Batman Beyond—Season 1

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Strong continuation of the Batman series

Isn't classic Batman


There is a new Batman in town!

The Batman of the future is here!  When Bruce Wayne finds himself pushed to the edge, he decides he must retire…but crime doesn’t quit in Gotham City.  With a ruthless corporate manager named Derek Powers running Wayne-Powers, the discovery of illegal arms deals by an employee leads to the death of Terry McGinnis’ father.  Now, Terry is out for revenge and a chance encounter with Bruce Wayne changes both of their lives forever!

Batman Beyond—Season 1 aired from January 10, 1999 to May 22, 1999 on the WB and was known as Batman of the Future in some countries.  The show did receive critical acclaim and Emmy nominations for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, Outstanding Music Direction and Composition, Outstanding Sound Mixing—Special Class, and Outstanding Editing—Special Class.


Great costume re-design

I generally don’t like superhero shows set in the future or even comics where “modern” superheroes are futurized.  Essentially, Batman Beyond is Batman meets Spider-Man with Terry being a Peter Parker type character…but Batman Beyond does work.

I love that the series is really tied to the great Batman:  The Animated Series and continues the themes.  DC animated cartoons do far exceed Marvel’s animated series by doing these “one universe” stories that really have effects in other series.  Events have effects elsewhere and tie into other series.


Looking forward to this character’s return

The animation for the series is also rather slick.  Rather than giving Batman a super robot suit, the animators gave him a sleek costume with some modifications that don’t affect the aesthetics of the suit.  In addition to nice costume design, the series makes an effort to develop good, new villains for Batman instead of just rehashing old villains (ok…it was good to have Freeze come back).

Batman Beyond is worth seeking out.  It didn’t have a very long run with a 13 episode season, a 26 episode season, and a final 13 episode season plus some additional appearances.  The series is fun, quick, and a nice ride…especially if you enjoyed the other show…Check it out!

Batman Beyond—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“Rebirth—Part 1”

1.1       Rebirth—Part 1 Airdate:  01/10/99

After a hostage situation almost leads to his death, Bruce Wayne decides it is time to hang-up his cowl.  Terry McGinnis struggles with living with his father, but an encounter with the Jokerz leads to a meeting with Bruce Wayne.  When Terry accidentally discovers Bruce’s secret, his future has new direction…unfortunately, Terry’s father’s business ties to Derek Powers might change things forever.


“Rebirth—Part 2”

1.2       Rebirth—Part 2 Airdate:  01/10/99

Terry’s father has been killed by Derek Powers’ men when he uncovered Powers’ use of Wayne-Powers as a cover for illegal arms dealing.  When Bruce refuses to help, Terry steals the Batman suite and sets out to right the wrong without or without Bruce’s help.


“Black Out”

1.3       Black Out Airdate:  01/31/99

Bruce has employed Terry to work for him as a secret cover for Batman, and sets out to clean-up Wayne-Powers with a warning to Derek.  As Derek makes a move on Foxteca using a liquid-based agent called Inque, Terry might accidentally lead her to Batcave.



1.4       Golem Airdate:  02/07/99

A bullied classmate of Terry named Willie Watt finds himself the victim of Nelson Nash.  When Willie’s father demands Willie handle the situation, Willie steals a G.L.M. (Galvanic Lifter Machine) aka GOLEM…but accidentally gains a psychic connection to the machine…and Willie will have his revenge!



1.5       Meltdown Airdate:  02/14/99

In an attempt to stop his own degenerative disease, Derek Powers restores Victor Fries to life.  While Bruce Wayne refuses to trust Fries’s seemingly return to an honest life, Fries soon learns that the effect is temporary, and Mr. Freeze seeks revenge when he learns he’s been betrayed.



1.6       Heroes Airdate:  02/21/99

An accidental exposure to radiation during a science experiment creates the Terrific Trio:  Magma, Freon, and the 2D Man.  With a new superhero team in Gotham, Terry finds more time on his hands, but the Terrific Trio and their origin might not be all it seems.



1.7       Shriek Airdate:  03/14/99

Bruce opposes Powers bid to renovate old Gotham which includes the theater where he and his parents saw their last film.  Powers recruits Walter Shreeve to have Bruce eliminated…putting him in the hospital.  Without Bruce, Terry must set out to find the source the attacks and stop a potential killer in the new enemy Shriek.


“Dead Man’s Hand”

1.8       Dead Man’s Hand Airdate:  03/21/99

Batman finds himself in battle with the Royal Flush Gang as he deals with more problems involving his girlfriend Dana.  When Terry meets a girl named Melanie Walker, he believes he’s met a kindred spirit…but fate may separate them.


“The Winning Edge”

1.9       The Winning Edge Airdate:  04/11/99

Terry finds that he’s having problems balancing his life as Batman and school.  Terry uncovers that Nelson Nash and other members of the team are using a version of Venom for the edge and getting the money for them from robberies.  When Terry’s mother suspects that he’s using drugs, Terry finds himself grounded as he seeks out Bane and the source of the Venom.



1.10     Spellbound Airdate:  05/01/99

Chelsea encounters a man who hypnotizes her into stealing artwork from her father but finds no one will believe her.  When the Spellbinder strikes again, Terry seeks out the man responsible.

batman-beyond-season-1-11-disappearing-inque-bruce-batman-armor-vs-inque-review-episode-guide-list1.11     Disappearing Inque Airdate:  05/08/99

Inque has been freed from her prison by one of her guards.  As Inque seeks a cure for her condition and revenge on Batman, Bruce might be forced to reclaim his mantle when Terry is captured.


“A Touch of Curaré”

1.12     A Touch of Curaré  Airdate:  05/15/99

Commissioner Barbara Gordon’s husband Sam is preparing to testify in an important case…making him a target of Society of Assassins member named Curaré.  When Gordon orders Terry to not interfere, Terry learns the history between Bruce and Barbara Gordon.



1.13     Ascension Airdate:  05/22/99

Derek Powers’ secret has been revealed and now he’s on the run as his condition worsens.  With Terry’s chance to avenge his father’s death in grasp, Terry finds himself teamed with Powers’ own son Paxton…but has other plans for Batman and his father.

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