Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story (1978)

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TV Show Name:  Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story

Studio:  Mulberry Square

Genre(s):  Seasonal

Release Date(s):  December 7, 1978

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated

benjis very own christmas patsy garrett cynthia smith

I think we’re trippin’

Benji is on tour with his costars Patsy Garrett and Cynthia Smith. When they meet a man named Kris Kringle (Ron Moody), they find themselves whisked away to Santa’s workshop. Kris has a problem however. An accident has left him with a broken leg and this means his deliveries are in jeopardy. Santa’s has his elves training for the occasion,and Benji, Patsy, and Cynthia are going to learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world. When Cynthia, Patsy, and Benji learn Kris Kringle’s secret, they’ll learn that Santa’s injuries might not be as they seem.

Directed by Benji’s creator and producer Joe Camp, Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story aired on December 7, 1978. The special was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program.

benjis very own christmas story santa claus ron moody

…blah…blah…blah…generic Christmas song…blah…blah…blah

This is a pretty poor Christmas special. It is often available in packs with other Benji films since it was created by the makers of the Benji films. The movie really doesn’t have much of a story…Santa shows off his shop, some various costumes around the world, and then reveals he faked his injury to stay home on Christmas (with the lesson being learned that Santa Claus is welcomed everywhere on Christmas, so everywhere is home).

The blending of a real life press tour with the fictional world of Santa’s Workshop is a bit odd, but it is also probably the only unique aspect of this special. Also, don’t expect much out of Benji, it is actually Benjean the “daughter” of the original Benji, and she pretty much just is carried around by Cynthia Smith who asks questions of Kris (and Benji looks pretty miserable through the whole film).

benjis very own christmas story patsy garrett cynthia smith ron moody

Oh Benji…you wacky scamp!

Kris Kringle is played by the legendary Ron Moody. Moody is best known for playing Fagin in the Academy Award winning Best Picture Oliver! and originated the role on the stage. Here he plays a good Santa who is often toying with the idea that Santa isn’t real, and of course they have him sing a little song.

Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story isn’t very good, and it isn’t very bad. It is a very average special that probably would keep kids mildly entertained with its short runtime. Don’t go out of your way to see it, but it won’t be that much of a commitment.


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