Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

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A feature length story may have worked better

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Movie Name:  Batman:  Gotham Knight

Studio:  Warner Bros. Animation

Genre(s):  Animated/Comic Book/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):   July 8, 2008

MPAA Rating:  PG-13


Doesn’t your camera have red-eye reduction!

There is something patrolling the streets of Gotham.  The police aren’t sure if they want him and the people and criminals fear him.  The Batman is both legend and nightmare.  Whether he’s hunting down Killer Croc in the sewers or a professional killer like Deadshot, Batman rules the night and Gotham’s nights are dark.

Batman:  Gotham Knight is an anthology film and part of DC’s DC Universe Animated Original movies.  The film follows Justice League:  The New Frontier in 2008, and serves as a tie-in piece with The Dark Knight.  The film is broken into six short animated stories written, produced, and directed by different teams.


Say hello to Killer Croc!

I really like DC’s animated efforts which far eclipse Marvel’s attempts at an animated universe.  The movies don’t always tie together, but they generally present good stories and interesting subjects.  In Batman:  Gotham Knight, you get more of a concept piece, and I do find it fun.

The first story “Have I Got a Story for You” is produced by Studio 4oC.  It features a Rashomon styled tale and deals with the myth of the Batman.  The story is so-so, but in its sidelining of Batman, it presents the public’s view of the Dark Knight.

“Crossfire” by Production I.G presents the police view of Batman with Anna Ramirez and Crispus Allen getting caught in the crossfire of a gang war.  Batman is shown working with the police and turns the perspective of his vigilantism in one officer’s view of him.


Batman tries to build a better Batsuit!

Bee Train’s “Field Test” answers one of those Batman questions…with all of Batman’s technology, why doesn’t he bulletproof himself better?  This has Batman creating a bulletproof shielding, but it having disastrous effects.  It is a kind of interesting concept, but I still think he could do better to keep himself from being harmed.

Madhouse presents a more comic book based storyline with Batman heading into the sewers to face off against Killer Croc in “In Darkness Dwells”.  Killer Croc is revealed to be injecting the Scarecrow’s fear toxin through his bite and the story (though short feels a lot more like something from Batman:  The Animated Series than something from a Batman Begins.


If DC needs a go-to villain for shows/movies, Deadshot’s for hire!

Studio 4oC has a second entry with “Working Through the Pain” which has Batman trapped in the sewers remembering his training by Cassandra who taught him how to deal with pain.  The flashback entry is a nice look into another aspect of Batman’s past though I found the ending with the guns a bit pretentious.

The final entry (also by Madhouse) is a comic book story like their first entry.  This has Batman facing off against Deadshot (who seems to make it into all sorts of DC live action and cartoon stories).  I do like Deadshot stories and this one is much less artsy than some of the other entries.  It is rather straight forward action what was needed to round out the movie.

For the most part, Batman:  Gotham Knight works, but it leaves me wanting a proper storyline.  I had hoped for more interaction between the stories (there are some ties), but instead you get a bunch of shorts…something that the cartoon series already provided.  I like the variety of the movie, but a nice, solid Batman animated film I think would have been better appreciated.  DC Universe Animated Originals followed Batman:  Gotham Knight with Wonder Woman in 2009.

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