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breaking bad season 3 episode 6 sunset walter meth bryan cranston

Who’s ready to cook?

The plane crash and death of Jane (Krysten Ritter) has put Albuquerque, Jesse (Aaron Paul), and Walter (Bryan Cranston) in a tailspin.  Walt’s cooking for Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) is increasing and the product has come onto the radar of Hank (Dean Norris) and his team which leads to even more danger.  As Walt tries to juggle his new responsibilities, Skyler (Anna Gunn) and her discovery of Walt’s “business” could mean a temporary reconciliation as Saul (Bob Odenkirk) finds being a money launderer for Jesse and Walter could be more challenging than other operations.

Breaking Bad—Season 3 aired from March 21, 2010 to June 13, 2010 on AMC.  The series continued to garner critical acclaim and received Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Cranston) and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Aaron Paul) with nominations for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Cinematography (“No Mas”), Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (“One Minute”), Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series (“No Mas”), and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series (“One Minute”).

breaking bad season 3 episode 3 ift pizza roof walter bryan cranston

Get your pizzas ready!

Breaking Bad is a tense show for me.  Unlike the standard drama that has a lot of cliffhangers and big events, Breaking Bad is a slow-burn type series that plays out like a car crash.  You can see where Walter, Jesse, and the entire cast is going and you want to warn them…but it is impossible.

The season (and the series) continues to build on the corruption of Walter White.  The mild mannered teacher of the first season is now committing murders and pumping out drugs that kill kids.  He now has more than enough money to support his family after his passing, but he makes no effort to get out despite seeing that his actions have consequences and sometimes innocent people get hurt.  I know you could debate his morals, but you could also argue that he is no longer a “good guy” even at this point…and it feels like he just keeps sinking deeper and deeper.

breaking bad season 3 episode 7 one minute jesse beaten aaron paul make-up

Jesse goes through the ringer!

On the flipside, you have Jesse who is gaining a stronger morality code.  He’s trying to clean up, but much White’s actions are what is causing his problem.  The season has him going to rehab and plotting to hook his group…but changing his mind when he realizes the struggle that he’s going through is something that others go through (and that he’s responsible for it).  It is an interesting twist to the character who was the amoral character to start.

The rest of the supporting cast is strong.  Both Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks have growing roles in the season and starting to become core to the story.  I do get a bit tired of Walter’s family drama and haven’t particularly liked many of the characters on that side of the equation.  The season has new direction for both Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt, but I still find them the most expendable of the cast (they aren’t awful, but they can be annoying).

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 half measure jesse gus walter giancarlo esposito aaron paul bryan cranston

…this could be a problem

The series continues to milk Albuquerque.  Despite being a criticism of the desert town and showing some of the worst of it, it also often highlights the dusty beauty of it.  The scenery combines with some great shooting of tense scenes that really build the characters and story.

Breaking Bad—Season 3 is the midpoint of the series.  As I trudge through it, I enjoy it, but cannot speed run simply because I sense the darkness that it is heading to…even if it does it with tongue-in-cheek at points.  The series has crafted believable “real” characters and in that shows how easily a person can slip to the dark side if you slowly pick away at them…bring on Season 4!

Breaking Bad—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

breaking bad season 3 episode 1 no mas convocation walter white teacher bryan cranston

“No Más”

3.1       No Más Airdate:  03/21/10

Albuquerque is still reeling from the plane crash caused by Donald Margolis (John de Lancie), and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is trying to come to terms with his role in the disaster.  Skyler (Anna Gunn) moves ahead with the divorce plans despite the objects of Walter and Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) and is about to uncover Walt’s secret.  Jesse (Aaron Paul) goes through rehab and tries to find his role in the death of Jane (Krysten Ritter).  Walter is approached by Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) with an offer he might not be able to turn down.  Cousins Leonel (Daniel Moncada) and Marco (Luis Moncada) comes to the United States and have their targets set on Heisenberg.

breaking bad season 3 episode 2 caballo sin nombre walter arrested bryan cranston

“Caballo sin Nombre”

3.2       Caballo sin Nombre 03/28/10

Walt finds himself arrested after a confrontation with the police which leads to Hank (Dean Norris) and Marie (Betsy Brandt) to learn about the irreconcilable differences with Skyler…but not the cause.  Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) learns Walter is unwilling to produce more meth but sets up his associate Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) to do some surveillance on Skyler when he learns she could be a problem.  Jesse learns that his family’s house is for sale and goes to Saul with a deal.  Leonel and Marco get Walt’s identity and prepares for a confrontation.

breaking bad seaosn 3 episode 3 ift skyler affair anna gunn


3.3       I.F.T. Airdate:  04/04/10

Walter makes a stand and decides to move back home whether Skyler approves or not.  Gus tries to quash problems between Walter and the cousins but finds it could be a blood feud that cannot be ended without death.  Jesse tries to deal with Jane’s death and decides he has to decide what to do with his future.  Hank finds himself pressured at work to bring in the dealer of the blue meth and lashes out.  Skyler debates what to do about Walter and makes a bold move with her boss Ted (Christopher Cousins).

breaking bad season 3 episode 4 green light hank meth dean norris

“Green Light”

3.4       Green Light Airdate:  04/11/10

A slip up by Jesse at a gas station could put Hank closer to nabbing him…but at the cost of a promotion.  Walter continues to spiral out of control as he confronts Ted about his affair with Skyler but learns about Mike and Saul’s spying on him in the process.  Jesse continues to cook, and Gus sees it as a way of bringing Walter back into the fold.  Walter finds his behavior at school is threatening his job and questions if he should let Jesse continue to cook with the Heisenberg name.

breaking bad season 3 episode 5 mas new lab gus walter giancarlo esposito bryan cranston


3.5       Mas Airdate:  04/18/10

Gus offers Walter an opportunity a new opportunity…which creates a bigger rift between Walter and Jesse and Saul.  Skyler questions if she should continue her affair with Ted or try to reconcile with Walter.  Hank continues to further his obsession with finding the RV and finds an important link despite how Jesse obtained the RV.

breaking bad season 3 episode 6 sunset jesse walter trapped rv aaron paul bryan cranston


3.6       Sunset Airdate:  04/25/10

Walt starts cooking at his new lab supplied by Gus and finds himself with a more compatible lab assistant named Gale (David Costabile).  Hank stakes out Jesse to find the RV, but Walt tries to alleviate the situation by destroying the RV…leading to both Walt and Jesse being trapped by Hank.  As Hank poses a threat to Walter, Gus sets the cousins upon him to appease their sense of revenge for Tuco’s death.

breaking bad season 3 episode 7 one minute hank shot dean norris

“One Minute”

3.7       One Minute Airdate:  05/02/10

Hank’s attack on Jesse leads to a threat to Hank’s job and his relationship with Marie, but Skyler asks Walter to try to talk to Jesse about dropping the charges.  Tuco’s cousins find themselves armed and ready to seek revenge for Tuco…but Hank might not be as easy of a target as they suspected.

breaking bad season 3 episode 8 i see you hospital gus walter bryan cranston giancarlo esposito

“I See You”

3.8       I See You Airdate:  05/09/10

Hank is clinging to life at the hospital as Walter finds himself under pressure to work on their quota with Jesse while trying to stay with his family.  Walter learns that one of the assassins has survived and could cause problems for him.  Gus reveals he knows secrets about Walter and has plans of his own.

breaking bad season 3 episode 9 kafkaesque jesse rehab aaron paul


3.9       Kafkaesque Airdate:  05/16/10

Jesse questions if Gus is giving he and Walter fair shares of the selling as Gus’s shipments increase across the southern United States.  Hank wakes up at the hospital, but Marie learns that his medical bills are mounting to help him regain his mobility.  Hank’s warning before the attack raises questions for Walter who suspects he knows who intervened and why.  Skylar is forced into a conversation with Ted about their relationship and comes up with a unique solution to help Marie.  Jesse learns from Saul that he needs to launder his money, but Jesse and his friends have a means to make money on the side.

breaking bad season 3 episode 10 fly walter white bryan cranston


3.10     Fly Airdate:  05/23/10

Walter can’t sleep…and it is starting to affect his life.  When he refuses to cook until a fly in the lab is captured, Jesse must work fast.  Walter could reveal the secret he’s been keeping from him about Jane…and also issue Jesse a warning about the missing meth.

breaking bad seaosn 3 episode 11 abiquiu saul skyler walt anna gunn bryan cranston bob odenkirk


3.11     Abiquiu Airdate:  05/30/10

With Hank’s therapy going slowly, Hank has an ultimatum for Marie.  Skyler worries about using drug money to pay Hank’s bills which leads to a meeting with Saul.  Saul has ideas for Walt’s money laundering, but Skyler has her own plan that puts them at odds.  Jesse’s attempt to sell to his recovery group hits a snag when he starts seeing a girl named Andrea Cantillo (Emily Rios), and Jesse starts to see the extent of Gus’s marketing.

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 half measure walter kills dealers bryan cranston

“Half Measure”

3.12     Half Measures Airdate:  06/06/10

Skylar continues to push for the carwash as Walt worries about her getting more involved in the situation.  Jesse’s discovery that the men who killed Combo work for Gus poses a problem and Jesse might take dangerous measures for revenge.  Marie finds a unique way to motivate Hank.  With Jesse threatening to destroy everything, Walt must take action…but every action has a reaction.

breaking bad season 3 episode 13 full measure walter mike jonathan banks bryan cranston

“Full Measure”

3.13     Full Measure Airdate:  06/131/10

Walter’s killing of the drug dealers has put Jesse on the run, and Walt under surveillance by Gus and his men.  With Gale back cooking with Walt, Walt must find a way to keep himself alive and he might need Jesse to do it.

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