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Comic Name:  West Coast Avengers (Limited Series)/Avengers (Volume 1)/Iron Man (Volume 1)/Avengers West Coast

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Roger Stern/Bob Harras/Roy Thomas

Artist:  Al Milgrom/Bob Hall/Luke McDonnell/Carmine Infantino/Don Hudson

# of Issues:  11

Release Date:  2010

west coast avengers #1 cover hawkeye

West Coast Avengers (Limited Series) #1

Reprints West Coast Avengers #1-4, Iron Man (1) Annual #7, Avengers (1) #243-244, 246, 250, and Avengers West Coast #100 (May 1984-November 1993).  The world is getting dangerous and it needs heroes.  When the Vision proposes a West Coast branch of their team, Hawkeye finds himself assigned to assemble and lead the new team.  With his new wife Mockingbird, Tigra, Iron Man, and Wonder Man, the West Coast Avengers are born!

Written by Roger Stern, Bob Harras, and Roy Thomas, Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Assemble collects portions of the Avengers comics that led up to the creation of the West Coast Avengers, the original limited series, the team’s crossover with the Avengers, and a small portion of the Avengers West Coast’s final issue.

West Coast Avengers was around the time I was starting collecting.  I distinctly remember seeing West Coast Avengers (Limited Series) #1 (September 1984) on the spinner at the drugstore (but I didn’t get it).  New issues of West Coast Avengers peppered three packs of comics and childhood.

west coast avengers #3 cover

West Coast Avengers #3 (Limited Series)

That is why I often have to give this series a pass.  I find it really enjoyable though there really isn’t much special about the writing or stories.  It is pretty standard fare comic book writing with loaded with melodrama.  The collection is a bit strange with all the Avengers issue “portions”, but it still is a great way to see the series (especially since I never imagined it would be collected…at least in color).

What I always enjoyed about WCA was the characters.  I am not a Hawkeye fan but he worked here and both Tigra and Wonder Man were top favorites.  I’ve always found Iron Man a bore,  but the Rhodey Iron Man from this volume is more interesting.  The Avengers always dealt with the characters personal issues, but I feel West Coast Avengers was almost more about the angst than being superheroes…which was fun!

Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Assemble is a great read for fans of ’80s comics or comics in general.  It shows the backbone of what comics used to be and where I wish comics could somehow return.  The issues can be read by kids or adults and are good as stand-alone while also making you really want to get the next issue…something that many comics have forgotten.  Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Assemble was followed by Avengers:  West Coast Avengers—Family Ties.

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