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Bob Belcher has a burger shop…but just can’t seem to hook the customers.  Despite offering up new burgers daily, Bob struggles to get by.  With the help of his wife Linda and his children Gene, Tina, and Louise, Bob is just trying to pay the rent one burger at a time.

Bob’s Burgers—Season 1 aired from January 9, 2011 to May 22, 2011 on the FOX network.  The season received mixed reviews from critics but soon developed a cult following.

I kind of avoid Bob’s BurgersFamily Guy burned me for adult cartoons and so many new shows tried to emulate the zaniness of Family GuyBob’s Burgers looked like a Family Guy clone more than some of the other adult cartoons I liked…but I was wrong.


You never know who will stop by Bob’s

Bob’s Burgers is much closer to The Simpsons in nature with a little edgier humor inserted.  The stories might not be as developed and well thought out as The Simpsons, but they have the same heart as The Simpsons…they all boil down to family.  Not all Bob’s Burger episodes work, but when the show does work it is quite smart (and still much funnier than Family Guy).

I think most of what makes Bob’s Burgers appealing is two of the major voice actors.  I love H. Jon Benjamin from Archer and think his voice is one of the funniest voices on television because it is so distinct.  You combine that with another distinct voice in Kristen Schaal, and you have two of the best voice actors around right now.  In addition to those two actors the show brings in great guest stars on occasion like Kevin Kline, Jack McBrayer, Oscar Nunez, Megan Mullally, Jerry Minor, Laura and Sarah Silverman, and Amy Sedaris among others (and with a strong show more will hopefully stop by).


Someday Bob will have his revenge…

The animation is take it or leave it.  It also falls in line with The Simpsons who could easily inhabit the same world if Bob and his four fingered friends were yellow.  The designs are different and not quite as slick as The Simpsons (resembling closer to earlier seasons of The Simpsons).  It takes a bit of getting used to since almost all the characters are made rather unattractive (purposefully).

Bob’s Burgers might not grab you by the first episode but give it a few shows to sink in.  It does have a nice feel after a while and you start to get a grasp of the characters.  It does run some danger risks by letting Louise’s insanity possibly hijack the show, but I hope that they use the other characters to keep it a bit tempered (unlike Stewie).  Stop by Bob’s for a nice time.

Bob’s Burgers—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“Human Flesh”

1.1       Human Flesh Airdate:  01/09/11

Bob’s reopening, and it’s Bob Burgers’ big weekend.  Bob forgets his anniversary with Linda.  Louise tells her class that the burgers contain human flesh from Morty’s crematorium leading to a visit from the health inspectors…which happens to be Linda’s old fiancée Hugo.


“Crawl Space”

1.2       Crawl Space Airdate:  01/16/11

When his in-laws come to visit, Bob pretends become trapped in the wall.  When Linda learns Bob is pretending, she lets him stay trapped…leading to a visit from the school guidance counselor.


“Sacred Cow”

1.3       Sacred Cow Airdate:  01/23/11

A documentary filmmaker targets Bob as he tries to make his 100,000 burger.  With Moolisa chained up outside his restaurant, Bob must decide if Moolissa will live or die.


“Sexy Dance Fighting”

1.4       Sexy Dance Fighting Airdate:  02/13/11

Tina joins a Capoeira class with Jairo as her trainer.  When Tina begins to miss work, Bob tries to keep her with him.


“Hamburger Dinner Theater”

1.5       Hamburger Dinner Theater Airdate:  02/20/11

Linda has dreams of making her own dinner theater at Bob’s Burgers.  When a robber inserts himself in the performance, Linda gets her best reviews.


“Sheesh! Cab, Bob?”

1.6       Sheesh!  Cab, Bob? Airdate:  03/06/11

Tina’s wanting a big thirteenth birthday, and Bob takes up a night cab job to pay for it.  Bob’s war with the neighboring restaurant and Jimmy Pesto, Sr. could ruin Tina’s birthday.


“Bed and Breakfast”

1.7       Bed & Breakfast Airdate:  03/13/11

Linda’s running a bed and breakfast and has her first clients…forcing the family to share their own room.  When Teddy takes Louise’s room a war erupts.


“Art Crawl”

1.8       Art Crawl Airdate:   03/20/11

It is the annual art crawl and Linda’s sister Gayle is using the store as a studio.  Gayle’s anus pictures create a stir when the head of the Art Crawl Association order Bob to take them down.  Louise tries to set up her own art market.


“Spaghetti Western and Meatballs”

1.9       Spaghetti Western and Meatballs Airdate:  03/27/11

Louise finds Gene is moving in on her time with her father when he discovers the spaghetti western Banjo.  Linda forces Bob to cook a spaghetti dinner for Tina’s Conflict Resolution Club dinner.


“Burger Wars”

1.10     Burger Wars Airdate:  04/10/11

Jimmy Pesto, Sr. threatens to take over Bob’s Burger by getting Calvin Fischoeder to sell him Bob’s lease.  War erupts between Bob’s Burgers and Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria when Jimmy starts serving burgers.


“Weekend at Mort’s”

1.11     Weekend at Mort’s Airdate:  05/08/11

Green mold shuts down Bob’s Burger for the weekend and sends Bob and his family to Mort’s for the weekend.  When the kids convince Mort to go on date, Tina’s left in charge.  Bob decides to relax…while Linda looks for romance.



1.12     Lobsterfest Airdate:  05/15/11

It’s Lobsterfest, and Bob is angry.  When a hurricane shuts down Lobsterfest, Bob celebrates by having a party which destroys the restaurant…will Bob’s new friends help him rebuild?



1.13     Torpedo Airdate:  05/22/11

Bob’s putting up an advertisement at the local ballpark with the Wonder Dogs.  Bob finds his favorite player Torpedo Jones on the team but soon learns Torpedo is using his burgers for cheating.

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