Avengers: West Coast Avengers—Lost in Space-Time

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A favorite period of comics due to nostalgia

Denser stories than modern stories might not sit with everyone

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Avengers West Coast/Fantastic Four (Volume 1)/Doctor Strange (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer: Steve Englehart

Artist: Al Milgrom

# of Issues: 10

Release Date: 2012


West Coast Avengers #19

Reprints West Coast Avengers #17-24, Fantastic Four (1) #19, and Doctor Strange (2) #53 (October 1963-September 1987). In search of Firebird, the West Coast Avengers head to New Mexico but find themselves spread about the past by a super-villain named Dominus.  As the West Coast Avengers fight to return to present day, they are tested by the dangers of the Old West and Egypt.  Hank Pym contemplates his future, and Mockingbird makes a deadly decision that could affect her relationship with Hawkeye and the Avengers themselves.

Written by Steve Englehart, Avengers: West Coast Avengers—Lost in Space-Time reprints West Coast Avengers #17-24 which includes the seven part “Lost in Space-Time” storyline.  Following Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Sins of the Past, the collection also includes Fantastic Four (1) #19 (October 1963) and Doctor Strange (2) #53 (June 1982) which tie into the storyline.

West Coast Avengers was just kicking off when I started reading comics and parts of this storyline were some of my first comics. I never sat and read the whole storyline until much later but I had read the parts I did own over and over again.  Overall, the story is so-so (much like West Coast Avengers), but due to the nostalgia factor, I really enjoy it.


West Coast Avengers #23

The story is a lot longer and denser than a modern story. I actually like that.  There are multiple plotlines going on in it (like Hank’s suicide attempt, Wonder Man’s acting career, and Moon Knight’s joining of the team), and it has one of the more shocking moments of ’80s comics (whether it is remembered or not).  Mockingbird is raped by the Phantom Rider who brainwashes and then she allows him to fall to his death when she could have easily saved him.  It was much darker than this title and ended up having ramifications for years as this series ran.

The collection also includes the two tie-in issues. In the travels in time, the West Coast Avengers head to Egypt to try to reach the Fantastic Four and the time machine that they used to travel in time.  They reach Egypt (missing the FF) but also encounter Doctor Strange who’s own comic previously crossed over with the Fantastic Four’s 1963 adventure.  It is a weird almost Doctor Who type overlapping of timelines that is kind of fun (and it is good to read the original issues).

Avengers: West Coast Avengers—Lost in Space-Time is generally a fun, light series but this storyline dips into the gritty ’80s which was starting to infiltrate even the mainstream “happy” comics.  It might not be The Punisher, The Dark Knight Returns, or Watchmen, but this storyline tries to balance dark with light…but kind of unsuccessfully.  Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Lost in Space-Time is followed by Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Zodiac Attack.

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