Battleworld: Thors

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7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 7/10

One of the better Secret Wars tie-ins

Ends rather abruptly

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Thors/Thor (Volume 1)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jason Aaron/Walter Simonson

Artist: Chris Sprouse/Goran Sudzuka/Walter Simonson

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2016

battleworld thors #1 variant cover throg

Thors #1 Variant

Reprints Thors #1-4 and Thor (1) #364-365 (February 1986-January 2016).  The Thors have the difficult job of patrolling Doom’s world and all the worlds which make up Battleworld.  When a series of murders begin occurring, Thorlief and Stormbreaker Ray are tasked with not only finding the killer but identifying the victim who appears to be a nameless woman.  A homeless man named Loki could be the key to unravelling the mystery, but the danger is growing.

Written by Jason Aaron, Battleworld:  Thors is a collection that spun out of the Marvel Comics event series Secret Wars.  The collection features art by Chris Sprouse and Goran Suzuka.  The volume also contains Thor (1) #364-365 (February 1986-March 1986) written and illustrated by Walter Simonson.

Aaron’s run on Thor has been intriguing.  Thor is a tough character to write and it seems like the character has been bent and twisted almost every direction possible.  Not only did Aaron put a twist in the character with Jane Foster picking up the hammer, but he also provides a nice twist to the often mundane crossover event storylines.

battleworld thors #2 cover storm

Thors #2

Thors is essentially Powers or Top Ten for Doom’s Battleworld.  The story plays out in a very similar fashion as those comics mysteries, but Aaron doesn’t do the best job of keeping the mystery of the killer building (it feels pretty obvious from the early issues).  The series unfortunately abruptly ends with the end of Secret Wars, and it feels like it should have developed more.

One of the fun things about Thors is the multitude of Thors.  It uses the multiple earth aspect of Secret Wars to bring a wide variety of Thors into play.  The classic Frog Thor is the forensic investigator of the team and the collection reprints the fun (and bizarre) issues where Frog Thor (or Throg as he’s referred to here) appears…but also kind of leaving me wishing that he had been the focus of the series.

Battleworld:  Thors is a better entry in the Secret Wars comic book series.  It still isn’t a perfect comic with flaws and problems surrounding the ending due to the event series, but Aaron seems to have fun with most of the comic book.  If you like Aaron’s run or you are trying to read a number of the Secret Wars spin-off titles, this is worth seeking out.

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