Boom Blox

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8.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 6/10
Controls: 10/10

Great demonstration of the Wii's motion controls

Game is fun in limited doses

Game Info

Game Name:  Boom Blox

Developer(s):  EA Los Angeles/Amblin Interactive

Publisher(s):  Electronic Arts Los Angeles

Platform(s):  Wii

Genre(s):  Strategy/Party

Release Date(s):  May 6, 2008 (US)/July 17, 2008 (Japan)

ESRB Rating:  E


It’s all coming down!

They build it, you break it.  Adventure through the land destroying things with your destructive tosses, or play the ultimate balancing game by removing blocks from a great tower.  You can challenge your friends and no game is ever the same.

Boom Blox was a Wii exclusive game created by Steven Spielberg and his team of designers.  The game was met with positive reviews and won a number of awards for its innovative style and game play.

Boom Blox is well worth the low asking price for the game.  Even years after its release, it is fun to go back and put in Boom Blox for some fun.  I like the style and of the game and generally played it as a single player game.  The game is loaded with strange block creatures which are quite fun and amusing and often provide an aspect of the challenges.


Entering the Temple of Boom Blox!!!

The game has two different styles of single player games.  The Explorer Mode is more general and has the player learning and experimenting with different styles of blocks and balls.  The Adventure Mode presents a “story” with a progression through different kingdoms (which essentially contains elements of the Explorer mode mixed with specific level designs).  Each version presents general ratings and challenges and are highly playable to improve the scoring of success.

The party mode is also fun.  Unfortunately with the Wii’s bizarre online features, it isn’t possible to play random online players (which would have been nice), but it is fun with a group.  With multiple players, you can either work as a team or against each other (against is much more fun).  It is a good party game, but of course have lots of room since everyone is swinging the Wii-motes.


Jenga! I mean Boom Blox!

The game also features a creation mode which allows you to build your own levels.  I’ve never gotten into this whole level building craze in games.  I prefer the professional’s designs…I suppose if you are into game design things like level building can be fun, but I’d just rather play the real thing.  If you do play a lot of multiplayer games, this can provide a change-up for games.

Boom Blox is a must for owners of the Wii.  It is a great game to play alone but also fun for parties.  The style is an obvious precursor to games like Angry Birds and kids who like that game will probably enjoy Boom Blox.  If you’ve never played Boom Blox and your Wii is gathering dust, pick-up an affordable copy and get cracking!  Boom Blox was followed by Boom Blox Bash Party.

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