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Who lurks in the shadows?

The Batman continues to patrol Gotham to make it safer for Gothamites, but danger is never far away.  Batman finds the police against him with only Detective Yin on his side, and with villains like Penguin, Riddler, Spellbinder, Clayface, and Ragdoll, Batman has his hands full.  Batman’s greatest challenge might be the return of his enemy the Joker who has made taking down Batman his own personal vendetta.

The Batman—Season 2 aired from May 14, 2005 to September 10, 2005.  The series aired on the WB and won Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program and Outstanding Sound Editing—Live Action and Animation.


I think they should go into a whole Joker as Batman series…

I loved Batman:  The Animated Series.  It was clever, smart, looked great, and was heavy comic book laced for those who actually read the comics.  The Batman is a good series, but just doesn’t live up to the Batman:  The Animated Series level…but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t fun to watch.

The problem is that the series feels very light.  This would be ok if it were more akin to the ’60s Batman, but The Batman is more like Batman:  The Animated Series in tone…but without serialized episodes, it just never feels very deep.

You also have to be a big fan of the Joker if you watch the series.  Batman has a pretty deep rogue gallery, but the series really keeps going back to the Joker well over and over again for stories.  Joker/Batman stories are often better stories, but it feels like the other characters of The Batman could be better developed (and more could be introduced).


Well, all the villains in Gotham are captured…guess the series is over

I feel a lot of my feelings toward this series are influenced by the art.  It looks much cheaper than Batman:  The Animated Series.  That show really revolutionized framing and shot composition for a cartoon series (on a budget).  Here there is some decent composition but it looks like it tried to modernize the art too much.

The Batman is a watchable series, but it could be much better.  It needs more overarching plots (I’m glad the season resolves the “Batman Is Public Enemy #1” story) and better use of villains.  Unfortunately, since the series decided to style Batman so much, I don’t know that it will ever get there.  Watch The Batman for a like look at one of the most prevalent superheroes, but if you had to choose, just watch Batman:  The Animated Series.

The Batman—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Cat, the Bat, and the Very Ugly”

2.1       The Cat, the Bat, and the Very Ugly (Episode 14) Airdate:  05/14/05

Catwoman and Penguin form an uneasy alliance when they team to steal treasures.  When Penguin turns on Catwoman, Batman finds himself teamed with Catwoman to stop Penguin.



2.2       Riddled (Episode 15) Airdate:  05/21/05

Detective Yin is singled out by the Riddler and ordered to solve his riddles without help.  As Yin tries to solve the Riddler’s puzzles, she must secretly work with Batman to stop him.


“Fire & Ice”

2.3       Fire & Ice (Episode 16) Airdate:  05/28/05

Mr. Freeze and Firefly have team-up to wreak havoc upon Gotham.  With the police gathered for a benefit, it could be the perfect time to attack!  With the city in a deep freeze, how long can a team-up between fire and ice last?


“The Laughing Bat”

2.4       The Laughing Bat (Episode 17) Airdate:  06/04/05

The Joker is impersonating Batman and his methods of justice mean his dangerous laughing gas.  With the city as his prisoner, the Joker decides Gotham only needs one Batman.



2.5       Swamped (Episode 18) Airdate:  06/11/05

Killer Croc has come to Gotham, and the Batman finds he must shut down his operation before the whole city is flooded.



2.6       Pets (Episode 19) Airdate:  06/18/05

The Penguin steals a high frequency device to control his birds, but finds the device has a bonus effect when he unleashes Man-Bat on Gotham again.



2.7       Meltdown (Episode 20) Airdate:  06/25/05

Ethan Bennett is coping with being Clayface.  With Joker on the loose, Ethan tries to keep himself from giving in to his powers…and Bruce tries to keep his friend out of trouble.



2.8       JTV (Episode 21) Airdate:  07/09/05

Joker’s back and looking to broadcast his exploits.  Taking over the airways, the Joker is out to bring his own brand of humor to the screen!


“Ragdolls to Riches”

2.9       Ragdolls to Riches (Episode 22) Airdate:  07/16/05

Bruce Wayne meets Selina Kyle as the Batman finds himself with an unlikely ally in Catwoman in a race to beat Ragdoll to priceless gems.


“The Butler Did It”

2.10     The Butler Did It (Episode 23) Airdate:  08/20/05

Alfred discovers he’s been hypnotized into committing crimes.  As Batman tries to stop Alfred from committing a robbery, Spellbinder reveals he has plans


“Grundy’s Night”

2.11     Grundy’s Night (Episode 24) Airdate:  08/27/05

It’s Halloween and Grundy’s Night in Gotham City.  Solomon Grundy has returned from the dead to seek revenge on those he has deemed responsible for his death.  Batman must seek out if the legend has come to life or if there is something more sinister involved?


“Strange Minds”

2.12     Strange Minds (Episode 25) Airdate:  09/03/05

When Detective Yin is kidnapped by Joker, Batman must enters Joker’s mind to find her…but it could drive him crazy.


“Night and the City”

2.13     Night and the City (Episode 26) Airdate:  09/10/05

The Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin are at war in Gotham.  Batman is out to stop the trio of villains, but finds the police desperate to pull him in.  With only Detective Yin on his side, the Batman must stop the villains to try to keep the police from stopping him first.

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