Arrowsmith: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms

arrowsmith so smart in their fine uniforms cover trade paperback review kurt busiek
8.5 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 9/10

Great art, smart story

Leaves you wanting more Arrowsmith adventures

Comic Info
Comic Name:  Arrowsmith

Publisher:  DC/Wildstorm

Writer:  Kurt Busiek

Artist:  Carlos Pacheco

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2004

arrowsmith #2 cover kurt busiek

Arrowsmith #2

Reprints Arrowsmith Web Preview and Arrowsmith #1-6 (September 2003-May 2004). Fletcher Arrowsmith wants to help the world. When a war with the Prussians breaks out in Europe, Fletcher leaves his Connecticut home on Lake Erie and joins the Overseas Aero Corps with his friend Jonathan Kerry. As the war rages, Fletch and Jonathan learn to use magic to fly and Fletch falls in love with the daughter of a millionaire named Grace Hilliard. As Fletcher and Jonathan enter the war, Fletcher learns that war is not what he expected and to win the war, sometimes ethics must be compromised.

Written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco, Arrowsmith: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms collects the first (and so far only) Arrowsmith series plus a web preview. Arrowsmith was published by Wildstorm and was well received by the critics and fans.

Arrowsmith focuses on an Earth that is full of magic. Ogres, vampires, trolls, werewolves, and demons all exist in the world and that has changed some of the ways the world has developed. The United States has a completely different make-up, and Europe is different also. This adds an interesting twist to the story to determine the changes in Fletcher Arrowsmith’s world versus our world. A map of the globe is contained at the back of the collection.  It is also interesting to note that magic is highly looked down upon but at the same time admired by the public.

arrowsmith #6 cover kurt busiek comic

Arrowsmith #6

Carlos Pacheco’s art is fantastic. The series is bright and has a bit of a steampunk feel to it with the technology/magic aspect. I love the character and dragon designs and I’m reminded of the late, great series Leave It to Chance (which I really wish had finished). The art does combine with Busiek’s smart story to really feel like the start of something.

Unfortunately, Arrowsmith: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms is the only outing for Arrowsmith. Busiek and Pacheco have reported that they’ve wanted to do more, but over ten years later, it has yet to happen. There has been rumor of an illustrated novel of Arrowsmith, but it too has never made it to press…maybe with the success of Peter and Max:  A Fables Novel, we could still see Arrowsmith return in some form.

Arrowsmith is a fun collection but it is a downer that not more exists. I want to know the end to the war, I want to know if Fletch Arrowsmith makes it home. I want to see more of the world that he inhabits. You don’t get it in Arrowsmith: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms, but hopefully someday we will know.

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