Batman Beyond—Season 3

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Great Justice League appearance

Series cut short


Batman…still kickin’ tail!

Terry continues to adjust to life as Batman with Bruce Wayne dogging his every moment.  As Bruce tries to instill responsibility into Terry, Terry just wants to live a normal life.  Batman’s name however is growing, and Batman is gaining more attention…including the attention of the Justice League.  Is Terry up for the calling?

Batman Beyond—Season 3 aired from September 16, 2000 to December 18, 2001 in a very out final season.  The series continued to gain praise and awards and received another Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program.


Batman vs. Superman? Even Terry can take him out!

This is a pretty good season of the series though it is unfortunately rather brief.  Only season 2 of Batman Beyond had the extended run and both this season and the first season were short…leaving not much room to develop the character or secondary characters.

Terry’s family is virtually gone in this season.  Terry does do stuff at school and I do like the Max and Terry combo, but the series never was able to incorporate Terry’s mother and brother very well.  They pretty much just are not shown here and the story focuses primarily on the action and Terry’s friends.


I would watch this

The season does have some great moments.  I enjoy the “Out of the Past” episode which features the return of Talia…sort of (plus it has the great Batman:  The Musical” at the beginning).  The other great story is the two part “The Calling” which has Batman meeting the Justice League for the first time and in an all-out battle ends up fighting them (and not just for some lame initiation test).  Those two stories are worth checking out the series alone (which is fortunate because there are stinkers as well.

Batman Beyond was a fun series that went out with a whimper.  The series deserved more than this final season which had some great episodes.  The show has no conclusion but an episode of Justice League Unlimited called “Epilogue” in its second season wrapped up the storylines.  It is also notable that Batman Forever:  Return of the Joker takes place sometime either after the end of this season’s storyline or after the “King’s Ransom” episode.  Give Batman Beyond a chance and enjoy a fun (and short) Batman series.

Batman Beyond—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:


“King’s Ransom”

3.1       King’s Ransom Airdate:  09/16/00

The Royal Flush gang is back, and struggling to find a profit.  When Bruce Wayne is targeted for a ransom plot, Bruce finds himself forced to fight with Batman in an ambush.



3.2       Untouchable Airdate:  09/23/00

Batman finds himself in battle with a criminal called the Repeller, and Terry meets a girl named Irene who is trapped in a bubble of energy.



3.3       Inqueling Airdate:  09/30/00

Inque is back and suffering cellular degeneration.  Inque seeks out her estranged daughter for help but Batman hunts Inque while Bruce is out of town.


“Big Time”

3.4       Big Time Airdate:  10/07/00

Terry’s old friend Charlie “Big Time” Bigelow is out of prison and causing problems in Terry’s life when he reminds Terry that he could have been the one in prison.  When Terry gets him a job at Wayne Enterprises, Big Time turns out to be working for a rival at Agrochem.  Big Time is exposed to an experimental plant growth formula and finds himself mutated.


“Out of the Past”

3.5       Out of the Past Airdate:  10/21/00

A musical about Batman has Bruce recalling his past and a visit by Talia offers a promise of eternal youth.  When Bruce decides to take Talia up on the offer, Terry questions if Talia has an alternate plan.


“Speak No Evil”

3.6       Speak No Evil Airdate:  11/04/00

Batman learns that a giant genetically enhanced gorilla has escaped a research lab.  As he tries to track down the gorilla, Terry learns that the gorilla is hunting a conservationist named James Van Dyle who might have secrets of his own.


“The Call—Part 1”

3.7       The Call—Part 1 Airdate:  11/11/00

When Micron of the Justice League is put out of action, Superman contacts Batman to see about Terry joining.  Superman reveals that he believes there is a traitor in the League and that he hopes Batman can find out who it is.  When Aquagirl is attacked, and Warhawk is killed in an explosion, Batman and Bruce discover the danger might be greater than they believed.


“The Call—Part 2”

3.8       The Call—Part 2 Airdate:  11/18/00

Superman has been revealed to be the traitor.  When Warhawk reveals he’s escaped his death, the Justice League set out to stop Superman…and discover that Superman might not be responsible for his actions.



3.9       Betrayal Airdate:  12/09/00

Big Time has escaped prison, and Terry worries that he’s responsible.  When Terry is kidnapped by Big Time, he finds himself without the Batsuit and learns Big Time wants out…or is he just being used again?


“Curse of the Kobra—Part 1”

3.10     Curse of the Kobra—Part 1 Airdate:  02/03/01

When Kobra steals a thermal bomb and targets dinosaur DNA research, Bruce sends Terry to his old trainer Kairi Tanaga.  There, Terry meets another student named Zander…but Zander’s training will lead him directly into conflict with Terry and put Max in danger!


“Curse of the Kobra—Part 2”

3.11     Curse of the Kobra—Part 2 Airdate:  02/10/01

Max is a prisoner of Zander and Kobra, and Terry must find a way to rescue her.  When Zander reveals his plans for Kobra, Batman and Max realize the whole Earth could be at risk.



3.12     Countdown Airdate:  04/07/01

Zeta’s back in Gotham and still on the run.  When he is discovered by Mad Stan, Zeta is tricked into teaming with him…and Batman must bring him in!



3.13     Unmasked Airdate:  12/18/01

Max questions why Terry just doesn’t reveal his secret identity and Terry tells about the time he was forced to show his face to a child.

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