Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Bone

Publisher:  Scholastic/Graphix

Writer:  Jeff Smith

Artist:  Jeff Smith

# of Issues:

Release Date:  2006


Bone #13

Reprints Bone #13-19 (March 1994-June 1995).  Thorn is finding she’s suffering from increasingly strange dreams of dragons and her childhood.  As Fone is pulled into Thorn’s dreams, they find that the dreams might have more meaning than they suspect.  Gran’ma Ben is about to expose the shocking truth about Thorn’s past and what it means for her future.  As Rat Creatures amass behind a hooded enemy on the outskirts of the Valley, Phoney and Smiley have a new plan to make back the money they lost to Lucius…and it could endanger an ally.

Written and illustrated by Jeff Smith, Bone Volume 3:  Eyes of the Storm continues the award winning all-ages series.  Following Bone Volume 2:  The Great Cow Race, this collection has been released along with the rest of the series in a nice full colored edition by Scholastic’s Graphix imprint.

This is about the time I began to read bone upon its initial release.  The story was just on the verge of being picked up by Image but still published under Cartoon Books at the time.  While the previous volume was a lot of fun, this volume added a lot of meat to the story.


Bone #16

This volume goes far from explain everything that is going on, but does offer a lot of explanation on the backstory of Bone.  Smith begins to fill in the origin of Thorn and the forces that are hunting her.  Bone is surprisingly like Star Wars in its story in that it is a very classic story of betrayal and family secrets…something that is set up in this collection.  The other odd thing about Bone is that despite being targeted at kids, that the story is deep, compelling, and involved.

I do love Smith’s art which is both wholesome and detailed.  I had the original black-and-white issues, but these color releases give it even more life.  It is well worth the extra money to get all of the remastered versions (but if you must go ahead with the black-and-white).

Bone is a must read.  It is always the book I recommend to people trying to get their kids into comics.  It does have fun adn laughs for everyone but also has a story that keeps kids and adults involved.  Unfortunately after this volume, Bone does hit a bit of a lull in story, and I do get a little weary knowing that the journey ahead is a bit slower.  Bone 3:  Eyes of the Storm is followed by Bone 4:  The Dragonslayer.

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