a surprise for him.  Isaac reaches the city of the magician, but discovers that the magician’s powers might be greater than he estimated.  Taka and Sumi expose their true intentions to Alucard.

castlevania season 3 episode 10 trevor vs visitor

“Abandon All Hope”

3.10     Abandon All Hope Release Date:  03/05/20

Sumi and Taka’s attempts to blackmail Alucard into revealing his secrets backfire.  Saint Germain, Trevor, and Sypha face the demons empowered by the lost souls of Lindenfeld as they try to shut the door to Hell.  Lenore’s control of Hector is revealed as Hector finds himself a slave once again.  With the Judge mortally wounded, Trevor and Sypha discover the secret he’s been hiding in his home.

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