Batman: Arkham City

9.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 10/10
Controls: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10

Great controls, lots of replay, more to do than Arkham Asylum

Still just a lot of generic enemies

Game Info

Game Name: Batman:  Arkham City

Developer(s): Rocksteady Studios/NeatherRealm Studios

Publisher(s): Warner Bros. InteractiveEntertainment

Platform(s): PS3/Xbox 360/PC/Wii U

Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  October 18, 2010 (PS3/Xbox 360)/November 22, 2010 (PC)/November 18, 2012 (Wii U)

ESRB Rating: T


I really wish that everyone would stop calling you Bitch…but this is a T rated game

A portion of Gotham has been shut off as a huge prison and Hugo Strange has been put in charge.  Bruce Wayne finds himself kidnapped and thrown in with the criminals.  When Hugo Strange reveals he knows Bruce is Batman, Batman is forced to determine what is going on in Arkham City.  Batman finds himself in conflict Two-Face, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and more of his biggest villains.  Is Hugo Strange in charge?  What is his plan?  Is there a bigger mystery for the world’s greatest detective?  Batman is out to find the answers and this time he has some help.

Batman:  Arkham City is the big follow-up to Batman:  Arkham Asylum from 2009.  It was released for most of the big systems in 2010 and was released for the Wii U in 2012.  It also has a 3D function that can be turned on for 3D HD televisions.  In 2016, the game was also later ported the PS4 and Xbox One.


I’m back…and ready to punch guys

Arkham City brings back the best of Arkham Asylum and adds to it.  A lot of games force you to lose all your upgrades when you start a game, but Arkham City actually allows you to keep most of your tech and add to it…and there is a lot of tech.  That is a good thing and a bad thing.  Sometimes it is overwhelming and you forget you have it.

Despite all the stuff you can use in a fight, I prefer to just punch people.  Batman’s movements are so smooth and the fighting is so natural.  Smoke bombs come in handy, but the zip-lines, claws, Batarangs, etc. just aren’t very practical in the fights.  Just punch…but there is some fun infiltration and silent takedowns. Fortunately, there are lots of side missions, Riddler puzzles, and other things to do to enrich the punching enjoyment.


Arkham City is mine!

Arkham City enriches Arkham Asylum by having more and more villains. Some are criminally underused, but it is nice to have a bigger variety of enemies and friends.  Despite all the villains, you generally just fight thugs, and the “boss” fights mostly involve fighting a bunch of henchmen while dealing with a boss.  That is one thing that the game could improve on:  more variety in the fight and better boss fights.

Catwoman is a nice addition as a playable character but it would be better if you could play her a bit more.  Once the game is completed, she can go pretty much anywhere like Batman, but her missions are limited during the story.  Robin is also a playable character on the combat maps and there are skins for Batman to transform him into other versions of the “Dark Knight” (and friends).


Either you pay for me or you can’ t play me…that sounds illegal

Catwoman herself is treated as a downloadable character by the game in producer’s attempts to get people to buy the game new.  If you don’t have the Catwoman code given in new games, you can’t play Catwoman’s part of the story…I think that is kind of crappy…If game maker has this policy, people who buy the game new should also get all downloadable content free since games usually release a cheaper “Game of the Year” edition. If you purchase the game used, you purchased the game…it shouldn’t matter if you bought it for cheaper.  Someone didn’t want it anymore, why should the new buyer not enjoy the full game.

Despite this Batman:  Arkham City is an awesome game.  It is an amazing action game that lives up to the hype.  It is bigger than Arkham Asylum and more sprawling.  Arkham Asylum had a bit more mystery and puzzle solving, but Arkham City’s puzzles are less about opening up new areas, but how to survive.  Arkham City set-up a sequel but was followed by a prequel game Batman: Arkham Origins (which was not produced by Rocksteady).

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