Bloodshot Reborn 2: The Hunt

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Comic Name: Bloodshot Reborn

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Butch Guice

# of Issues: 4

Release Date: 2016

bloodshot reborn #7 cover variant american gothic

Bloodshot Reborn #7 Variant

Reprints Bloodshot Reborn #6-9 (September 2015-December 2015).  Ray finds he has a new partner in Magic, but Ray also realizes by hunting down the Bloodshot nanites that he will be sacrificing his humanity forever.  Bloodshot is also being hunted by Agent Festival and Hoyt who have been tasked to stop the killings.  Ray discovered that there is someone else after the nanites and that finding the killer before he strikes again could be more difficult than hunting the nanites…plus, what is Bloodshot Island?

Written by Jeff Lemire, Bloodshot Reborn Volume 2:  The Hunt is a Valiant Comics superhero collection.  Following Bloodshot Reborn Volume 1:  Colorado, the series features art by Butch Guice and issues in this volume were also collected as Bloodshot Reborn Deluxe Edition—Volume 1.

Bloodshot Reborn was a real shot in the arm for the Bloodshot character.  While I enjoyed the relaunch of Bloodshot when Valiant resurfaced, Lemire brought even greater depth and a solid story with twists and turns.  Bloodshot Reborn 2:  The Hunt is no exception.

The collection has a lot of threads coming together.  Ray is finally getting to the bottom of his past and his tie to the Bloodshot nanites, but he is also becoming more and more endangered as a second killer has surfaced with the same goal.  It becomes an interesting dichotomy for the character.

bloodshot reborn #8 cover variant

Bloodshot Reborn #8 Variant

For Ray to survive and stop the nanites, Ray must stop being Ray and start being Bloodshot.  It is what he has been fighting, and it is why he is attempting to find his past.  To save the people infected and possibly the world, he becomes a sacrificial lamb…but he also has to make the choice.

The series also recognizes that simply circling around Bloodshot might get tedious.  With both Magic (who is almost like a Doctor Who companion) and Festival (who could be a lead character herself) having their own questions surfacing, it gives the book more depth.  A lot like something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Veronica Mars, Lemire manages to insert future storylines without them being jolting (like Bloodshot Island).

Lemire is setting up a solid story in this title.  Normally four issue collections are too short and don’t give the reader enough “meat” to chew on, but Lemire’s style and presentation for this series works in the smaller doses better than other titles.  I do kind of like Lemire’s art style and though I like Butch Guice’s art, it would be interesting to see Lemire do an entire issue of Bloodshot in his art.  With tons of lingering questions, Bloodshot Reborn rolls on.  Bloodshot Reborn Volume 2:  The Hunt is followed by Bloodshot Reborn 3:  The Analog Man.

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