Bad Milo! (2013)

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Original concept, good cast

Story could have been expanded, Milo is a bit Muppety if you want this to be a horror film

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Movie Name:  Bad Milo!

Studio:  New Artist Alliance

Genre(s):  Comedy/Horror

Release Date(s):  June 29, 2013 (Karlovy Vary Film Festival)/October 4, 2013 (US)

MPAA Rating:  R


Just another day on the couch with the monster from my butt…

Duncan (Ken Marino) has a lot of stress in his life, and it is starting to take its toll.  With his wife Sarah (Gillian Jacobs) and mother Beatrice (Mary Kay Place) pressuring for a baby and his father Roger (Stephen Root) abandoning him, Duncan finds he’s having recurring stomach problems that are just getting worst.  Duncan also discover his workplace is getting worse with a federal investigation and orders from his boss Phil (Patrick Warburton) to fire their staff.  With the help a psychiatrist (Peter Stormare), Duncan is about to get to the bottom of his problem…literally.  There is something living inside of Duncan and it is aching to get out…Milo is coming, and everyone could be in danger.


Milo gets kinky!

Directed by Jacob Vaughan, Bad Milo! is a comedy horror film.  With a high concept premise, the film was met with both praise and criticism.

Bad Milo! was one of those films that you heard about and thought that it was a joke and can’t be sugarcoated as anything but what it is.  The idea of a monster living in a guy’s bottom and coming out to kill is the stuff of B-Movie legend.  Here, it isn’t presented as a B-Movie so much as a clever comedy about the pressures of modern society…plus a big monster coming of a guy’s butt.


I’m eating the Tick!!!

Bad Milo! is more of a comedy than a horror movie, but it still is horrific just in the fact there is a monster that is extremely ruthless and killer.  The story’s use of the monster as a reactionary effect to pressure is fun.  It is almost like the Incredible Hulk in that matter…when Duncan gets stressed, Milo steps in and takes over.  The movie is surprisingly short and could actually do with some expanding.  It is pretty obvious plotwise that Duncan’s father has the same problem so to act like it is a surprise is a bit insulting the audience which is probably smarter.

The cast is quite good.  Ken Marino holds his own as the lead struggling with his internal “demon”.  He is surrounded by people who are a little cold in their understanding, but it works with the plot (though all could have had more screentime).  Community’s Gillian Jacobs could have a bigger role as his wife and Stephen Root is always fun as his father.  I like Peter Stormare, and it is a bit of surprise to find him here.  Mary Kay Place is good as the mother with secrets and Patrick Warburton has excelled in a career of playing an ass.


Fire, bad!!!

Visually, the movie is rather simple.  While Milo looks decent, he also looks a little like a Muppet in most scenes.  This adds to the humor but takes away from the horror.  If you are wanting a true horror film, Bad Milo! probably isn’t the answer for you.

Bad Milo! is an interesting movie and for the most part, I do like it.  With a little tweaking and expansion of plot and characters, I think this movie could have done better, but I do think criticism was a bit harsh on it (probably by viewers that couldn’t get past the plot).  I hope Bad Milo! does get some followers over the years and that it doesn’t become a forgotten oddity.

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