Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

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Movie Name:  Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me

Studio:  Eric’s Boy

Genre(s):  Comedy

Release Date(s):  June 11, 1999

MPAA Rating:  PG-13


Oh behave!!!

Austin Powers (Mike Myers) finds himself widowed after discovering Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) is a fembot.  Unfortunately Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers) is back with his crew made up of Frau Farbissiana (Mindy Sterling), Number 2 (Robert Wagner), his less than stellar son Scott Evil (Seth Green), and two new allies in a miniature cloned version called Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) and an obese Scottish mercenary named Fat Bastard (also Mike Myers), and Dr. Evil goes back in time to the ’60s to steal Powers mojo!  Austin is headed for a throwback adventure by teaming with a CIA agent Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham)…and Dr. Evil must be stopped!


We are evil!!!! (Except Scott…he’s just not evil enough)

Directed by Jay Roach, Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me is a follow-up to the sleeper hit Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery of 1997 which became much more popular when it hit video.  The movie continues to parody James Bond films and was a box office smash and critical success.  The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Makeup.

I was one of the early people to be on the Austin Powers bandwagon when I saw it in the theaters.  Soon however, everyone was quoting Austin Powers and this movie just made it worse.  I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder when I first saw this film simply because I did enjoy the original so much, but watching this again, you could definitely argue that this is the best film of the series.


Get in my belly!!!

The movie has a perfect blend of fresh comedy and parody.  The movie does dip back into Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery for a lot of its gags, but it perfects them here.  I also love the opening which kills off Elizabeth Hurley…allowing Powers to romance another “groovy chick” in true James Bond fashion.  The trip to the past and London (which as mentioned looks surprisingly nothing like Southern California) does provide a lot of gags.

The two biggest additions to the movie of course are Fat Bastard and Mini-Me.  I’m not a big Fat Bastard fan and find him a rather one trick pony…Mini-Me however is comic genius.  The interaction between Mini-Me, Dr. Evil, and Scott Evil are perfect.  Troyer really gets it in the movie and works great with Myers.


Would you like an Eggo?

Myers is the star in multiple roles.  I think I liked Elizabeth Hurley better than Heather Graham but Graham is a smart follow-up.  Myers is backed up by a great cast with Michael York, Rob Lowe, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, Verne Troyer, and Mindy Sterling.  The movie is also loaded with celebrity cameos with Will Ferrell, Clint Howard, Kristen Johnston, Jeff Garlin, Jennifer Coolidge, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Michael McDonald, Rebecca Romijn, Woody Harrelson, Fred Willard, Tim Robbins, Willie Nelson, and Jerry Springer.


Will I get my mojo back?

The movie almost revels in its cheap look.  The movie takes a lot of style hints from old Bond films and British spy films of the time.  I also still like the splicing of Laugh-In style interludes with Austin Powers and swinging girls…it does add to the film’s look and feel.

Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me is a fun film that does keep the laughs coming.  It does hold up after the years and reminds you that Myers really did have Powers’ mojo.  Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me was followed by Austin Powers in Goldmember in 2002.

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