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It is the happy Batman not the Dark Knight


The Brave and the Bold…where anything can happen!

The world is dangerous, but fortunately, Batman is there!  When things are even too hard for the Caped Crusader, he has a list of allies he can contact for help.  From Green Arrow to OMAC, Batman and his friends are taking on criminals and bringing them down…and the fate of the world or even the universe might hang in the balance!

Batman:  The Brave and the Bold—Season 1 ran from November 14, 2008 to November 6, 2009 with episodes 23-26 actually premiering in Australia and England before premiering in the United States.  The series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) for “Mayhem of the Music Meister” which featured Neil Patrick Harris as the Music Meister.


When one Batman isn’t enough…

Batman:  The Brave and the Bold is just fun.  I always loved team-up books like The Brave and the Bold and World’s Finest (and Marvel Two-In-One and Marvel Team-Up at Marvel).  What was always good about those books was that due to an anchor (like Batman), there was more ability to really vary the guest stars…and this series makes the most of it.

The show generally has an untied opening with Batman teaming up with a random hero and then the primary storyline kicks off.  There are a few episodes where the opening does segue into the main storyline but that sometimes feels jarring since it is a rare occurrence.


Yeah, Robin…enjoy the sidecar!

The stories for the show also show variety.  Overall, this is the most kid friendly Batman and it is odd to see a happy smiling Batman since the smiling Batman left with the Super Friends.  The stories are light hearted and fun and can range from the musical episode “Mayhem of the Music Meister” to the Looney Tunes-esque “Legends of the Bat-Mite” which had a completely different tone than any other episode (even “leaving” the episode to go to a comic book convention to consult fans).

I love some of the guest stars.  If I had been a kid when this series was on, I’d be researching every guest which range from Kamandi to B’wana Beast to Deadman to Guy Gardner.  The series is of such a format that there is even an episode featuring Ace the Bat-Hound as a “team-up” opening.  The choices made in guests and villains help make the show.


Go, Ace! Go!!!!

The series also doesn’t spare any money when it comes to their guest voice actors.  Diedrich Bader plays Batman with a nice booming voice and voice master John DiMaggio also does a lot of voicework.  Guests include Kevin Michael Richardson, David McCallum, R. Lee Ermey, Michael Rosenbaum, Wil Wheaton, Tim Matheson, Nicholas Guest, Richard McGonagle, Michael T. Weiss, Tony Todd, Ellen Green, Tom Everett Scott, Jeffrey Tambor, and Paul Reubens.

Don’t go into Batman:  The Brave and the Bold expecting Batman:  The Animated Series…or even The Batman for that matter.  Batman:  The Brave and the Bold is its own entity and an entirely different feeling cartoon.  Just have fun with the series because it feels like the writers and performers were having fun when making it…I’m still looking for a Batman and Doom Patrol team-up.

Batman:  The Brave and the Bold—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Rise of the Blue Beetle!”

1.1       The Rise of the Blue Beetle! Airdate:  11/14/08

After a team-up with Green Arrow against the Clock King, Batman finds himself teamed with Blue Beetle to investigate a wormhole…which leads them into battle with Kanjar Ro in a distant galaxy.


“Terror on Dinosaur Island!”

1.2       Terror on Dinosaur Island! Airdate:  11/21/08

Batman, Plastic Man, and Fire take down the Gentleman Ghost, and Batman finds himself at odds with Plastic Man.  When Batman and Plastic Man are brought down on Dinosaur Island by Gorilla Grodd, the two must put their differences behind them to defeat Grodd and his army.


“Evil Under the Sea!”

1.3       Evil Under the Sea! Airdate:  12/05/08

After stopping Felix Faust with the Atom, Batman heads under the sea to meet with Aquaman about underwater seismic activity.  Batman finds Aquaman the target of attacks and questions if Arthur’s brother Orm could be responsible.  While Aquaman continues defend Orm, Batman finds evidence that Orm is working with Black Manta.


“Invasion of the Secret Santas!”

1.4       Invasion of the Secret Santas! Airdate:  12/12/08

Batman and Blue Beetle take down Sportsmaster.  When Red Tornado tries to understand the spirit of Christmas, he finds himself teaming with Batman to stop a rampage of Funhouse and his murderous robot Santa Clauses.


“Day of the Dark Knight!”

1.5       Day of the Dark Knight! Airdate:  01/02/09

Batman and Guy Gardner join the Green Lantern Corps in rounding up cosmic criminals.  Green Arrow and Batman are sucked into the past by Merlin and find themselves competing to be “the One” in battle against Morgan Le Fay and the Demon.


“Enter the Outsiders!”

1.6       Enter the Outsiders! Airdate:  01/09/09

Batman and B’wana Beast take out Black Manta.  Batman teams with Wildcat to stop the Outsiders who are intent on stopping rampant capitalism for their master…but Batman questions if Wildcat is over-the-hill.


“Dawn of the Dead Man”

1.7       Dawn of the Dead Man! Airdate:  01/16/09

Kamandi fights to get Batman back to the time portal with a cure to a virus.  Trapped and buried alive by the Gentleman Ghost, Batman and Dead Man set out to find a way to free Batman from the booby-trapped grave before his air runs out while stopping Gentleman Ghost’s plans.


“Fall of the Blue Beetle!”

1.8       Fall of the Blue Beetle! Airdate:  01/23/09

Blue Beetle finds himself questioning his origin and Batman remembering his adventures with Ted Kord.  When Jaime seeks out Ted, Batman must come to his rescue.


“Journey to the Center of the Bat!”

1.9       Journey to the Center of the Bat! Airdate:  01/30/09

Batman steps in to help Plastic Man and Elongated Man stop Babyface.  When Batman is poisoned by Chemo, Aquaman and the Atom find themselves adventuring inside Batman to save him…while Batman fights to contain Chemo.


“The Eyes of Despero!”

1.10     The Eyes of Despero! Airdate:  02/06/09

Batman and Doctor Fate battle Wotan.  Despero attacks the Green Lantern Corps and Batman is summoned to Oa.  Finding only Sinestro, Guy Gardner, and G’nort free, Batman must utilize the powers of the Green Lantern to help free the Green Lantern Corps.


“Return of the Fearsome Fangs!”

1.11     Return of the Fearsome Fangs! Airdate:  02/20/09

Batman helps Jonah Hex stop crime in the Old West.  Batman is summoned by his old master for help and finds himself turning to Bronze Tiger to aid him in rescuing a sacred idol.


“Deep Cover for Batman!”

1.12     Deep Cover for Batman! Airdate:  02/27/09

The Injustice Syndicate gets access through parallel Earths through the Red Hood’s portal opener.  When Batman captures Owlman, he goes undercover on the Syndicate’s world to learn what the Syndicate is up to…and he’ll find strange allies!


“Game Over for Owlman!”

1.13     Game Over for Owlman! Airdate:  03/06/09

Batman has returned to his world from the Injustice Syndicate’s world and discovered he’s a wanted man.  Owlman has replaced Batman and has turned Earth against him.  Battling his former allies, Batman is forced to join Joker in stopping Owlman and proving his innocence.


“Mystery in Space!”

1.14     Mystery in Space! Airdate:  03/13/09

Batman and the Phantom Stranger try to bring in a man named Equinox.  Batman finds Aquaman has lost his spirit and bravado.  Travelling to Rann with Aquaman, Batman joins Adam Strange in battling invading forces.


“Trials of the Demon!”

1.15     Trials of the Demon! Airdate:  03/20/09

Batman and Jay Garrick take down the Scarecrow on Halloween.  Sherlock Holmes and Watson try to solve a series of crimes in Victorian England and find Jason Blood has become the target of the attack.  When Blood is captured, Sherlock Holmes and Watson complete Blood’s spell to summon Batman into the past…where they must uncover the criminal to prove Blood (and the Demon) innocent.


“Night of the Huntress!”

1.16     Night of the Huntress! Airdate:  05/08/09

Batman and Black Canary take down Solomon Grundy.  Baby Face and Mrs. Manface are staging a prison break.  Unfortunately for them, Batman, the Huntress, and Blue Beetle are there to stop them!


“Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!”

1.17     Menace of the Conqueror Caveman! Airdate:  05/15/09

Wildcat and Batman go after Bane.  Booster Gold tries to improve his image and forces a team-up with Batman to track down Cruel the Eternal.


“The Color of Revenge!”

1.18     The Color of Revenge! Airdate:  05/22/09

Crazy Quilt has attacked Gotham and Batman and Robin fight to stop him.  When Crazy Quilt escapes prison and seeks revenge on Robin in Bludhaven, Robin finds Batman encroaching on his turf.


“Legends of the Dark Mite!”

1.19     Legends of the Dark Mite! Airdate:  05/29/09

Batman and Bathound stop Catman from selling a rare tiger.  Batman encounters Bat-Mite, and Bat-Mite wants to see a big Batman fight!


“Hail the Tornado Tyrant!”

1.20     Hail the Tornado Tyrant! Airdate:  06/05/09

Batman and Green Arrow try to one-up each other as they fight to stop Catwoman and Joker.  Red Tornado has created a son named Champion…but Champion finds that humanity fear him.


“Duel of the Double Crossers!”

1.21     Duel of the Double Crossers! Airdate:  06/12/09

The Outsiders help Batman stop Despero…but not all is as it seems.  Jonah Hex is being forced to work for Mongul on Warworld and hired to bring in Batman.  As Batman fights for his life in Warworld’s arena, Mongul’s sister plots against him with Hex.


“Last Bat on Earth!”

1.22     Last Bat on Earth! Airdate:  06/19/09

Batman and Mr. Miracle escape traps for charity.  Gorilla Grodd has had himself sent into the future and Batman is in pursuit.  As Grodd allies himself with the apes, the tiger men fight for control…leaving Batman and Kamandi caught in the middle.


“When OMAC Attacks!”

1.23     When OMAC Attacks! Airdate:  07/18/09

Batman and Hawk and Dove try to stop an intergalactic war.  Batman finds himself teamed with Buddy Blank when he’s transformed into OMAC by Brother Eye.  OMAC and Batman are sent after Shrapnel…but Batman finds somehow Equinox is involved.


“The Fate of Equinox!”

1.24     The Fate of Equinox! Airdate:  07/25/09

An attempt to take down Two Face ends up with a strange partnership for Batman.  Teamed with Dr. Fate, Batman goes after Equinox, but Fate and Batman discover Equinox has unbalanced space and time all over the galaxy.


“Mayhem of the Music Meister”

1.25     Mayhem of the Music Meister! Airdate:  09/22/09

The Music Meister forces everyone in his presence to fall into his musical mayhem.  Batman and Black Canary must find a way to break the musical spell to stop the Music Meister’s tune forever!


“Inside the Outsiders!”

1.26     Inside the Outsiders! Airdate:  08/08/09

Batman and Green Arrow are prisoners of Catwoman.  Psycho Pirate is manipulating the Outsiders and Batman must force them to see reality.

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