Batman Beyond 1: Escaping the Grave

batman beyond volume 1 escaping the grave cover review dc comics rebirth
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Needs a final push to get completely out of Batman’s shadow

Comic Info

Comic Name: Batman Beyond: Rebirth/Batman Beyond (Volume 3)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Bernard Chang/Ryan Sook/Pete Woods

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2017

batman beyond #1 cover dc rebirth

Batman Beyond (3) #1

Reprints Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 and Batman Beyond (3) #1-5 (November 2016-April 2017). Terry McGinnis has returned from the dead and attempting to return to his old life. Now without Batman, Terry finds himself trying to take on injustice alone. When Terry learns that the Jokerz on the move and there are rumors that the original Joker might be alive, Terry sets out to find the truth…and makes a shocking discovery!

Written by Dan Jurgens, Batman Beyond Volume 1: Escaping the Grave is a DC Comics Rebirth series. The collection features art by Bernard Chang, Ryan Sook, and Pete Woods.

Batman Beyond was always the red-headed stepchild of Batman: The Animated Series. It wasn’t treated very fairly, and it was actually rather fun when you sat down and watched it. Likewise, the comic book adaptations of Batman Beyond have never really flown…but they too are also rather enjoyable.

This entry is a continuation of the previous Batman Beyond series with Terry returning to the role as Batman. The comic kind of sets to “regroup and realign” the series by also bringing back Bruce Wayne. With the status quo being restored, the comic can both start to become the traditional animated series and explore new directions.

batman beyond #4 cover dc rebirth

Batman Beyond (3) #4

The big reveal in the story is that Joker makes a return. This will be an interesting development for the Terry character since he’s never faced the Joker before, and the Joker’s legend is bigger than life. Unlike a “brains” character like Lex Luthor or something, Joker hasn’t been a sit on the sidelines type of villain, but with the character being so old, the story will have to work with him…or of course he could have another “Joker’s Daughter” to foil Terry (I never was a big fan of the Jokerz Gang).

Batman Beyond is essentially the Spider-Man 2099 of the DC Universe. I actually enjoyed Marvel’s 2099 world and like that they tried to develop a whole line surrounding the year (but really only Spider-Man 2099 felt like it work). It feels like Batman Beyond needs to work on developing more villains based on classic villains other than the Joker in addition to really building up the new villains for Terry. Also like Marvel’s Spider-Girl, the series has some great potential for its own fully rounded world and villains and supporting cast if DC stays the course and continues to push the character. Batman Beyond 1: Escaping the Grave is followed by Batman Beyond 2: Rise of the Demon.

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