Batwing 4: Welcome to the Family

batwing volume 4 welcome to the family cover darwyn cooke art
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 8/10

Great Darwyn Cooke covers, good new direction

Negates the Batman, Inc. idea in many ways

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Batwing

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray

Artist:  Eduardo Pansica

# of Issues:  8

Release Date:  2014

batwing #19 foldout cover

Batwing #19

Reprints Batwing #19-26 (June 2013-February 2014).  David Zavimbe’s story has come to an end and a new Batwing is needed.  Luke Fox, the son of Bruce Wayne’s closest aide Lucius, is just what Batman is looking for.  An MMA fighter with a degree, Luke is also looking to help the world.  Christened the new Batwing, Luke is out to fight crime and when he brings down a diamond mine tied to an international crime organization, Batwing finds himself with a target on his back that he cannot shake.

Written by Jimmy Palmioti and Justin Gray and with art by Eduardo Pansica, Batwing Volume 4:  Welcome to the Family is a relaunch of the Batwing title.  Following Batwing 3:  Enemy of the State, this volume introduces the new Batwing.  Batwing #25 (January 2014) was also included in DC Comics Zero Year collection.

Batwing was a character that was kind of interesting but just didn’t quite work.  Judd Winick was never the greatest writer and tells very simplistic comic book stories (which isn’t always a bad thing).  Jimmy Palmioti and Justin Gray kind of follow in his footsteps in their writing style but a change-up of the character does help.

batwing #26 cover darwyn cooke art

Batwing #26

The decision to bring Batwing to America kind of defeats the purpose of Batman, Inc. (ok, he’s supposed to be more “international” but he spends a lot of time in Gotham).  In getting rid of the Batman, Inc. aspect of the book, the series actually improved.  Lucius Fox has always been a good supporting character for Batman and it is fun to see his family more heavily tied to Batman.  It kind of reminds me when Phil Urich became the Green Goblin at Marvel…but that didn’t turn out well.  I hope Luke Fox has a better run.

The art for the series feels very ’90s.  I like how Batwing’s costume has almost evolved to Batman Beyond’s Batman costume (you even see a little preview of it Batwing #24).  What really sells this collection is the two great Batwing covers by the late, great Darwyn Cooke who really seems to have fun with the character’s design…I just wished he had done a few issues.

Batwing 4:  Welcome to the Family is an improvement.  It isn’t perfect but the series is going in a better direction in this volume.  Unfortunately, Batwing was doomed and the series ended not long after this collection.  Batwing 4:  Welcome to the Family is followed by the final volume Batwing 5:  Into the Dark.

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