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brit volume 3 fubar cover review
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Feels disjointed and rushed

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Brit

Publisher:  Image

Writer:  Bruce Brown

Artist:  Nate Bellegarde/Andy Kuhn

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2009

brit #7 cover invincible

Brit #7

Reprints Brit #7-12 (June 2008-January 2009).  Home and finding his life in shambles, Brit finds himself in a battle against a possessed Invincible and a moon adventure.  When a being called the Emperor shows up on Earth, Brit learns what his love could cost him…but the return of Brit’s mysterious brother Euclid could mean doom!

Written by Bruce Brown, Brit Volume 3:  FUBAR is an Image Comics superhero Invincible spin-off series.  Following Brit Volume 2:  AWOL, the collection features art by Nate Bellegarde and Andy Kuhn.

I liked Invincible…it was a true saga that played out over years.  The series had a number of spin-offs, but Brit managed to last a bit longer than some of the others.  While the series doesn’t live up to Invincible’s standards, it does have some merit…but the status of the comic feels like it is doomed.

The Brit series seems very stagnant.  Brown follows Kirkman’s story writing style by having the characters endure rather extreme events, and he also follows Kirkman’s rather slow and methodical pacing.  Unfortunately, the series is headed to an end here and it becomes rather hectic and chaotic as it tries to wrap up some storylines (while still leaving some outs to explore more of Brit’s life).  It doesn’t feel very satisfying.

brit #12 cover final issue

Brit #12

The best part probably is the Invincible crossover because it is just always nice to see Invincible (especially an Invincible that is mired in all the horrible stuff that happened to him in his own series).  Invincible may get possessed but it really feels like an Invincible title (plus, it is fun that the series managed to get a reference in to Invincible’s meeting with Spider-Man).

The second half of the book is a hodgepodge of an alternate Earth storyline (which often cuts down the level of tension because it is essentially an Elseworlds story), and it also has a big family storyline involving Brit’s missing brother.  Brit reveals his secret origin in the end, but it feels like it is more out of necessity and an afterthought due to the series’ ending…if the series had been more like the last two issues, it might have been better.

Brit ends in this volume and that is the real problem with this collection.  It sets up a few other mysteries, but what plotlines it does solve, it feels like it is rushed in solving.  Brit unfortunately doesn’t have the charisma and honesty that makes Invincible a fun ride…but it is always good to get more Invincible in some form.

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