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USS Callister, Hang the DJ

Not much

black mirror season 4 episode 1 uss callister jesse plemons star trek

Black Mirror-Season 4 goes to the farthest reaches of the computer galaxy!

Look into the Black Mirror again.  See a world where video game avatars are trapped by a game’s creator, helicopter parenting is taken to a new level, recall for insurance purposes can reveal ultimate secrets, dating is boiled down to a highly organized algorithm, killer robot guard dogs patrol the streets, and a museum of the electronic macabre.  Look into the Black Mirror but be warned!

Black Mirror—Season 4 is a science fiction anthology series.  The season was released on Netflix on December 29, 2017 and continues to receive positive reviews and a strong fan base.  The season received Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Made for TV Movie (“USS Callister”), Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie (Jesse Plemons “USS Callister”), Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or a Dramatic Special (“USS Callister”), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Letitia Wright “Black Museum”), Outstanding Cinematography for a Limited Series or Movie (“USS Callister”), Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Limited Series or Movie (“USS Callister”), Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie or Special (Original Dramatic Score) (“USS Callister”), and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited Series, Movie or Special (“USS Callister”).

black mirror season 4 episode 5 metalhead dog

I want a killer robot dog!!!

Black Mirror has continued to be a fun series.  Not only does it take ideas like The Twilight Zone to the next level, but it continues to make you think and question where technology is leading and if it is worth it.  With every anthology, there can be good and bad…and Black Mirror manages to avoid that trap for the most part.

Since moving to Netflix, the series has been longer and that runs the risk of not being as good.  While I do like most of this season, there are some standouts.  None of the episodes are bad, but there are some that are weaker than others.

black mirror season 4 episode 3 crocodile andrea riseborough reflection

How far will you go?

The flagship episode (literally) is the stylish “USS Callister” which combines the aping of Star Trek with multiplayer online gaming.  The popularity of the episode even raised the possibility of a spin-off series.  The weakest episode (though I’d hardly argue is weak) is “Arkangel” which focuses on the ultimate helicopter parent.  You have fun episodes like the black-and-white “Metalhead” which has more of a horror film feel and the gritty murderer episode “Crocodile” (like the tears) about a woman who isn’t afraid to do anything to protect herself.  The season finale episode “Black Museum” is also a rather weak one which plays out like an anthology movie within an anthology series.

black mirror season 4 episode 4 hang the dj joe cole georgina campbell dating app

Is Black Mirror a match?

Maybe one of the best episodes and best examples of the series range is the “Hang the DJ” episode featuring a couple who just can’t seem to get it right in a new technical dating system meant to find the perfect match.  It contains the typical (and almost predictable) Twilight Zone twist, but it manages to explore the ideas of relationships in a world that is becoming more and more detached…but showing how smart we are becoming at finding and “manufacturing” love through technology.  It has heart and soul…and an eerie “off” feel that makes Black Mirror a success.

Black Mirror continues to cast great actors in the show and pull solid performances from newer actors.  Be it Jesse Plemons as the controlling “Captain Kirk—William Shatner” leader of the Callister to Maxine Peake’s desperate attempt at survival, Black Mirror casts the right actor for the right roles.

black mirror season 4 episode 6 black museum babs olusanmokun electric chair

Shockingly fun!

The series also is smartly written for the technology it is displaying.  Often Black Mirror relies on high (non-existent) technology.  The writers and the creators do a great job making believable tech in a way that is still can be created within the budget of the show.  Episodes like “Metalhead” push the visuals and make a story that could have been so-so even better.

Black Mirror is a series that you can watch, debate, and rewatched.  It is one of the better written shows being made simply in that it pushes ideas and takes technology in clever new directions.  The nice thing about anthology series is that you are allowed to “not like” episodes and the series can still be strong.  Black Mirror manages to limit the episodes you don’t like and soar with the episodes that are strong…watch Black Mirror and enjoy!

Black Mirror—Season 4 Complete Episode Guide:

black mirror season 4 episode 1 uss callister jesse plemons star trek

“USS Callister

4.1       USS Callister Release Date:  12/29/17

Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons) has created the wildly popular online game Infinity.  Though the game, he’s able to live his fantasies and finds himself God.  As God, Robert is Captain Daly and his crew are his loyal servants…or else.  Robert has been busy and has been “recruiting” people of his office by stealing their DNA.  When Nanette Cole (Cristin Milioti) finds herself as the game’s newest prisoner, she decides she must escape, but Daly is a strong and vengeful God.

black mirror season 4 episode 2 arkangel rosemarie dewitt helicopter parent


4.2       Arkangel Release Date:  12/29/17

Maria Sambrell (Rosemarie DeWitt) is a protective single mother.  When she learns of a program named Arkangel, she learns she can monitor, watch, and protect her child Sara (Aniya Hodge).  Unfortunately growing up in a “perfect” world could be dangerous and turning Arkangel off could be hard or even impossible when Sara (Brenna Harding) becomes a teen.

black mirror season 4 episode 3 crocodile andrea riseborough


4.3       Crocodile Release Date:  12/29/17

A fatal accident involving Rob (Andrew Gower) and Mia Nolan (Andrea Riseborough) forever changes their lives.  When Rob decides to confess what he’s done years after the fact, Mia realizes she cannot risk her life…and she makes a big decision.  When an insurance investigator named Shazia (Kiran Sonia Sawar) investigates an accident that Mia witnessed, Mia’s secret could be revealed!

black mirror season 4 episode 4 hang the dj joe cole georgina campbell

“Hang the DJ”

4.4       Hang the DJ Release Date:  12/29/17

Dating is a thing of the past and the System is the way to find the perfect mate.  Through multiple scheduled dates of varying length, the ideal partner will be revealed!  Frank (Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell) are just starting with the System…and question the perfect pairing.

black mirror season 4 episode 5 metalhead maxine peake dog


4.5       Metalhead Release Date:  12/29/17

Bella (Maxine Peake), Tony (Clint Dyer), and Clarke (Jake Davies) are taking a risky trip to a warehouse in the hopes of finding supplies.  When they encounter a robotic guard “dog”, terror ensues.  Dogs were built to serve and protect, and Bella, Tony, and Clint have taken what doesn’t belong to them.

black mirror season 4 6 black museum latitia wright douglas hodges

“Black Museum”

4.6       Black Museum Release Date:  12/29/17

Nish (Letitia Wright) has pulled off to a roadside attraction called the Black Museum…and learns of the horror that lies within.  With Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge) as her tour guide, Nish learns of a doctor named Peter Dawson (Daniel Lapaine) getting to experience the pain of the patients, a dead mother named Carrie (Alexandra Roach) with her consciousness transferred to her husband Jack (Aldis Hodge), and his star attraction in convicted murderer Clayton Leigh (Babs Olusanmokun) who gets to experience death daily.  The horror is real!

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