Avengers World 3: Next World

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6.5 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Art: 7/10

Fun to focus on lesser heroes

Mixed bag, some good some bad

Comic Info

Comic Name: Avengers World

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer: Nick Spencer/Frank Barbiere

Artist: Marco Checchetto/Ramon Rosanas/Rafaele Ienco

# of Issues: 7

Release Date: 2015

avengers world #12 cover black knight

Avengers World #12

Reprints Avengers World #10-16 (September 2014-February 2015).  Attacks are occurring all over the world.  A.I.M. Island has gained future technology, Madripoor has risen on the back of a giant dragon, and Cities of the Dead are rising from beneath Europe with hordes of invaders.  It is up to the Avengers to tackle the threats and stop them before it is too late!  Plus, Valeria Richards has an assignment from Dr. Doom and that means she must assemble a new team of Avengers for Doom’s shocking reason!

Written by Nick Spencer (Avengers World #10-14) and Frank Barbiere (Avengers World #15-16), Avengers World Volume 3:  Next World continues the events which began in Avengers World Volume 2:  Ascension.  The collection features art by Marco Checchetto, Ramon Rosanas, and Rafaele Ienco.

Avengers World is a mixed bag.  It does some things right and misses the mark big time in other areas.  While I do like one story in this collection, the other story is problematic.

The first part of this collection features the stories that started in previous collections.  You have three storylines essentially running at the same time and they have been running too long by this point.  Each storyline feels like it would have been a good three or four issue story, but due to the format of the comic book, it feels very hodgepodge.  It jumps around too much and leaves stories hanging for too long.  It also decides to introduce the Chinese “Avengers” working with S.P.E.A.R. which feel like they should have had their own storyline instead of a quick reveal in Avengers World #13 which tries to give them all origins.

avengers world #15 cover dr doom valeria

Avengers World #15

The second part of the book does work for me.  It features Valeria gathering an oddball team of Avengers cast-offs and “new” Avengers to help her fight the Scarlet Witch.  Unfortunately, it is only a two issue storyline and it feels like it should have had at least one more issue to set up the story.  It does end in a “shocker” with a return of a major character, but it also feels rather random in that sense because Doom has done so many awful things over the year to rectify this one issue seems actually trivial in the big world picture.

I see Avengers World as what should be a showcase for lesser seen or new Avengers (as seen in “The Substitutes” storyline).  If Avengers World had been more of a spotlight book or a means for new writers and creators to play with popular characters, I would have been more interested, but instead we get more of the same of what is happening in Avengers…spread too thin.  Avengers World 3:  Next World is followed by the final collection Avengers World 4:  Before Time Runs Out.

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