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broad city season 4 episode 4 mushrooms animation peter max ilana glazer abbi jacobson

Abbi and Ilana get animated

Things are looking up for Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson).  Abbi has a new job at a design company after leaving Soulstice but her new boss Dara (Wanda Sykes) is a challenge.  Ilana lands her dream job at a sushi restaurant that could finally give her waitress wealth.  Ilana and Abbi are ruling the city and have big plans for the future!

Broad City—Season 4 is a Comedy Central sitcom.  The season received positive reviews and won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Motion Design (“Mushrooms”).

I love Broad City.  The chemistry between Ilana and Abbi is great and each season of Broad City makes me a bit sad because I know it is approaching the end.  With a great cast, a love of New York, and humor that pushes boundaries, Broad City continues to be a winner.

broad city season 4 episode 2 twaining day soulstice trey pucker paul w downs abbi jacobson

Trey, the sex was good…but I got to train Shania Twain…which is better

The season is a bit of an exploration of how Abbi and Ilana’s friendship started (with a butterfly effect telling of their first meeting) and the season ends with the anniversary of their friendship.  The friendship is unflappable despite being sometimes horrible to each other and you get to see more of Abbi and Ilana’s interactions with each other’s families…and how they have built their own families within them.

The breakout episode for the season is “Mushrooms” which is largely animated.  The episode features Abbi and Ilana traversing a cartoon New York City high on mushrooms until they are forced to come down to deal with Abbi’s boss…and in classic Broad City fashion, it goes horribly wrong…the characters never can win, but instead of being a downer, it always works out because they have each other.

The core of the series is the relationship between Ilana and Abbi which on the surface seems a bit of an odd couple pairing, but in reality, they are made for each other.  I do like Hannibal Buress, so it is too bad that he’s a bit less featured this season, but additions like RuPaul, Fran Drescher, Jane Curtin, and Wanda Sykes help fill out the cast.

broad city season 4 episode 8 house sitting jaime arturo castro

You can’t hide from the laughs

The third star of the series is New York itself.  It feels like it factors into the lives of Ilana and Abbi just as much as any person they encounter.  From the Met to Soho to Central Park…it feels that they inhabit that world.  Even if they are pretty poor, you’re jealous they get to live that life.

Broad City continues to be a great series and it is painful to know that Broad City—Season 5 will mean the end of it.  It feels like there is so much potential to see the women get older and face the challenges of aging…in that sense, the series could go on indefinitely until they turn into their parents.  Instead, you have to savor Broad City and enjoy each episode…visit New York again!

Broad City—Season 4 Complete Episode Guide:

broad city season 4 episode 1 sliding doors abbi meets ilana glazer jacobson

“Sliding Doors”

4.1       Sliding Doors Airdate:  09/13/17

Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) meet through a chance encounter at the subway…but what if something slightly changed.

broad city season 4 episode 2 twaining day soulstice shania twain abbi jacobson

“Twaining Day”

4.2       Twaining Day Airdate:  09/20/17

Abbi has a new job at a design agency, but her new boss Dara (Wanda Sykes) is a bit of a challenge.  Ilana goes for a job at Sushi Mamba but has to prove herself to the hiring manager Marcel (RuPaul).  When Abbi gets a package delivered to her old job Soulstice, she learns Shania Twain is training with Trey Pucker (Paul W. Downs)…and it could prove Abbi’s dream true.

broad city season 4 episode 3 just the tips ilana glazer

“Just the Tips”

4.3       Just the Tips Airdate:  09/27/17

Abbi adjust to having a new boyfriend in Mike (Omar Maskati).  When Ilana uses her new money to go to a big party, she finds herself faced with Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) and old feelings.

broad city season 4 episode 4 mushrooms animation french ilana glazer abbi jacobson


4.4       Mushrooms Airdate:  10/11/17

Ilana and Abbi have a mushroom trip but run into problems with Abbi’s boss Dara requests a Saturday delivery.  As Ilana faces a threesome with a hot couple, Abbi’s could have the opportunity of her career.

broad city season 4 episode 5 abbis mom sushi mamba abbi jacobson peri gilpin

“Abbi’s Mom”

4.5       Abbi’s Mom Airdate:  10/18/17

Abbi’s mom Joanne (Peri Gilpin) has come to visit, but a revelation that she had a life crisis has her heading out for a night on the town.  Ilana deals with seasonal depression and a contest at the sushi restaurant could challenge her job.

broad city season 4 episode 6 witches botox abbi jacobson


4.6       Witches Airdate:  10/25/17

Abbi finds a grey hair…and Ilana declares that she now has the power of a witch.  With hopes of earning enough money for a space heater from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Abbi decides to sell cards in front of the MET…which leads to an encounter from her past.  Ilana deals with having sexual repression since Trump’s election.

broad city season 4 episode 7 florida abbi jacobson ilana glazer car


4.7       Florida Airdate:  11/08/17

Abbi and Ilana are headed to Florida to clean out the home of Ilana’s grandmother’s apartment.  When Abbi and Ilana debate getting an apartment at the retirement community of Darlington Lakes, they could be leaving New York City forever.

broad city season 4 episode 8 house sitting abbi mr miller mike birbiglia teacher


4.8       House-Sitting Airdate:  11/15/17

Ilana is housesitting for Heidi Strand (Amy Ryan)…and Abbi gets to join the fun.  Jaimé (Arturo Castro) deals with his circumcision as Ilana has her new relationship with Lincoln.  Abbi gets a Bumble match with her former high school English teacher Mr. Miller (Mike Birbiglia).

broad city season 4 episode 9 bedbugs ilana glazer


4.9       Bedbugs Airdate:  11/29/17

Ilana is finding having money is hard as she gifts to everyone she knows…but when Jaimé gives her bad news on the home front, her life could be turned upside down.  Abbi gets a new purse from Ilana to change her luck…and it could work.

broad city season 4 episode 10 friendiversary empire state building abbi jacobson ilana glazer


4.10     Friendiversary Airdate: 12/06/17

It is Abbi and Ilana friendiversary…except Abbi has forgotten.  When Abbi’s impromptu trip to the Empire State Building leads to the witnessing of a murder, Abbi and Ilana must solve the crime.

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