Beast with a Gun (1977)

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Movie Name: Beast with a Gun

Studio: Supercine

Genre(s): Action/Adventure/B-Movie

Release Date(s): October 29, 1977

MPAA Rating: Unrated

beast with a gun helmut berger maria mell

I will force you to work for me…but my passion will make you want to

Criminal Nanni Vitali (Helmut Berger) has broken out of jail.  While escape and keeping a low profile should be Nanni’s goal, Nanni wants revenge on the people who sent them to jail.  First, he goes after Ezio Barbareschi (Ezio Marano) who fingered him to the police and then he takes Barbareschi’s girlfriend Giuliana Caroli (Marisa Mell) as a hostage in his deprived plans.  As Nanni continues his path of crime, Commissioner Giulio Santini (Richard Harrison) and the police must locate Nanni and put him behind bars forever.

Written and directed by Sergio Grieco, Beast with a Gun (La belva col mitra) is an Italian crime thriller B-Movie.  The film has gone by multiple names including The Human Beast, Mad Dog, and Mad Dog Killer.

I got Beast with a Gun (called Mad Dog) in a 50 Movie Collection which spans decades.  One of the later films, Beast with a Gun takes a grindhouse approach with blood, women in danger, and sadistic characters.  While there are better movies like this, Beast with a Gun is by far not the worst.

beast with a gun helmut berger marina giordana

Come get me!

The movie fits in well with other similar themed movies.  It feels dirty and part of that comes from the villain being the most enigmatic and captivating character of those in the film.  He is brash, unforgiving, and is cruel to women, bystanders, and anyone who crosses his path…but he’s far more interesting than the generic police chasing him and the women and men who become his hostage.

Helmet Berger is by no means a great actor in this movie, but he fits the part.  He has a wild-eyed look that gives the character the “beast” title.  He is the type of guy who would shoot his partner if they ticked him off or it was to his advantage.  Marisa Mell plays the woman caught in the middle of the situation (and I don’t really see the police forcing her back into the fray after she comes to them with her story of rape and danger).  She’s rather underdeveloped (though there are indications of trauma in her life), and it would have been better if she was a bit more fleshed out.  Richard Harrison is rather bland in the detective role though it is an interesting choice to have him take the high road at the end of the film instead of the typical ending in these movies.

beast with a gun nanni vitali giula santini helmut berger richard harrison

Now I’m a Beast with a Knife!!!

Unfortunately, Beast with a Gun suffers from the low budget look.  The movie also has the problem of multiple version of it flying around the internet so the quality version to version can vary greatly.  Searches for “high quality” on the internet sometimes can land you a better version but it isn’t always true.

Beast with a Gun is a quick movie, and it is fun in a goofy, sloppy, violent exploitation film.  The movie gained some popularity and attention after being featured in Jackie Brown (though I had forgotten that).  The movie is easily found around and if you are looking to spend an hour, it can be some fun…but don’t go into it expecting too much.

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