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Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) are just trying to survive day to day life in New York City.  They live in a world where they are expected to work, are forced to spend money on bills, and have to deal with obnoxious “not-even-a-roommate” roommates.  Life is hard these twenty-somethings are just trying to live their best lives…even if society is against them!

Broad City—Season 1 aired on Comedy Central from January 22, 2014 to March 26, 2014.  The comedy created and written by Jacobson and Glazer was critically acclaimed.

I didn’t “pick up” Broad City until Broad City finished its last season.  I enjoyed interviews with Jacobson and Glazer, but skipped the show (partially due to not having any direct access to it).  Watching season 1, I enjoy the show and find the comic timing of the entire cast to be quite amusing.

broad city season 1 episode 1 what a wonderful world abbi jacobson ilana glazer

Abbi and Ilana come to party!

The series in a way owes a lot to other female led series (though unfortunately few and far between) like Sex in the City and even Golden Girls.  The characters don’t hold back on their conversations.  They get high, talk about sex, and aren’t afraid to put all their problems on Front Street to be judged.  Like shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, Broad City mostly has Abbi and Ilana creating their own problems that they end up having to solve…and often it is shameful for the characters (though they always end up together).

Ilana Glazer plays the brash character of the two.  She is the first to speak out, self-absorbed, and crasser than Abbi Jacobson’s uncomfortable character.  Jacobson does a great job portraying someone who isn’t comfortable in her own skin.  She generally plays the subconscious side to Glazer’s wild side, but episodes where she breaks out of this shell are often the best episodes.

broad city season 1 episode 9 apartment hunters ilana glazer costume

Ilana living her best life

The show is backed by a great supporting cast.  I particularly like Hannibal Buress as Glazer’s f*@!-buddy who wishes Glazer would pay more attention to him and Abbi’s roommate Bevers played by John Gemberling also is a scene stealer.  The show features cameos by a number of comedians like Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler, Amy Sedaris, Rachel Dratch, and Janeane Garofalo.  Some of the other supporting regulars need a little more development, but Glazer and Jacobson hold it together.

Broad City is one of those shows that people probably like or hate.  I enjoy the humor, I like the cast, and I like the vulgarity of the series.  It is a strongly written show where there is often a lot of payoff in the jokes set-up throughout the episode and the stories don’t always go where you expect them to.  Take a trip to NYC and enjoy Broad City…it is worth the visit.

Broad City—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

broad city season 1 episode 1 what a wonderful world cleaning abbi jacobson fred armisen

“What a Wonderful World”

1.1       What a Wonderful World Airdate:  01/22/14

Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) tries to keep her work at the gym Soulstice but is encouraged by her friend Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) to skip work for a Lil Wayne concert…if they can get the money.  Abbi finds dealing with her roommate’s boyfriend Matt Bevers (John Gemberling) is getting difficult.  Ilana’s plan for a get rich quick scheme could mean an awkward night with a “client” named David (Fred Armisen).

broad city season 1 episode 2 pussy weed ilana glazer abbi jacobson

“Pu$$y Weed”

1.2       Pu$$y Weed Airdate:  01/29/14

Ilana reveals her secret to hiding her stash.  Abbi decides it is time to get her own weed but discovers scoring weed isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Ilana sets out to do her own taxes but gets sidetracked when she breaks her tooth.

broad city season 1 episode 3 working girls judith light dog ilana glazer

“Working Girls”

1.3       Working Girls Airdate:  02/05/14

Abbi finds she might get in with Jeremy (Stephen Schneider) when he asks her to sign for his package…unfortunately, Abbi misses her window and must make a dangerous journey to North Brother Island to get it.  Ilana leaves her job for her temp job and takes a temp job walking dogs.

broad city season 1 episode 4 the lockout abbi jacobson ilana glazer

“The Lockout”

1.4       The Lockout Airdate:  02/12/14

Abbi’s apartment is being bombed for bugs, but Ilana accidentally locks her out of their apartment.  Now stuck on the street, Abbi and Ilana are trying to find ways to get ready for Abbi’s first art display.

broad city season 1 episode 5 fattest asses shower scene

“Fattest Asses”

1.5       Fattest Asses Airdate:  02/19/14

After a failed opportunity at the gym, Abbi decides she needs to be more aggressive and proactive.  Ilana and Abbi attend a party where they meet DJs (Matt Jones and Jason Mantzoukas) who could cure their problems.

broad city season 1 episode 6 stolen phone time square abbi jacobson ilana glazer

“Stolen Phone”

1.6       Stolen Phone Airdate:  02/26/24

Ilana and Abbi’s trip to the bar leads to meeting new men.  Abbi finds the potential man of her dreams (Tom Lipinski) but a stolen phone could cause her to miss her chance.  Ilana meets a hot man (Luke Guldan), but she sees a problem when she goes to his improve performance.

broad city season 1 episode 7 hurricane wanda abbi jacobson ilana glazer john gemberling shannon oneill hannibal buress arturo castro

“Hurricane Wanda”

1.7       Hurricane Wanda Airdate:  03/05/14

Hurricane Wanda has struck the city, and Abbi, Ilana, Bevers, his sister Marla (Shannon O’Neill), Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) and Jaime (Arturo Castro) have decided to wait it out at Abbi’s apartment.  When Jeremy comes over, it could be Abbi’s big shot!

broad city season 1 episode 8 destination wedding cast

“Destination: Wedding”

1.8       Destination:  Wedding Airdate:  03/12/14

Ilana and Abbi are invited to attend a former coworker’s wedding in Connecticut with their friends…but getting out of the city could prove more difficult than expected.

broad city season 1 episode 9 apartment hunters abbi jacobson bevers john gamberling

“Apartment Hunters”

1.9       Apartment Hunters Airdate:  03/19/14

When Abbi gets a big payout for a piece of her art in a major marketing campaign, she finds herself in the money and searching for a new apartment.  Ilana is forced to visit her old (obsessed) roommate Dale (Tim Martin) when she starts getting charged for a missing cable box remote.

shellfish allergy ilana glazer abbi jacobson

“The Last Supper”

1.10     The Last Supper Airdate:  03/26/14

Abbi is turning twenty-six, and her father is treating her and Ilana to a fancy dinner out.  Ilana tempts fate to enjoy the seafood dinner while Abbi discovers something she missed from her date the night before.

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