Bloodshot Reborn 4: Bloodshot Island

bloodshot reborn volume 4 bloodshot island cover review
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Fun Bloodshot Island storyline

The annual felt out of place in the collection

Comic Info

Comic Name: Bloodshot Reborn

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire/Ray Fawkes/Michel Fiff

Artist: Mico Suayan/Kano/Joe Bennett/Belardino Brabo/Jay Fabares/Benjamin Marra

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2016

bloodshot reborn #15 cover variant

Bloodshot Reborn #15 Variant

Reprints Bloodshot Reborn #14-18 and Annual #1 (March 2016-October 2016).  Bloodshot finds himself on an island, trapped, and hunted.  When he encounters a group of other “Bloodshots”, he discovers that he’s just the latest in a series of experiments by Project Rising Spirit to create the perfect soldier.  Now, a creature called Deathmate is being tested by the Bloodshots…but Bloodshot is about to discover that Deathmate could be a piece of his past that he hopes he can save.

Written by Jeff Lemire, Bloodshot Reborn Volume 4:  Bloodshot Island is a Valiant Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following Bloodshot Reborn Volume 3:  The Analog Man, the collection features art by Mico Suayan.  The collection also features Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1 (March 2016) with stories written by Lemire, Ray Fawkes, and Michel Fiff with art by Kano, Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo, Jay Fabares, and Benjamin Marra.  Issues in this collection were also included in Bloodshot Reborn Deluxe Edition—Volume 2.

When Valiant relaunched, I was kind of surprised by Bloodshot.  In the 1990s, he seemed like the completely generic Punisher-esque guy with a gun.  I liked the initial volume with him in battle with his nanites and the weird symbiotic relationship to them…but I fell off.  I heard great things about Bloodshot Reborn and always thought I’d catch up before I read it, but I never caught up and left Bloodshot Reborn sitting.  While I’ve enjoyed Bloodshot Reborn, I found this collection even more memorable than other collections.

bloodshot reborn #18 cover review

Bloodshot Reborn #18

The story feels like a combination of Cabin in the Woods, Lost, and Battle Royale.  Despite borrowing from these stories, it still feels original in its construction.  Deathmate’s reveal as Kay (the former Geomancer) adds more levels to the story.  Like Lost, I’m not quite sure why they would go to all this trouble to test Deathmate or what it has to do with Project Rising Storm’s plan to infect people with the Bloodshot nanites, but it is still enjoyable.

The annual included has its moments, but like many annuals, it wasn’t what I wanted.  The Bloodshot Island storyline ends on a big cliffhanger and sets up the next storyline.  The Bloodshot Reborn Annual is a throwback with a less inspired story.  I like the core story which is set up as a Friday the 13th story, but I feel that it wasn’t explored as much as it could have been…and the Bloodsquirt Crisis on Infinite Earths parody story just left me a bit empty.

Bloodshot Reborn 4:  Bloodshot Island “wraps up” the Bloodshot Reborn series and sets up the final battle.  The series has been a fun ride and it sets up a great storyline.  I recommend this series if you are getting into Valiant and it might make you want to check out some of the other titles.  Bloodshot Reborn 4:  Bloodshot Island was followed by Bloodshot U.S.A.

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