Bloodshot Reborn 3: The Analog Man

bloodshot reborn volume 3 the analog man cover trade paperback tpb
8.0 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 8/10

Solid book with a great continuing story

What If aspect could frustrate some readers

Comic Info

Comic Name: Bloodshot Reborn

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Lewis LaRosa/Stefano Gaudiano/Butch Guice

# of Issues: 4

Release Date: 2016

bloodshot reborn #10 cover variant

Bloodshot Reborn #10 Variant

Reprints Bloodshot Reborn #10-13 (January 2016-May 2016).  Thirty years in the future, Ray and Magic are surviving in a small town outside of walled city of Los Angeles.  Water is scarce and groups of Shadowmen rove the wasteland.  As Ray works to get water for his village, tragedy strikes, and Bloodshot sets out on a path of revenge with Ninjak…but things might not be as they seem.

Written by Jeff Lemire, Bloodshot Reborn Volume 3:  The Analog Man is a Valiant Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following Bloodshot Volume 2:  The Hunt, the series features art by Lewis LaRosa, Stefano Guadiano, and Butch Guice.  The issues in the volume were also collected as part of Bloodshot Reborn:  The Deluxe Edition—Volume 1.

Bloodshot Reborn keeps trucking.  The series has been a real fun ride, and this volume kind of upends a lot of the events that have been playing out in the book.  You could pick up this collection, read an issue, and think you missed a storyline or something.  Largely set in the future, the series creates the big lead-up to the final story arc of Bloodshot Reborn.

bloodshot reborn #12 cover review variant

Bloodshot Reborn #12 Variant

The collection is a bit of a Dallas-shower type theme, but it is done in a way that doesn’t feel like you’ve been fed a “What If?” story for four issues.  The themes of the last few volumes are carried out and the idea of “Can Bloodshot ever have a normal life and be happy” is kind of answered in a roundabout way.  The follow-up series Bloodshot Salvation carries this idea even farther, but it is a sneak peak in this collection.

The writing style of this volume also speaks to the context of the story.  As the story starts out it is this Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic world, but the logic and ideas are solid.  As the story progresses, it gets more and more insane (but it still works).  The fact that this is almost a fever dream for the character fits for any strange or over-the-top moments in the book…dreams in the waking hours are sometimes the craziest.

Bloodshot is going to wake-up to a real mess.  As shown in the last issue, he’s on an island, but that is just the start of it.  Bloodshot Reborn has been a great ride full of surprises and classic comic book moments.  It is often tricky to find that balance between “comic book” and “realism” while still having fun, and Bloodshot seems to find it which a character that on the surface seems kind of one-dimensional.  Lemire has created a great, rounded character that you root for and continued to evolve Bloodshot’s abilities.  Bloodshot Reborn 3:  The Analog Man is followed by Bloodshot Reborn 4:  Bloodshot Island.

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