Bloodshot Salvation 2: The Book of the Dead

bloodshot salvation volume 2 the book of the dead cover trade paperback tpb
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 8/10

Creative storytelling

Rather flimsy collection

Comic Info

Comic Name: Bloodshot Salvation

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire/Ray Fawkes

Artist: Renato Guedes/Jeff Lemire

# of Issues: 4

Release Date: 2018

bloodshot salvation #6 cover variant

Bloodshot Salvation #6 Variant

Reprints Bloodshot Salvation #6-9 (February 2018-May 2018).  Magic and Ray find Jessie is dying and that they are in a race against time to save her.  With no options left, Ninjak and Shadowman have a potential plan, but the plan could have costs.  Travelling into the Deadland, Baron Samedi could hold the fate of Jessie in his hands…and Bloodshot could have to make a dangerous bargain to save his daughter.

Written by Jeff Lemire, Bloodshot Salvation Volume 2:  The Book of the Dead is a Valiant Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following Bloodshot Salvation Volume 1:  The Book of Revenge, the collection features art by Renato Guedes and Jeff Lemire.  Issues in this collection were also part of Bloodshot Salvation Deluxe Edition.

Bloodshot Reborn and Bloodshot U.S.A. were a surprisingly fun run which I thought concluded Jeff Lemire’s part on the title.  When I learned that the series continued for another twelve issues as Bloodshot Salvation, I had to get them.  While the writing and art remain top notch, I think I enjoyed the previous titles more.

bloodshot salvation #9 cover bloodhound variant

Bloodshot Salvation #9 Variant

With a short four issue collection, the book feels pretty flimsy.  The first part of the story continues on the basic story that has been building in Lemire’s run (with the edition of a largely imageless issue where Bloodshot is wandering around in the dark).  You’ve got Bloodshot pushed to the limit with his family endanger and feeling he’s responsible for it all since he brought down this “curse” upon them.  It is kind of a “what do you do the day after you save the world” type of scenario where the challenge is to continue to tell a compelling story when a lot of the early danger has already been dealt with.

The last issue in the collection is pretty much a standalone about Bloodshot’s dog companion Bloodhound.  The story is set in World War I and is presented as a dream of Bloodhound which shows his past.  The story isn’t bad, but it also feels like it belongs as part of a bigger collection since there are so few issues devoted to the story in this volume…it is good, but unnecessary in the bigger picture (at least as it is presented here).

Bloodshot Salvation and Lemire’s previous Bloodshot titles gave a character who feels a lot like a clone of the Punisher (especially if you were reading comics in the 1990s when Bloodshot premiered) dimension and a compelling story.  The story has slowed a bit in this volume but still remains interesting.  Bloodshot Salvation 2:  The Book of the Dead is followed by Bloodshot Salvation 3:  The Book of Revelations.

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