Batman Beyond 2: Rise of the Demon

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Comic Name: Batman Beyond (Volume 3)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:  Dan Jurgens/Steve Orlando/Vita Ayala

Artist:  Bernard Chang/Siya Oum/Dexter Vines

# of Issues:  7

Release Date: 2018

batman beyond #6 cover curare

Batman Beyond (3) #6

Reprints Batman Beyond (3) #6-12 (May 2017-November 2017).  Bruce Wayne is back, but he’s quickly discovering that his old problems have returned as well.  When Curare appears and reveals that the Demon is planning an all-out attack on the world, Batman must hop into action…but Ra’s al Ghul might not be the enemy Terry expects, and the prototype suit Terry’s adopted could be deadly.  Plus, Max finds herself in a team-up with Batgirl to rescue Commissioner Gordon.

Written by Dan Jurgens, Steve Orlando, and Vita Ayala, Batman Beyond Volume 2:  Rise of the Demon is part of the DC Comics Rebirth series.  Following Batman Beyond 1:  Escaping the Grave, the collection features art by Bernard Chang, Siya Oum, and Dexter Vines.

I watched the entire Batman Beyond series.  It wasn’t to the level of Batman:  The Animated Series, but it still was pretty entertaining and honestly surprised me because it did still have the depth of Batman:  The Animated Series.  With a background in the TV series, Batman Beyond has been a nice continuation (even if it is actually rooted in the DC Comics universe).

batman beyond #11 cover variant

Batman Beyond #11 Variant

While the series is a nice continuation of the TV series, the story isn’t very revolutionary.  It is a pretty standard comic book story with Batman battling the dangers of Bruce Wayne’s past.  It is nice to see the path of Damian Wayne defined in the collection (though depressing), but fortunately, the character wasn’t completely written off…he is one of better “new” Batman creations and to have be an insane copy of his grandfather would have been too much.

The stand-alone issue involving Batgirl doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t been following Batman Beyond from before Rebirth.  The issue has Max and Gordon team up with the new Batgirl to take down corrupt police.  It would have been nice to have more background on the Batgirl of the future for new readers (since this is a “Rebirth” title) and help them establish the character a bit better.  While I like that a whole Batman Beyond universe is being developed, I also know that the challenges of the current comic market will probably not support a Batgirl Beyond title…which makes this issue almost a throwaway in some ways unless they make an active attempt to tie Batgirl in to Terry’s storyline.

Batman Beyond is worth reading, but I always have worries for the “fringe” DC titles (and Marvel as well).  Devoting you interest and money to a character whose series could easily be cancelled is scary and can lead to disappointment.  Thus far, Batman Beyond seems to be going strong, but I always worry that the other shoe will drop.  Batman Beyond 2:  Rise of the Demon is followed by Batman Beyond 3:  The Long Payback.

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