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Weepy Dracula, not enough action, bad melodrama

castlevania season 2 episode 1 war council dracula

I’ve come to tell you my sad sob-story

Dracula is in mourning and the world will pay.  With the only chance of happiness never to return, he is beginning his all-out assault on humanity…and no one will survive.  Unfortunately, Dracula’s erratic behavior begins to concern his followers and the arrival of a vampire named Carmilla could pose a threat to Dracula’s plans.  Meanwhile, Sypha, Alucard, and Trevor are gearing up for the final battle with Dracula…and failure is not an option if their world hopes to survive!

Castlevania—Season 2 was released on Netflix on October 26, 2018.  The season doubled the number of episodes from Season 1 and received mostly positive reviews.

castlevania season 2 episode 1 war council flashback lisa

The lady that launched a thousand vampires

Castlevania—1was fun and extremely short.  I loved the game and looked forward to its release, but was underwhelmed by the length of the season.  With a second season immediately green-lit, I had hope that the series would continue in a fun direction…but for some reason it fell off my radar (a curse of the whole season drops).  When I finally got around to pounding out Castlevania—Season 2 (Season 3 was already released), the show had lost a bit of momentum but remained (for the most part) fun.

This season of Castlevania feels like it falls heavily on Dracula and his cronies and largely takes its story from Castlevania III with story aspects from Castlevania:  Curse of Darkness.  Dracula is suffering from depression which might be a realistic portrayal, but it doesn’t always make for good television.  The weepy and lackadaisical Dracula seems counterproductive for the energy that the show needs and feels overly melodramatic.  The infighting and plots against Dracula feel like a so-so Game of Thrones that (ironically) needs more teeth.

castlevania season 2 episode 7 for love trevor

Who gets to be Blade?

What is also lacking from this season is counter to Dracula in Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard.  While they are there and frequently dipped in to, the show mostly has them sitting around this season as they search the Belmont family records for clues on how to defeat Dracula.  The show has some romance with Sypha and Trevor growing closer as a resentful Alucard watches on, but once again, it feels a bit tedious…and not the action the show needs.

Despite this lack of energy, the sixth and seventh episode of the season show the potential of Castlevania.  The shows slick animation works well as Trevor actually fights the hordes of Dracula (or really Carmilla I guess) and there is genuine tension as Sypha and Alucard attempt to draw Dracula to them as the battle rages…plus, you get Dracula fighting his own battles on his front.  This culminates in the penultimate episode where you get an all-out war (ending in more melodrama and weepy Dracula).

castlevania season 2 episode 7 for love alucard

Go, Alucard! Go!

The show ends with a set-up for season 3 with new enemies and new directions for the characters.  The stylish look of the show does carry weight and the speed at which the show unfolds also makes for quick viewing.  The biggest problem of Castlevania is pacing.  They have the idea and they have the plot, but it seems like some of the filler material needs work.  It does make you wonder at points if you would just have more fun playing the game than watching the show.  I was glad to see a longer season, but I wish the first half had been managed better.

Castlevania—Season 2 Review and Complete Episode Guide:

castlevania season 2 episode 1 war council mopy dracula

“War Council”

2.1       War Council Release Date:  10/26/18

Lisa’s attempt to heal people in Lupu with medicine puts her in opposition with the church and leads to her death.  Mourning his wife, Dracula continues to strike at humanity and finds selecting human agents Hector and Isaac, he has created a fraction among his men.  Gresit cleans up after the battle and Alucard, Sypha, and Trevor question their next step in the battle against Dracula.

castlevania season 2 episode 2 old home monsters alucard

“Old Homes”

2.2       Old Homes Release Date:  10/26/18

Dracula has moved his castle, and Trevor decides the only hope could be the Belmont’s chronicles of their battles against the forces of darkness.  Carmilla arrives to aide Dracula, but Carmilla might have her own plans for the war against humanity.  Isaac recalls what drove him to Dracula, and Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha face off against of one of Dracula’s band of monsters.

castlevania season 2 episode 3 shadow battle alucard trevor belmont sypha

“Shadow Battles”

2.3       Shadow Battles Release Date:  10/26/18

Carmilla continues to work her way into Dracula’s forces and learns how Hector was approached by Dracula due to his ability to reanimate the dead.  Trevor reaches his ancestral home with Sypha and Alucard, and they begin search for a means to stop Dracula’s plans.  Godbrand begins to worry about Dracula’s goal of wiping out humanity and finds an ally in Carmilla.

castlevania season 2 episode 4 broken mast godbrand killed by isaac

“Broken Mast”

2.4       Broken Mast Release Date:  10/26/18

Dracula senses that he is starting to lose his forces and recruits Isaac to root out the betrayers amongst his men.  As Sypha scours the Belmont records, she finds herself growing closer to Trevor.  Godbrand’s outing to feast has him returning to the castle to a surprise.

castlevania season 2 episode 5 last spell carmilla hector

“Last Spell”

2.5       Last Spell Release Date:  10/26/18

Hector finds a means to stop the infighting and cruelty of the war and contacts Isaac for help in enacting Carmilla’s plan.  Dracula continues to spiral into despair but begins to see Carmilla’s plan to invade Brăila as a way to advance the war.  As Sypha discovers the spell she needs to trap Dracula’s castle, forces sent by Carmilla to the Belmont Manor arrive…with orders to kill!

castlevania season 2 episode 6 the river trevor belmont

“The River”

2.6       The River Release Date:  10/26/18

Trevor battles the unearthly creatures sent to destroy the remains of the Belmont Manor as Sypha and Alucard work to trap Dracula’s castle.  Dracula moves the castle to Brăila as Carmilla makes her move for an uprising against Dracula with Hector caught in the middle.  Managing to decipher the spell, Sypha could make problems at the Belmont Manor worse.

castlevania season 2 episode 7 for love alucard kills dracula

“For Love”

2.7       For Love Release Date:  10/26/18

Dracula’s castle is sitting atop the ruins of the Belmont Mansion, and Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard prepare for their final battle with Dracula.  Isaac vows to lay down his life for Dracula but discovers Dracula has other plans for him.  With years in the making, Alucard is about to face off against his father…and only one will remain standing!

castlevania season 2 episode 8 end times alucard crying

“End Times”

2.8       End Times Release Date:  10/26/18

Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha question what to do with their lives now that Dracula has been vanquished and learn that their alliances might have changed their futures.  Carmilla and Hector question what happened in the battle with Dracula, and Hector discovers that Carmilla has big plans for him.  Isaac finds himself stranded in the desert, but decides to carry on Dracula’s vision of the world!

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