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broad city season 3 episode 1 two chainz bathroom ilana glazer abbi jacobson

Abbi and Ilana always bring the party!

Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) are still trying to take New York by storm.  With Abbi finally realizing her dream of being a trainer, she finds her luck could be getting better…but a surprise romance could change things.  Ilana sees herself on the outs as she faces job struggles and problems in her f-buddy “friendship” with Lincoln (Hannibal Buress).  Things are always hopping in the city!

Broad City—Season 3 aired on Comedy Central from February 17, 2016 to April 20, 2016.  The series continued to receive positive reviews from critics and a strong fan base.

broad city season 3 episode 4 rat pack abbi jacobson trey paul w downs

The magic of alcohol and energy drinks

I started watching Broad City as Broad City was wrapping up.  I liked interviews I heard with Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer, and I enjoy their humor.  While Broad City often has an episodic feel to it, this season of Broad City has a more flowing storyline that culminates a two episode story to end the season.

In a way, this season sees a split for Abbi and Ilana.  While their onscreen friendship still is strong, the characters are having changes in fortunes for much of the series.  Abbi has gotten her wish, she’s content with her job, and she (shockingly) is actually enjoying a clandestine relationship with her coworker Trey.  Abbi is generally the fall-guy character of the show and it is nice to see her actions not necessarily costing her.  Ilana on the other hand loses her “do nothing” job and her friend with benefit Lincoln who she always treats poorly.  Generally things seem to work out for Ilana, and it is good to see her when things change.

broad city season 3 episode 3 game over sister act whoopie goldberg nicole drespel

Whoopie’s back in the habit…again…

Though this separation happens, the characters are once again brought back to the same level by the end of the season.  With such short seasons, I kind of wish that the trip to the airport and the plane episode had been one episode and allowed another episode to look at a bit of the character drifts for Abbi and Ilana.  There doesn’t seem to be enough reflection on the Lincoln situation or the Trey situation…and the last two episodes are a bit of a rush.

Ilana and Abbi continue to be a great twosome and work well off of each other.  I think Hannibal Buress’s Lincoln is also a scene stealer in his sad-sack love of Ilana (who is awful to him).  The season features a number of guest stars including Melissa Leo, Vanessa Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Dratch, Alan Alda, Cynthia Nixon, Tony Danza, Blake Griffin, Mara Wilson, Bob Balaban, Susie Essman, Seth Green, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tymberlee Hill, and a special appearance by Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign (which didn’t turn out well for her in hindsight)…at this point Broad City was something that attracted guest stars more.

broad city season 3 episode 5 hillary clinton ilana glazer abbi jacobson

4 more years?

The show is still an ode to New York City.  This season took two trips out of the city with a trip to outside of Philadelphia in a storyline and the plane ride, but through everything, Ilana and Abbi are always presented as New York girls.  Despite the struggles, the rats, and some of the scary people, they love the city and even on their worst days wouldn’t trade it…and the show paints NYC that way.

Broad City is not a show for everyone.  It is crude, and the humor can be offensive to many viewers.  For me, it works and the gathering of talent in the show is a bonus to smart writing and a fun location.  With only two more seasons after this “centerpiece” season, it is already sad to see Broad City go…and knowing I’m on the back half makes the laughs a little sadder.

Broad City—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

broad city season 3 episode 1 two chainz ilana glazer abbi jacobson

“Two Chainz”

3.1       Two Chainz Airdate:  02/17/16

Ilana (Ilana Glazer) finds she’s lost her bike lock key down a drain, and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) ruins her shirt trying to get it.  Ilana deals with the chain around her waist while Abbi discovers her new shirt still has the security device on it…and a visit to a friend’s art exhibit might be too much.

broad city season 3 episode 2 co-op melissa leo abbi jacobson ilana glazer


3.2       Co-Op Airdate:  02/24/16

Abbi finds herself filling in for Ilana at the co-op to get Ilana’s hours before the month is up but discovers pretending to be Ilana could be a problem when she meets Craig (Chris Roberti).  Ilana and Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) go to a doctor appointment where the real surprise could be Lincoln’s confession.

broad city season 3 episode 3 game over darcy carden abbi jacobson

“Game Over”

3.3       Game Over Airdate:  03/02/16

A visit from leader Elizabeth Carlton (Vanessa Williams) to her office leads to a job change for Ilana and a potential new future.  Abbi finds her all-caps ABBI coming out when she experiences the Soulstice Games competition at work.

broad city season 3 episode 4 rat pack smoking weed

“Rat Pack”

3.4       Rat Pack Airdate:  03/09/16

Attempts to kill a rat in their apartment leads to Ilana and Jaime (Jaime Castro) having to financial problems but the arrival of a Harry & David basket could be the answer of their prayers.  Abbi has a close encounter with Trey Pucker (Paul W. Downs) and discovers the magic of Tinder.

broad city season 3 episode 5 2016 ilana glazer hillary clinton


3.5       2016 Airdate:  03/16/16

Abbi attempts to finally get the license picture of her dreams…but suffers a setback at the hairstylist.  Desperate to get a job, Ilana finds herself as a bike messenger which could lead to the greatest meeting of her life.

broad city season 3 episode 6 philadelphia abbi jacobson ilana glazer


3.6       Philadelphia Airdate:  03/23/16

A trip back to Abbi’s home to clean out her old room has Abbi and Ilana staying with her father (Tony Danza).  Abbi’s discovery of an envelope of money meant for a classmate injured in an accident in school has her seeking out a means to make amends.  Ilana finds Abbi has a JonBenét Ramsey Beanie Baby that could be worth a fortune.

broad city season 3 episode 7 b and b nyc blake griffin ilana glazer


3.7       B&B—NYC Airdate:  03/30/16

Ilana’s idea to rent out her apartment on Air B&B gives Abbi the idea to do it as well, but it also means they both need to find somewhere to stay for the night.  While Ilana discovers she could have a night with NBA star Blake Griffin, Abbi learns her renter could actually result in a surprising hook-up.

broad city season 3 episode 8 burning bridges hannibal buress ilana glazer

“Burning Bridges”

3.8       Burning Bridges Airdate:  04/06/16

It is the anniversary of Ilana’s parents (Susie Essman and Bob Balaban), but Ilana gets bad news from Lincoln.  Abbi’s attempts to keep her relationship with Trey on the down-low runs into a hitch when she finds herself eating dinner at the same restaurant as Ilana’s family.

broad city season 3 episode 9 getting there subway ilana glazer abbi jacobson

“Getting There”

3.9       Getting There Airdate:  04/13/16

Abbi and Ilana are off to the airport for the trip of a lifetime…if they can get there.  With the flight scheduled to leave, the rush is on to reach the plane in time.

broad city seaason 3 episode 10 jews on a plane abbi jacobson ilana glazer

“Jews on a Plane”

3.10     Jews on a Plane Airdate:  04/20/16

Ilana and Abbi are headed to Israel as part of a program to introduce Jews to the Homeland.  Unfortunately, Abbi finds she’s got a personal problem while Ilana tries to find her match…for at least the fight.

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