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Everyone wants a piece of the Arrow!

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is at a crossroads in his fight to save Starling City.  After the destruction of the Glades during the Undertaking, he finds his best friend dead, and the desire to be a better hero.  The Arrow’s new “no killing” approach means sacrifice especially when his old island ally Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) returns with a desire to destroy Oliver’s life by taking everyone Oliver knows from him.  With his mother Moira (Susanna Thompson), Thea (Willa Holland), Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), Diggle (David Ramsey), and all his friends potential targets, Oliver has to keep battling to save the people and the city he loves…but the cost might be too high.

arrow season 2 episode 15 the promise slade wilson missing eye manu bennett

Uh…you know you’re eye’s gone…right?

Arrow—Season 2 aired from October 9, 2013 to May 14, 2014 on the CW.  The DC series maintains a cult following, and this season serves as a spin-off for The Flash.

I really liked the last few seasons of Smallville where Green Arrow was also a figure.  There were a lot of objects to a “new” Green Arrow, but people quickly silenced on this due to Arrow—Season 1 being quite good.  Arrow—Season 2 was better than the first season because Arrow—Season 2 seemed to take a page from Smallville’s book.  Due to story points, a ******Spoiler Alert****** is in effect for the rest of the review (including pictures).

arrow season 2 episode 21 city of blood ravager summer glau

I wish we had more Ravager…

Arrow—Season 2 seems to better realize it is a comic book series.  Smallville took a number of seasons to go “all-comics”, but Arrow seems to be heading that way a lot faster.  The first seasons felt more action based, but this season has lots of super villains and comic book moments (ok, it kind of feels like the same plot as The Dark Knight Rises, but I’ll forgive it).

The big moments this season are overshadowed by the introduction of Barry Allen.  “The Scientists” and “Three Ghosts” introduces the character and gives him his power.  Most Arrow watchers found the next season of Arrow a little slow and The Flash much better.  This season leaves you hoping for the character’s return after these episodes, but fans of the Flash will have to wait until season 3 if they want to see an Arrow/Flash team-up.

arrow season 2 episode 20 seeing red deathstroke kills moira queen

Never say you know a superhero’s secret identity and that you’re proud of them…it’s a death wish

The main event of this season is Deathstroke vs. the Arrow.  The season felt it needed to top Malcolm Merlyn’s Undertaking of the previous season, and even though it is on a larger scale, the threats feel very similar.  The introduction of Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad provides interesting room for growth (but Waller and Suicide Squad also appeared on Smallville).

I think this season of Arrow is better than Arrow—Season 1 which I also enjoyed.  It does show some danger in that they have to try to “top” the previous season Arrow.  There are more twists, more turns, and more deaths…which poses a danger for future seasons of the series since topping each previous season might not be possible.  Arrow is a fun series, but it runs a risk of outlasting its fun if it keeps going down a path of bigger, better, and more explosive series…it is bound to disappoint.

Arrow—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

arrow season 2 episode 1 black canary caity lotz

“City of Heroes”

2.1       City of Heroes Airdate:  10/09/13

Starling City is rebuilding after the Undertaking which destroyed much of the Glades.  Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns from his self-imposed exile as his company facing being overtaken by Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) and his mother (Susanna Thompson) prepares for her trial in her part of in the Undertaking.  As Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) try to convince Oliver to return to his life as the Hood, a group of terrorists begin attacking the rich of Starling City as retribution for the crimes against the Glades…and Oliver and Thea (Willa Holland) are in their targets.  Oliver remembers when he, Shado (Celina Jade), and Slade (Manu Bennett) discovered someone had come to the island.  As a mysterious vigilante woman (Caity Lotz) saves Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Oliver realizes he needs a change in his plans on how to save the city.

arrow season 2 episode 2 identity bronze tiger michael jai white


2.2       Identity Airdate:  10/16/13

Oliver tries to find new direction in his quest to save the city and learns that the Glades Memorial Hospital is being robbed of FEMA supplies…putting him at odds with Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro) who claims Queen is out to protect his name.  Roy finds Thea is demanding he choose between being a hero or her as the Hood makes him an offer he cannot refuse.  As the Hood faces off against China White (Kelly Hu) and her new ally Ben Turner the Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Oliver learns Laurel (Katie Cassidy) has put the Hood in her sites.  Oliver recalls growing closer to Shado on the island as he tried to cope with killing for the first time…and a discovery in a cave that could change Oliver, Shado, and Slade’s plans.

arrow season 2 episode 3 broken dolls dollmaker

“Broken Dolls”

2.3       Broken Dolls Airdate:  10/23/13

The Dollmaker (Michael Eklund) has escaped from Iron Heights and Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is on his trail despite orders from his commanding officers.  Teamed with the Arrow, Diggle, and Felicity, Lance must capture the Dollmaker before he kills again.  Moira learns the state’s plans for her trial.  Roy works with the Arrow to hunt down the mysterious masked crusader who saved Arrow from the police.  When Laurel and Quentin become the Dollmaker’s target, the Arrow and the vigilante’s paths will cross.  Oliver recalls being warned by Slade not to get close to Shado as their base comes under attack.

arrow season 2 episode 4 crucible black canary stephen amell sara caity


2.4       Crucible Airdate:  10/30/13

Oliver’s discovered who the masked vigilante is and learns that Sara Lance has returned from the grave.  Roy tries to keep working for the Arrow from Thea when he runs into the vigilante’s assistant Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus).  Laurel tries to come to terms with Tommy dying for her, and Quentin finds his daughter is developing a drinking problem.  A man calling himself the Mayor (Clé Bennett) is trying to take over the Glades using military grade weapons, and Oliver finds an unlikely ally in Sebastian Blood in his attempts to stop him.  On the island, Oliver is emprisoned on a ship and is faced with Sara Lance.

arrow season 2 episode 5 league of assassins al-owal

“League of Assassins”

2.5       League of Assassins Airdate:  11/06/13

Sara is hiding out with Ollie, and Ollie learns that Sara’s past involves being a member of the League of Assassins.  Now, Al-Owal (Navid Negahban) is targeting Sara’s family and Ollie must protect Quentin and Laurel.  When faced with threats upon her family, Sara might have to reveal that she is alive.  Sara recalls after the sinking of the ship and how she managed to survive.

arrow season 2 episode 6 keep your enemies closer deadshot

“Keep Your Enemies Closer”

2.6       Keep Your Enemies Closer Airdate:  11/13/13

When Diggle learns from Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) that Lyla (Audrey Marie- Anderson) has been captured in Russia while searching for Deadshot (Michael Rowe), Diggle sets off to Russia with Smoak and Oliver…unfortunately, Isabel demands to tag along when Oliver uses the company jet.  Diggle must go into a Russian prison to find Lyla and finds an unlikely ally in his escape.  Isabel spends time with Oliver and finds a connection.  Thea is told that her relationship with Roy might be over due to her mother’s trial.  Oliver remembers finding Sara on the boat and learning his time on the island might not be over.

arrow season 2 episode 7 state v queen count vertigo seth gabel

“State v. Queen”

2.7       State v. Queen Airdate:  11/20/13

Moira’s trial is on and things aren’t looking good as the D.A. uncovers new evidence against her.  Count Vertigo (Seth Gabel) has recovered and escaped prison and is somehow doping people with his drug throughout the city.  As Moira awaits the jury’s verdict, Oliver learns Vertigo has him trapped in a life or death situation.  Oliver remembers rescuing Sara from her captors to learn why they have come to the island.

arrow season 2 episode 8 the scientist solomon grundy

“The Scientist”

2.8       The Scientist Airdate:  12/04/13

The robbery of an expensive centrifuge from Queen Industries indicates a superhuman thief could be involved.  When a young scientist named Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) arrives from Central City to help, Felicity finds a strange attractions.  Oliver remembers his past on the island and an attempt to save Slade.  Roy helps to find a missing man and learns it could be tied to Sebastian Blood.  Moira finds herself free and faces pressure from Meryln to tell Thea that he is her father.

arrow season 2 episode 9 three ghosts barry allen becomes flash

“Three Ghosts”

2.9       Three Ghosts Airdate:  12/11/13

Barry saves Oliver’s life from the chemical he’s been injected with but Oliver finds himself suffering from visions of his past.  The superhuman’s identity has been revealed to be Cyrus Gold (Graham Shiels) but his employer and his plans remain a mystery to Oliver.  Roy’s investigation puts him in danger.  Oliver remembers being forced to make a life or death decision on the island.  A strange storm and a lab accident will change Barry’s life forever!

arrow season 2 episode 10 blast radius targets stephen amell

“Blast Radius”

2.10     Blast Radius Airdate:  01/15/14

Sebastian Blood continues to make his push for power in Starling City but his actions has Laurel looking into his actions.  Oliver finds himself in conflict with Felicity over her time she’s spending watching over Barry’s recovery in Central City.  Roy finds himself dealing with new powers due to his exposure to the Mirakuru serum as Oliver remembers dealing with Slade’s persona changes when empowered with Mirakuru on the island.  With prominent businesses under attack, Sebastian has a rally for the people of Starling City…which could make a very big target for the killer!

arrow season 2 episode 11 blind spot skull mask

“Blind Spot”

2.11     Blind Spot Airdate:  01/22/14

Laurel’s prying into Sebastian Blood’s past has made her a target and made Oliver question if Sebastian isn’t the man he thought he was.  Roy attempts to utilize his new abilities with Sin and finds there are drawbacks.  Oliver remembers the island and how Sara was forced to choose between Ivo (Dylan Neal) and Oliver.  The search for the truth about Sebastian’s past will force Laurel and Arrow to team up and expose Laurel’s darkest secrets…as Sebastian tries to cover his tracks for Slade.

arrow season 2 episode 12 tremors reviews identity to roy


2.12     Tremors Airdate:  01/29/14

Bronze Tiger has been sprung from jail and hired to deliver Malcolm’s extra quake machine to the highest bidder.  As Arrow tries to train Roy to fight his anger, Roy’s anger might be the only thing that can save the city.  Moira is reunited with Walter (Colin Salmon) who comes to her with a crazy offer.  Unemployed, Laurel finds herself spiraling out of control.  When Laurel’s father fails to help her, she finds herself faced with an unexpected visitor.

arrow season 2 episode 13 heir to the demon nyssa al ghul katrina law

“Heir to the Demon”

2.13     Heir to the Demon Airdate:  02/05/14

Laurel’s condition brings Sara back to Starling City, but she soon learns it is a trap set by her former lover Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law).  With her family in danger, Sara and the Arrow must team-up again to try to protect Laurel, Quentin, and Dinah (Alex Kingston).  As Moira prepares to run against Sebastian Blood, Felicity uncovers her secret which leads to a confrontation.

arrow season 2 episode 14 time to death clock king robert knepper

“Time to Death”

2.14     Time to Death Airdate:  02/26/14

Sara’s return is forcing Laurel to make decisions, but Sara’s new relationship with Oliver is causing problems.  Felicity finds Sara seems to be taking her place in Oliver’s life, but a showdown with Clock King (Robert Knepper) could prove her worth.  Tension between Oliver and his mother rises due to learning that Thea is Malcolm’s daughter, but Oliver is about to discover that there is someone new in his mother’s life that is a bigger threat to him.

arrow season 2 episode 15 deathstroke manu bennett

“The Promise”

2.15     The Promise Airdate:  03/05/14

Slade Wilson is back!  With Slade inserting himself into Oliver’s home, Oliver must find a way to stop Slade from murdering his entire family.  As Oliver tries to find a way to stop Slade without his mother or Thea knowing, he recalls the ill-fated attempt to take Ivo’s ship on the island.

arrow season 2 episode 16 suicide squad deadshot

“Suicide Squad”

2.16     Suicide Squad Airdate:  03/19/14

As Oliver worries about what Slade’s next move might be, Diggle finds himself pulled back in to Lyla’s work with Amanda Waller and A. R. G. U. S.  Diggle learns Amanda Waller has assembled Task Force X which is made-up of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel (Sean Maher) and their target is Gholem Qadir (Lee Majdoub)…a man Diggle once saved!

arrow season 2 episode 17 birds of prey huntress vs canary

“Birds of Prey”

2.17     Birds of Prey Airdate:  03/26/14

The capture of Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling) has his daughter the Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) headed back to Starling City to avenge her lover’s death.  Bertinelli’s trial brings Laurel a potential shot at redemption when she learns she could get her job back.  Roy finds his mood swings are getting worse and realizes that loving Thea could mean leaving her.  Oliver recalls Sara’s desperate attempt to rescue him from Slade on the island.  The Huntress will stop at nothing to kill her father and the Arrow and Canary worry Laurel could get caught in the crossfire.

arrow season 2 episode 18 deathstroke full costume


2.18     Deathstroke Airdate:  04/02/14

Slade has taken Thea in his gambit against Oliver and reveals her kidnapping during a televised debate between Sebastian and Moira.  As Oliver tries to bring in Slade, Slade provides Thea with a secret about her brother.  Oliver also discovers that his trust in Isabel could be misplaced as an important vote comes up to the board of directors.  Quentin’s team-up with the Arrow is revealed to the police, and Quentin suffers the consequences.  With his plans in motion, Slade has one more surprise for Oliver.

arrow season 2 episode 19 the man under the hood stephen amell colton haynes

“The Man Under the Hood”

2.19     The Man Under the Hood Airdate:  04/16/14

With her father in jail, Laurel questions what to do with the information that Oliver is the Arrow.  Oliver and Moira find themselves in a desperate spot as Isabel takes over the company and the only hope could be Thea who refuses to speak to them.  Oliver remembers his time on the island and the discover that Mirakuru could be cured.  Deathstroke plan to make an army of Mirakuru soldiers has to reconfigure after an attack by Oliver and his crew…and he’s got a new player in the game.

arrow season 2 episode 20 seeing red roy thea colton haynes willa holland

“Seeing Red”

2.20     Seeing Red Airdate:  04/23/14

Roy is fighting for his life against the Mirakuru after Deathstroke used his blood to help fuel his warriors.  When Roy wakes from his coma, he finds himself driven by rage and loose on the city.  As Oliver finds both Thea and Moira slipping away from him, Moira reveals a shocking fact.  Moira debates her future in the race for mayor, but Deathstroke makes a shocking new unexpected move.

arrow season 2 episode 21 city of blood deathstroke army

“City of Blood”

2.21     City of Blood Airdate:  04/30/14

Moira is dead at Deathstroke’s hand, and Oliver goes into hiding while blaming himself for the bloodshed.  As Thea finds her world crumbling with the loss of her club, Roy, her brother, and her mother, she plans her next step.  Laurel digs into Sebastian Blood’s records as he becomes mayor and makes a shocking discovery that could destroy the office.  The Mirakuru army is ready to take Starling City, and even if Oliver can be found, he might not be able to stop them.

arrow season 2 episode 22 streets of fire ravager kills sebastian blood summer glau kevin alejandro

“Streets of Fire”

2.22     Streets of Fire Airdate:  05/07/14

Slade’s men have attacked the city, but the cure for the Mirakuru cure falls into Slade’s hands…and Sebastian Blood might be the only hope.  The police of Starling City find themselves fighting for their life and Oliver’s ties to the vigilante could be a benefit.  Oliver recalls boarding the ship at the island to rescue Sara and confront Slade.  As Roy lies in a coma, Thea finds that the past she has tried to forget might have found her.  Amanda Waller’s plans for Starling City are revealed as a race against time to stop Slade begins!

arrow season 2 episode 23 unthinkable deathstroke ravager


2.23     Unthinkable Airdate:  05/14/14

The Arrow has the cure, but Amanda Waller’s plan to bomb the city could make the point moot.  Diggle sets out to stop Amanda’s plans and might need help from the Suicide Squad…but gets a surprise from Lyla.  Thea finds Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) is back and coming to her with an offer.  Sara seeks out help from an unlikely source.  Oliver recalls his final confrontation with Slade on the boat as the Arrow makes his last bid to stop Deathstroke forever in Starling City!

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