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6.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Acting: 6/10
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Some interesting plotlines

The humor comes off as goofy and doesn't fit in with the seriousness of some of the stories.


A Vampire, a Ghost, and a Werewolf walk into a bar

George (Russell Tovey), Annie (Lenora Crichlow), and George (Russell Tovey) are flatmates.  They also happen to be a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf.  As Annie seeks answers in her death, George tries to develop a relationship, and Mitchell deals with a potential vampire invasion.  As they each deal with their ailments, they also struggle to be human.

Being Human aired on BBC3 and has been remade in the United States for SyFy.  The first season had a six episode run from January 25, 2009 to March 1, 2009.  The show also had a pilot episode which can sometimes be found online but is not included on the DVD collection.


I want a chew-toy!

The series is a strange balance of humor and science-fiction and horror.  It is this balance that I have issues with.  The humor is too goofy.  It is sometimes played like Three’s Company meets The Munsters.  The serious subject matter is too dark and twisted for it to work with this light of humor basis.  Unlike something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural, the balance seems all off.  It could just be the British style versus an American perception of it, but I wish the series would get more focused.

I almost quit watching this series after the first three episodes, but the second half of the season does pick up.  Once Annie learns that Owen is the villain in her life and the vampires really make their move, the series gets more direction.  The humor seems to level out a bit as the show gets more dangerous.


Let me get this straight…if the werewolf poops on the floor, we have to clean it up?

The acting also improves as the series gets going.  I rather wish they had included the pilot episode since it does set up the story more (despite a quick recap at the beginning of the first episode).  It was hard to get a handle on the characters.  George was too goofy at the start, Annie was too neurotic, and Mitchell was just a bad brooding vampire cliché.  The characters are a bit fleshed out by the last episode.

I can’t recommend Being Human, but I still might check out season 2.  There was enough good stuff to keep me interested and the fact it is only six episodes also helps since it doesn’t feel like a great commitment.  I do have some questions coming from the last episode so the teasers worked to make me want to check it out eventually, but I’m not rushing.  I also wouldn’t be opposed to see how the American version handled the series since I imagine that it took a darker turn.

Being Human—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide (UK Version):


“Flotsam and Jetsam”

1.1       Flotsam and Jetsam Airdate:  01/25/09

Annie (Lenora Crichlow) is killed and becomes a ghost.  Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is attacked during World War I by a vampire and finds himself cursed.  George (Russell Tovey) is bitten by a werewolf and suffers transformations.  Mitch and George move in together and find Annie haunting their apartment.  Annie works on being seen by normal people and find it is getting easier.  Mitch and George wonder what unresolved issue is keeping Annie as a ghost, and Mitchell finds himself dealing with another vampire named Seth (Dylan Brown) at his job at the hospital.  George discovers his normal transformation place is full and is forced to change at the house.  Annie’s ex-fiancé checks in on the place and Annie has to hide to prevent Owen (Gregg Chillin) from seeing her.  Mitch tries to keep Hendricks (Jason Watkins) out of the hospital and    wonders if vampires should go public.  George finds a former coworker named Lauren (Annabel Scholey) has become a vampire and that Mitch turned her.  Owen returns to the house with a new girlfriend and is unable to see Annie.  George reveals to Annie the events that led him to becoming a werewolf.  When Lauren seeks revenge, Mitch’s potential new girlfriend could be in danger.



1.2       Tully Airdate:  02/01/09

George is confronted by Tully (Dean Lennox Kelly) who tells him that he is also a werewolf and that there should be safety in numbers.  Mitchell decides he needs to join with humanity and make friends.  Tully invites himself to stay with George, Annie, and Mitch against George’s wishes and begins to show an interest in Annie.  Tully begins to train George on how to be a better and safer werewolf.  George’s attempt to hit on a nurse named Nina (Sinead Keenan) at Tully’s advice backfires, but Nina realizes there is more to George than it seems.  When Tully frightens Annie, it puts Annie and Mitch at odds with George.  As George’s time for transformation comes, George finds Tully is hiding a secret.  Lauren sends Mitchell a kill film.


“Ghost Town”

1.3       Ghost Town Airdate:  02/08/09

George and Mitch find Annie depressed and take her a place where she can meet another ghost.  Annie meets Gilbert (Alex Price) and Gilbert takes Annie to her grave to make Annie realize she must resolve issues about her death.  When Annie and Gilbert seek out the reasons for her afterlife, Annie decides it involves making Owen happy.  Lauren comes to Mitch for help, and Mitch promises to help Lauren feed.  Mitch forces Nina on a date with George.  Annie learns the truth of her death.


“Another Fine Mess”

1.4       Another Fine Mess Airdate:  02/15/09

Annie tries to cope with the information that Owen killed her and finds she’s having a poltergeist reaction to it.  George tries to advance his relationship with Nina.  Mitch is faced by the vampires and criticized for his attempts to be human.  Mitch saves a boy named Bernie (Mykola Allen) from bullies and meets his mother Fleur (Julia Ford).  When Fleur sees Mitch has no reflection, she questions if Mitch is human.  Lauren comes to Mitch and tells him that the vampires have agreed to leave him alone.  Bernie borrows a Laurel & Hardy DVD from Mitch and accidentally gets Lauren’s snuff DVD.  When word of the DVD gets out, the neighborhood turns on George and Mitch, and Annie has to face Owen when he hears the news.  George questions if he should continue his relationship with Nina.  Annie lets go of her past and finds surprising results.  When an accident threatens Bernie’s life, Mitch faces a tough decision.


“Where the Wild Things Are”

1.5       Where the Wild Things Are Airdate:  02/22/09

Annie decides to haunt Owen for killing her, and Mitchell adjusts to rejoining the vampires.  Herrick and Mitchell begin recruiting vampires from the sick and dying.  Mitchell runs into an old lover named Josie (Clare Higgins) who is dying and tries to recruit her.  Annie confronts Owen, and Owen continues to not fear Annie.  Annie tries to tell Owen’s girlfriend, and Owen continues to manipulate Annie.  Josie reveals to George the vampires plans and Mitchell finds what the vampires are hiding.  When George and Annie go on a rescue mission, Mitchell finds an unlikely ally.  George and Mitchell help Annie deal with Owen.


“Bad Moon Rising”

1.6       Bad Moon Rising Airdate:  03/01/09

Mitchell and George recall their first meeting as George tries to save Mitchell from Herrick’s attack.  Mitchell is tended to in the hospital, and George wonders how to get Mitchell out of the hospital.  Annie finds her portal to the afterlife has disappeared and wonders what to do next.  George, Annie, and Mitchell find themselves the targets of the vampires and George has to decide about his relationship with Nina.  When Mitchell makes a deal to save Annie and George, the action divides the flatmates.  As Mitchell prepares to sacrifice himself, Annie and George have other plans.

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